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Getting the right script into your hands.
Kathy Muraviov


Prior to launching her management company Kathy Muraviov spent over twenty years in the capacity as Script Services manager at NBC Universal Studios, one of America's most revered and successful film studios. In January, 2004, Kathy left Universal to start her own business of managing screenwriters which had become her passion. In addition, she continues to provide service in her area of expertise -- all areas of script processing.

Having worked on more scripts than she cares to admit Kathy is often called upon by writers, production companies and studio personnel, all of whom have been long-standing clients, to edit, analyze and proofread screenplays.


Kathy offers a full range of services: proofreading, editing, consulting and screenplay analysis. All work is handled with the utmost of confidentiality.

For a complete breakdown of prices, Kathy can be reached at 805.306.0835, or by email, at:


Kathy Muraviov has been as perfect a proofreader as one can imagine. I've sent my scripts to her for seven years. She's quick, highly skilled, understands each writer's idiosyncrasies and her spelling is one thousand times better than mine.

- David Arata
Screenwriter/Academy Award Nominee 'Children of Men'

When it comes to proofreading scripts Kathy is the best in the business. We have used her for all of our projects for the past ten years. In that time we have sold scripts to: DreamWorks, New Line, Sony/Columbia, Miramax, Millennium, CBS and NBC. We know we can always send our work out with confidence once Kathy has been through it. As Joel Silver once famously said, "If I ever find a spelling or
punctuation mistake in a script I stop reading it." With Kathy on board we know this is never a problem. We give her our highest endorsement and feel she is a part of our writing team.

As a screenwriter making the proper first impression is critical. Nothing irritates a producer more than a sloppy, mistake-laden script. One of the first pieces of advice we give to novice screenwriters is to have their scripts proofread by a professional. Kathy Muraviov has proofread every single script we have sent out into the marketplace. Her extensive experience, eye for detail and quick turnaround time sets her apart from the pack.

- TJ Scott & Kevin Lund

Kathy Muraviov has been an indispensable help to me, proofing and editing my scripts, for almost twenty years.

- Don Mancini

I have been working with Kathy Muraviov for four years and she is absolutely the best this industry has to offer. Her script editing and proofreading is flawless; always brilliant, and she has often been there for me with only a moment's notice. Her warm personality, professional attitude and years of experience make working with her a great pleasure and she truly knows how to make a screenplay "sparkle." I highly recommend her for your next project; it will be one of the best decisions you can make for your film.

- Bertie Higgins
President, Cayo Largo Productions


Kathy Muraviov works her magic on my scripts--even my award-winning screenplays have been made worlds better. Because of her skilled eye and sharp pen, my scripts have been courted at some of the biggest production companies in the business.

- Jane Arrowsmith Edwards


Kathy's like the best kept secret in Hollywood. I'd rather run naked on the highway then turn in a script without having Kathy take a look at it first."

- Marla Cukor

Kathy does an excellent job. Thank you is not enough. If anybody wants an unbiased professional proof, edit, spelling and grammar check, Kathy is your high-quality, one-stop shop. There is no question in my mind as to where I will turn for my next screenplay… And besides all of that, she cares about getting your work back to you in a timely manner without a massive debt to pay her at the end.

- Eddie Mensore