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InkTip.com uses "cookies" in order to keep track of your profile, searches, scripts, etc., when you visit the site. You must have "cookies" turned on when you visit us. Otherwise, if you're registering or already registered, your information will not get processed correctly.

Here's how to turn "cookies" on for the majority of users:

PC users:

For Internet Explorer 5.0 and above, click on "Tools" in the top, main menu of your browser and then click on "Internet Options". This will open a dialog box. Select the top tab that says, "Security" and click on the "Custom Level..." button . Scroll down a bit and you'll see the area labeled, "Cookies". There should be at least 2 sets of radio buttons and you should select "Enable" for both. Then, click on any "OK" buttons you see. Now, you should be all done and can

MAC users:

Select "Preferences..." under the "Edit" menu (or the "Explorer" menu in OS X). Under the "Receiving Files" option in the left column of the window that pops up, select "Cookies". In the preference panel which appears, there is a label which says "When receiving cookies:". In the pull-down list next to this label, select either "Ask for each site" or "Never ask". If you select "Ask for each site," you will be asked whether to accept or decline cookies when you return. Please click " Accept". Now, you should be all done and can