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Joe Lemmon with Black Diamond Films found "Muti" on InkTip and optioned it from Bob Bowersox. Joe's feature credits include the crime/thriller "Speed Kills," starring John Travolta and Katheryn Winnick. Bob is an award-winning writer who has been with InkTip since 2008. Also an accomplished actor with over 21 film credits, he has appeared in such films as the Coen Brothers' "Burn After Reading." This is Bob's first option through InkTip. Full Story
Leone Marucci with Steelyard Pictures connected with writer Kevin Bachar through InkTip and optioned his script “The Inhabitant,” and we are happy to announce that the film is being released in theaters and on demand on October 7! The project stars Odessa A’zion, Dermot Mulroney, and Leslie Bibb and is being released by Gravitas Ventures and Lionsgate. Leone’s other credits include “The Power of Few” and “Medieval,” among others. Kevin is an Emmy-nominated documentary filmmaker who is a Grand Prize Winner of the PAGE Awards. The trailer can be viewed on YouTube here. Congrats to everyone involved! Full Story
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Stephen King wrote, “We make up horrors to help us cope with the real ones.” Director Eduardo Sánchez has played doctor, of sorts, helping audiences cope with their horrors through his busy career that broke through after co-directing the 1999 phenom “The Blair Witch Project.” Full Story
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Nikki Reed
Though any industry veteran writer will tell you that the old advice “write what you know” continues to create disconnect between a writer’s experiences and what an audience wants to see, sometimes those befuddling words of wisdom do make for good results. Full Story
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"Bullet" (2014)
Director Nick Lyon found a weapon. One he’s used before. One that morphs into various forms, yet one that does something more consistently than anyone else these days: kick ass. That weapon is Danny Trejo. Full Story
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"Fireball" (2009)
Sci-Fi Channel aired “Fireball” on May 2nd, 2009, written by InkTip scribe Kraig Wenman and produced by Harvey Kahn with Front Street Pictures. After Wenman was referred to Kahn by producer Michael Jacobs, Front Street produced the action/thriller starring Ian Somerhalder (“Lost” and “The Vampire Diaries”). Full Story
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"To Save a Life" (2009)
Danny Roth with ParkSide Pictures found the next faith-based project he wanted, which could help further ignite an already explosive market. Full Story
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"Lovelace" (2013)
After striking a deal with writers Michael Salort and Chandra Lynn, producer Benjamin Scott is developing the magically-titled “Smoke and Mirrors” script he found on InkTip. Full Story
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Ice Cube (Left)
"Ride Along" (2014)
Lenny Beckerman with Anonymous Content signed InkTip writer John Biemeret to represent him. Biemeret was initially discovered on InkTip when a development executive at Cube Vision found his script "Karate Guy" on the site and brought it to Anonymous Content to evaluate as a potential co-production. Full Story
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"Mad Money" (2008)
Anonymous Content optioned a new untitled thriller script from writers Geof Miller and Troy Hunter via a connection on InkTip. Producer Wendy Kram discovered the writing team on the site and signed as their manager. Full Story
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Jessica Biel
Look up and you'll see a "Hole in the Paper Sky." The short film starring Jessica Biel ("Blade: Trinity," "The Illusionist," "The A-Team") was based on a script written by Howard Kingkade and discovered on InkTip by producer Michelle Purple, co-president of Iron Ocean Films with Biel. Full Story
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"Machine Gun Preacher"
Look down the road and you’ll spot a “Megalopolis” being built by talented, experienced hands. In fact, the foundation is already laid down. Mpower optioned the ambitiously-named script, written by Moutaz Jad, who won the Fresh Voices Screenwriting Competition for the sci-fi thriller. Full Story
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"Creation of the Gods"
Producer Steve Chicorel, representing YiSang Media, hired Kraig Wenman to write a blockbuster Chinese film trilogy titled "Creation of the Gods" after discovering him through InkTip. Full Story
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"Priest" (2011)
Stu Levy with TokyoPop discovered “The Fall,” a script he found through InkTip, and is partnering with writers/producers Stephanie Bell, Michael Lipoma and Tamra Teig of Hatline Productions to bring the project to fruition. Full Story
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Vin Diesel in "Find Me Guilty" (2006)
Producer T.J. Mancini optioned the script “Funeral for a Hitman” after discovering it on InkTip. Written by Ross Mahler, the crime story centers on Irish hitmen who attend their bosses wake. The project has since been retitled “Hitman’s Funeral.” Full Story
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"The Tall Man" (2012)
Minds Eye Entertainment, the company behind numerous genre films such as “The Tall Man” (Jessica Biel) and “Faces in the Crowd” (Milla Jovovich, Julian McMahon, Sarah Wayne Callies), added two more projects to their stable Full Story
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Sarah Roemer
Vampires have seduced a crimson-soaked following in horror, comedy and drama over the last decade. The feeding will continue this year. An upcoming dramatic film, "Manhattan Undying," is sharpening its teeth for a 2014 release that hopes to bring adult prestige to the vampire subject that has been dominated more recently by teen-targeted fare. Full Story
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Kathleen Turner
"The Perfect Family"
Director Anne Renton’s perfect casting to her feature debut film “The Perfect Family” began with a few script notes from a veteran star actress. Australian-born Renton had her casting director Ronnie Yeskel push the script to talent, eventually making its way into Kathleen Turner’s hands. Full Story
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Bradley Cooper
Just as a long marriage requires devotion and attention for enduring success, so does a television movie...On April 13th, 2013, Hallmark aired “I Want to Marry Banks.” That re-airing date came almost ten years after its TV premiere. Full Story
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Terry Hitchcock
By the average person’s standards, running a marathon is often lauded as a noteworthy accomplishment, a grueling fitness exam after months, or even years, of training. Terry Hitchcock, 56-year-old father, ran 75 marathons in 75 days. This outstanding story is celebrated by filmmaker Tim VandeSteeg in his documentary "My Run," narrated by Oscar-winning actor Billy Bob Thornton. Full Story
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