About InkTip

InkTip is a Los Angeles-based tech company dedicated to the democratization and success of independent filmmaking.

It all started in the late 90s. We saw our friends struggle to sell their screenplays, and most of them couldn't even get their scripts read. If it was that difficult for a writer to work, it must have been difficult for independent filmmakers too. We thought that there had to be another way for both parties to get what they wanted, and we started digging. Our initial research indicated that over 150 production companies used the Internet to find scripts. That's when we realized that the Internet was the key to opening up an otherwise closed industry.

So, we founded InkTip in an LA townhouse in 2000.

Despite our humble beginnings, we were determined to simplify the industry experience for writers and filmmakers. By 2002, the first movie using a script found on our site was released. By 2006, 50 movies had been produced, and over a hundred writers had gained representation.

Today, there are over 400 movies that have been made from scripts on InkTip. In addition, over 300 writers have gained representation and thousands of writers have had their scripts optioned or have been hired.

We are steadfast in our mission, and our team is larger now than it has ever been before.