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For over 20 years, InkTip has helped thousands of writers option their scripts, obtain representation, and secure writer-for-hire opportunities. Below are the services writers use to launch their careers.

Premium Services

InkTip Pro Membership
InkTip Pro is a monthly membership for screenwriters wanting to advance their writing careers. As a Pro member, you can make any script in your Script Library visible for vetted filmmakers and reps to discover. You'll also receive 6+ exclusive pitch requests each week, allowing you to query filmmakers needing scripts directly. Only InkTip Pro members can enter our contest to win premium prize packages.

Cost: $32.50/month. (Summer Special: Your first month of InkTip Pro is $9.99)

Additional Live Scripts for InkTip Pro
If you're an InkTip Pro member, you can increase the number of live scripts for filmmakers and reps to find.

Cost: $12.50/month per each additional script.

Free Services

Script Library
The Script Library is where you can store your scripts for easy sharing with others. Using our Share Tracker feature, you can send an InkTip link of your script to readers and track who looks at it. You can store as many scripts in your library as you like.

Share Tracker
Quickly create links that take producers, colleagues, and friends directly to your InkTip script listings in your Script Library. Easily track and see when they review your logline, synopsis, or script.

Pitch Kit
InkTip provides you with all the templates you need to elevate your pitching. Whether you're composing your query letter or structuring your synopsis, our Pitch Kit contains the tools you need to improve your ability to hook a producer.

Keep track of all your pitches in one central area. It doesn't matter if you pitch outside of InkTip, from an InkTip newsletter lead, or other means. Stay organized and on top of your submissions.

Short Script Listing
You can list any of your short script loglines for up-and-coming directors and producers to find. It's a great way to start building your network.

InkTip Newsletter
Our newsletter gives you access to one or two script requests per week to pitch to filmmakers, and you'll receive the latest news regarding InkTip successes, articles, festival and contest information, and more.