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Getting your scripts to filmmakers is complicated and difficult, but with InkTip Pro, those barriers disappear. Our Pro service is a monthly membership for screenwriters to advance their careers.

Pro benefits include:

Your Scripts Available to Filmmakers

Your Scripts Available to Filmmakers

Pro members can make their scripts available to vetted filmmakers on InkTip. These filmmakers search for scripts and writers every day with the intent to option, produce, and/or hire writers.

Weekly Pitch Requests

Weekly Pitch Requests

Every week, filmmakers tell us what they're looking for, and we pass that information along to you in the form of submission opportunities: 6+ per week.

InkTip Contest

Pitch to Page Contest

Unlike other contests that only focus on one aspect of screenwriting (the script), Pitch to Page examines your complete package from your pitch (logline) to your synopsis and script because writing an excellent script can only take you so far if you cannot pitch it. Entry into Pitch to Page is free for Pro members. Every few months, Pro members can enter a script listing into the contest. Some contests are genre specific or have specialized themes. Prize packages include free IPM membership, a logline featured in our exclusive industry newsletter, script coverage, and more. Additional info.

Additional Features

Additional Features

All InkTip writers also have access to:

  • Unlimited hidden scripts listed in their script library
  • Unlimited short script listings
  • InkTip's Pitch Kit
  • Our Share Tracker feature
  • Contact/Notes/Reminders, which offers you an all-in-one database to track and record your queries.
  • Access to our contest and festival directory

Only InkTip Pro members have a chance to be selected and have their logline featured in our weekly newsletters to producers, agents, managers, and directors.

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  • Price
    For a limited time: Your first month of InkTip Pro is only $9.99.

    InkTip Pro is $32.50 per month and includes one visible script and 6+ pitching opportunities a week. Additional live scripts can be added to your membership for $12.50 per month per script. Summer Special: First month of InkTip Pro only $9.99.