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Weekly Successes

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Kevin Kellum Options "Burial Mounds" Jan 19, 2021
Kevin Kellum of Ascendent Studios found the script “Burial Mounds” on InkTip and optioned it from Joel Gordon. Kevin’s credits include “Bullied,” among others. This is Joel’s first success through InkTip!
Matthew Godbey Options "The Passenger" Jan 19, 2021
Matthew Godbey with CineFocus Productions found the script for the TV mini-series “The Passenger” on InkTip and optioned it from writer David Jones, and we are pleased to announce that it has recently gone to streaming! Congrats to all involved! Matthew’s credits include “Casting the Net” and “Pan de Salawal,” among others. This is David’s third success through InkTip.
Joel Reisig Options "A Civil Christmas" Jan 14, 2021
Joel Reisig of Be Your Own Hollywood found the script “A Civil Christmas” on InkTip and brought Julie Redfield Young on board to help write it. Joel’s credits include “Horse Camp: A Love Tail” and “Rodeo Girl.” This is Julie’s second success through InkTip!
Aziz Tazi Options "Deserted" Jan 14, 2021
Aziz Tazi of SNR Films found the script "Deserted" on InkTip and optioned it from writer Scott Seagren. Aziz, whose credits include "Night Walk" and "American Warfighter" among others, was initially looking for a script to be shot in Morrocco, but loved how Scott expertly adapted his Arizona-based story to reflect the North African landscape that Aziz was looking for. This is Scott's first success through InkTip.
Paula Landry Options "How to Get Fired" Jan 5, 2021
Paula Landry of IdeaBlizzard Productions found the script “How to Get Fired” through InkTip and optioned it from writer Jeffrey Cohen. Paula's credits include “A Cat's Tale,” among others. This is Jeffrey's third success through InkTip.
"Broken Brothers" Goes Into Production Jan 5, 2021
Richard Friedman discovered Nathan Illsley on InkTip and has hired him to write the drama doc "Broken Brothers: The Story That Stopped the Music," and we are excited to announce that the film has now entered production. This is Nathan's fourth success through InkTip.