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Shaun Goodman Options “The Gray House” Jan 21, 2020
Shaun Goodman with Brookwater Films found the feature script “The Gray House” on InkTip and optioned it from Brandon Rhiness. Shaun's credits include the short film "The God Who Sees." Brandon is a writer and director whose credits include numerous short films and the feature comedy “Hot Box.” Brandon has been an InkTip member since 2015.
Steve Roeder Options “Frogman” Jan 21, 2020
Steve Roeder with Awesome Entertainment found “Frogman” on InkTip and has entered into an agreement with writers David Brichetto, Anthony J. Sperduti, and Luigi Sperduti. Steve’s credits include “The Hunchback” and “Bob the Butler,” starring Brooke Shields, among others. David is the writer of the award-winning short film “A Voice from Mauthausen,” of which his feature is based on. David has been promoting his work through InkTip since 2015.
Jocelyn Mahittipongse Hires John Sutherland Jan 21, 2020
Jocelyn Mahittipongse with Fanatik Films discovered John Sutherland through InkTip and hired him to adapt another script she found through InkTip, “A Lethal Woman,” into a video game script. Jocelyn currently has three projects in development. John has been writing for video games for over 20 years, including working on games like “Mass Effect” and “Alan Wake.” John has been promoting his work through InkTip for over ten years.
Dawn Wolfrom Options “Ape Men” Jan 14, 2020
Dawn Wolfrom with Wolfrom Productions discovered W. Stewart through InkTip and optioned her feature script “Return of the Ape Men.” Both have since developed two more feature-length scripts and half a dozen concepts. Dawn’s credits include the family-friendly romantic comedy “The Perfect Man,” starring Hilary Duff, Heather Locklear, and Ben Feldman, as well as the Disney Channel Original movie “Bad Hair Day,” among others. Dawn also has two holiday romance films premiering in 2020. Stewart is a former political writer based out of Pennsylvania. She has been promoting her work through InkTip since September.
Anoop Rangi Options “Dakota Christmas” Jan 14, 2020
Anoop Rangi with Formula Features found the holiday romantic comedy script “Dakota Christmas” through InkTip and optioned it from Kathryn Kyker. Anoop's credits include the Lifetime movies "Who Stole My Daughter?” and "Twin Betrayal," which was shot from a script found on InkTip. Kathryn’s credits include the short film “Five Smooth Stones,” among others. She has been promoting her work through InkTip for ten years.
Scott Young Hires Jeff Sulma Jan 14, 2020
Scott Young with Diaz Media Group contracted screenwriter Jeff Sulma through InkTip to write an as-yet-untitled holiday movie. Scott’s credits include several award-winning short films, as well as the upcoming festival award-winning feature film, “The Mountain Minor.” Jeff is a national award-winning video producer and copywriter. Jeff has been promoting his work through InkTip for over 10 years.
Nicole Dionne Options “Candlelight Service” Jan 7, 2020
Nicole Dionne with Citizen Skull Productions, in association with Mark Myers, discovered the script “Candlelight Service” on InkTip and optioned it from Kenneth Lemm. Citizen Skull Productions’ credits include the feature films “12 Feet Deep” and “Heartthrob,” starring Keir Gilchrist, among others. Kenneth is a multi-award winning screenwriter whose credits also include “Another Tango” and “Saved by Grace,” starring Joey Lawrence, among others. Kenneth has been promoting his work on InkTip for over ten years.
Leone Marucci Options “The Color of Longing” Jan 7, 2020
Leone Marucci with Steelyard Pictures discovered writer Susan Morero on InkTip and optioned her script “The Color of Longing.” Leone’s credits include the crime/drama “The Power of Few,” starring Christopher Walken and Christian Slater, among others. Susan’s scripts have placed in numerous screenwriting contests. She has been an InkTip member for 10 years.
Michael Mahal Hires Adrian Milnes Jan 7, 2020
Michael Mahal with Mahal Empire Productions, in association with Sonny Mahal, discovered Adrian Milnes on InkTip and hired him to write the feature script “Bloodthirst.” This is their second collaboration together since Michael optioned Adrian’s script “Bridge of the Doomed.” Michael’s credits include “Art of the Dead,” “Attack of the Unknown,” and “Party Bus to Hell,” starring Tara Reid, among others. Adrian recommends that fellow writers practice honing their craft by writing short scripts in their spare time, and in fact he’s had a couple short scripts picked up recently through InkTip as well. Adrian has been an InkTip member since 2016.