Industry Professional Protocol

The purpose of our website is for Industry Professional (IP) Members to find scripts and/or talent. It may not be used to promote for-fee services to the writers or to get them involved in any other type of activity.

This is a password-protected site and all writer contact information is to only be used for the purpose of requesting a script or to arrange representation.

Use of this site is for members only. For the protection of everyone concerned, members may not lend out their username and password to others. However, there may be several users in one company, each having their own password.

Random checks are done to verify that the registered member is the person using the services of InkTip.

InkTip gains and retains writers, as well as other Industry Professionals, by promotion of successes from the use of our site. Therefore, we ask all Industry Professionals to follow the protocol below:

I, a professional of the entertainment industry, promise to always inform InkTip of any relationship I form with any writer that was in any way found, heard about or nurtured through InkTip.

I understand that this includes instances such as hiring the writer, optioning or purchasing a script, creating a handshake agreement, hip-pocket agreement, collaboration, or in any other means of working with said writer.

I understand that the reason for this protocol is so InkTip can promote the success of another project to its audience and others.

I understand that these are conditions to using InkTip.

If a script is sold/optioned or the writer gets work, a development deal, or representation, etc., through InkTip, the industry professional must inform InkTip via email. InkTip reserves the right to announce any successes obtained through our network.

We require all parties to be respectful of one another.

InkTip reserves the right to change this Protocol without notification.

For reference, this is the protocol that our writers agree to.