Writer Protocol

Use of this site is for members only. For the protection of everyone concerned, members may not lend their user ID or password to others.

Random checks are done to verify that the registered member is the person using the services of InkTip.

In order to list any script/book (herein referred to as "Material") on InkTip, scripts/books must be registered through the Writers Guild, U.S. Copyright Office, or any othezr recognized copyright/registration agency.

InkTip gains and retains Industry Professionals (producers, directors, representatives, etc.), as well as other writers, by promotion of successes from the use of our site. Therefore, we ask all writers to follow the protocol below:

I, a writer and user of InkTip, understand that I am to never contact an Industry Professional through any means due to a logline/synopsis/resume viewing or related to any pitched query through InkTip’s newsletter unless I am contacted by said Industry Professional.

I understand that the only time I am allowed to proactively contact an Industry Professional is at least three weeks after my treatment and/or script has been downloaded by said Industry Professional. I will contact them only via the message button on my viewings page that appears 3 weeks after the download.

If an Industry Professional asks for my script through a pitching opportunity submission through InkTip’s newsletter, I understand that I can follow up to the email address that the Industry Professional contacted me through.

I understand that InkTip pitching opportunities in the InkTip newsletters are for members (Pro and regular) only. I will not submit Material that isn't requested by an Industry Professional, nor will I submit outside of the InkTip submission system.

I understand that my Material is subject to certain submission requirements as dictated by InkTip. This includes submission requirements for titles, loglines, synopses, and accolades. I will follow these to the letter and understand that InkTip can remove my Material from their site for breaching these requirements.

I understand that pornographic and/or racist Material is strictly prohibited, and InkTip has the sole discretion to determine if Material is pornographic and/or racist. Violation of this will result in Material removal and account banning.

I understand that any Material, either on InkTip or submitted to pitching opportunities, must be completed. The submission of incomplete Material is strictly prohibited, and violation of this policy will result in account suspension.

I understand that I cannot use InkTip viewings or InkTip’s pitching opportunities to reach out to industry professionals outside the InkTip platform or through InkTip’s Share Tracker. I understand when cold querying companies either on my own or using Share Tracker that I will be cognizant of who recently viewed my work on InkTip and not reach out to those companies. InkTip’s messaging service for script and treatment viewings will be used to follow up 3 weeks after those viewings on the site.

I understand that if I am an InkTip Pro member, it is in my best interest to use my membership benefits to their fullest, and it is not the responsibility of anyone other than myself to do so. I understand that InkTip is not obligated to remind me of unused benefits.

If Material is sold/optioned or as a writer I get work, a development deal, or representation, etc., through InkTip, I must inform InkTip via email. InkTip reserves the right to announce any successes obtained through InkTip’s network.

I understand that these are conditions to using InkTip.

We require all parties to be respectful of one another.

InkTip reserves the right to change this Protocol without notification.

For reference, this is the protocol that our Industry Professionals agree to.