Writer Client Protocol

Use of this site is for members only. For the protection of everyone concerned, members may not lend their user ID or password to others.

Random checks are done to verify that the registered member is the person using the services of InkTip.

In order to qualify for listing with InkTip, scripts/books must be registered through the Writers Guild, U.S. Copyright Office or any other recognized copyright/registration agency. Mailing it to yourself is not acceptable.

Important information regarding contacting entertainment professionals!

Screenwriters and book writers contacting an entertainment professional concerning a viewed logline or synopsis is prohibited. Violation of this is subject to immediate removal of all of the screenwriter's scripts, without refund.

If the producer, by reading the synopsis or logline, feels the script/book is right for their needs, he/she can contact the writer or look at the script/book online.

Producers can look at 10-40 synopses and hundreds of loglines on any given day. It does not mean that they then want to see the script/book or want to answer e-mails or phone calls from those writers. Even managers and agents don't bother contacting the producer if only their client's logline or synopsis was viewed. Having a record of who saw a writer's synopsis or logline serves ONLY as a courtesy and form of protection for the writer.

Writers are also informed of anyone who downloads/looks at any of his/her treatments or scripts/books. A screenwriter, if unrepresented, must allow 3-6 weeks to go by before contacting an entertainment professional (producer, representative, director, etc.) who has viewed their treatment or script/book. Contact with the entertainment professional should be by snail-mail letter only. If represented, a screenwriter must coordinate any contact with an entertainment professional through their manager and/or agent.

When a writer violates this User Protocol, the trust we've worked to build with our industry members is instantly destroyed. Usually this means the industry member will stop using our site to search for scripts. Not only that, Hollywood is a small town and word gets around. This makes it harder for us to recruit major producers because they've heard that our writers are going to harass them. We have lost major production companies due to this violation, so we take it seriously.

If InkTip receives several complaints concerning a script due to quality, InkTip reserves the right to remove it from the site. In such a case, once the improvements needed are made on the script, the script may then be re-listed for the unused remainder of paid time.

Scripts for the purpose of pornography are strictly forbidden. The decision as to whether a script is pornographic is at the sole discretion of InkTip. There is no refund on scripts removed from InkTip because of pornographic content.

It is understood that the way InkTip is able to entice new entertainment professionals to use InkTip is by promotion of InkTip results. Therefore, I promise to always inform InkTip of any relationship I form with any entertainment professional that was in any way found, heard about or nurtured through InkTip, so that InkTip can not only promote myself and my works, but also promote themselves. It is understood that this is a condition to using InkTip. If a Subscriber gains writing work, sells or options a script, goes into development with a script or obtains representation as a result of our newsletter, InkTip.com may post this success on their website and in their newsletters and press releases. If a script is sold/optioned or the writer gets work, a development deal, representation, etc., through InkTip, the writer must inform InkTip via email. InkTip reserves the right to announce any successes obtained through our network.

InkTip reserves the right to change this protocol without notification.