Writers often ask us about how to follow up after an agent, manager or producer has requested a script. Philippa Burgess of Creative Convergence and former literary manager at Mason/Burgess/Lifschultz, who represented screenwriters working in Hollywood, was kind enough to answer that for you.   Read More
When you step into the noisy, cattle-call throng of most film pitch festivals, it’s hard not to hear the opening lyrics from A Chorus Line running through your head...   Read More
here are two times when a writer needs to pitch – when you’re thinking about an idea and may want to try it out on fellow writers and friends to assess interest, and when you are ready to sell a storyline and hope that it has the bizazz necessary to create interest in your script.   Read More
Think of this as a quick-reference for instant inspiration...   Read More
Your script is requested. So far your date with destiny is going well. You've gotten the okay and now you are moving in for the kiss. But just as bad breath or lousy technique can kill that magical moment   Read More
They say 80% of your success is to keep showing up. As a writer you've probably put this into action in relation to your computer and your script in progress; but how are you doing with your relationships in the biz?   Read More
Here are a few basic tips on marketing your script, query letters and other things...   Read More
Most writers know how to submit a script once it has been requested. It contains:   Read More
Every week we receive emails from writers asking about the best way to query a production company through our newsletter. We decided to go straight to the source and ask our producers. The number one thing they said was   Read More
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