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After reading hundreds of those attempts as a judge in two different contests over the past several years, I have compiled these twelve simple tips for writers to keep in mind before they sign all those hefty submission checks that tend to go along with entering many of these contests.   Read More
With the proliferation of screenplay competitions, many writers are wondering which competitions to enter or whether they are effective or not. The only reason to enter a competition is to get recognition for your script.   Read More
Suggestion #1: Please send your submissions in early! Don't wait until the final deadline date! Your submission can be buried under a pile of hundreds or thousands at the bigger festivals and competitions.   Read More
Pitching isn’t just the most important skill a writer can develop; I personally think it’s the most important ability anyone can develop in every area of life.   Read More
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Savvy writers are always tweaking and polishing and editing and rewriting their loglines. Let’s begin by talking about loglines that don’t work, and why. Here are five types of loglines that don’t work.   Read More
I get a lot of emails from writers around this time of year who think they Hollywood shuts down for the month of December and therefore so should they, and I find these emails excruciatingly perplexing.   Read More
New Media are loosely defined as new entertainment formats developed for emerging technologies, like television in the 50s and the internet today. And the question that drives new formats every time a new medium is developed is "how do we make money off this?" Understanding the answer to this question is of paramount importance if you’re going to make any headway in this new arena.   Read More
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One question I see a lot here at InkTip is: What can I do to raise the effectiveness of my pitches through the weekly newsletter?   Read More
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So there you are. Knee deep in an alternate universe, seeing things no one has ever seen before, hearing the voices of characters speaking through you as though by telepathy.   Read More
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