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It takes a lot more than a good synopsis to sell a story, but a good synopsis is one of a writer's most important selling tools.   Read More
The two questions I think I get asked the most by writers are: what genre is hot right now, and should I be writing in that genre? The answer to the first question   Read More
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Since we launched Script Share—our newest feature, which gives writers the ability to share links to their InkTip script listings—we’ve received generous feedback.   Read More
We present to you InkTip's newest service: Sharing Scripts. Now you can send producers, reps and others a direct link to your script listings. It makes connecting readers to your scripts faster and easier than ever before.   Read More
If you read my previous update, you got a little bit of a feel for why I have been working on moving into other industry related ventures. That article is here: The problem before has been   Read More
It has been some time since I have done any kind of an update regarding what InkTip is doing or what its plans are, so I thought I would give you an update. We have quite a few things going on right now including   Read More
You now have a pretty good idea of what I am doing with regards to the Pitch & Networking Summit and InkTip, as described in my previous updates, which are   Read More
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This chapter endeavors to inform you of the legal issues that exist as you navigate through the process of writing, shopping, selling your screenplay, and hiring an agent, manager, and attorney.   Read More
Almost every creative person I know (hereinafter jointly referred to as "you") fears that their ideas and creative material will be stolen by an unscrupulous executive or competitor. There’s no denying that the entertainment industry is...   Read More
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