Script Share FAQ

Through your InkTip account, you can create links that take someone directly to your InkTip script listings.

You can create as many links as you'd like for each script listing and share them in your email queries, submissions to InkTip leads, or anywhere else.

There are two pages used to create and track script share links: one for individual script shares and another for social media script shares. Your script listing does not have to be Live for producers searching on InkTip in order for you to create a link and for someone to view the listing.

You can also keep track if the recipient(s) have clicked on your Script Share link as well as see if they have viewed your synopsis, script, etc.

It's easier than ever to attract people to your script.

Below are answers to some questions regarding sharing your scripts through InkTip.

Which scripts can I share?

You must have a script listing on InkTip that has a script or treatment uploaded. If you do not have a script listing, then go to your Script Library and click on "List a New Script". If you have a script listing on InkTip but have not yet uploaded a treatment or script, do so in order to share that script listing.

How can I start?

  • First, make sure you have an InkTip writer account with at least 1 current script listing – along with the treatment or script uploaded.
  • Then, go to your Script Library and click on the "Share" button for the script listing you'd like to share. You can also go directly to your Script Sharing pages by going to the My Scripts/Viewings menu while logged in.

Who can I send a link to?

You can send a Script Share link to anyone you'd like. For example, you can include a link to an email pitch to a producer. Or, when using InkTip to submit queries, you can include a link in the submission query form. You can even create a link that you can use in social media or on your website.

Does the link stay active forever?

In your InkTip account, you can de-activate any of your links at any time.

Does someone need to be a producer member of InkTip to view my script listing?

  • We currently have two types of links that you can create. One type is intended for sharing individually, such as in email queries. This type does not require anyone to log in to view your listing. All that the recipient needs to do is click on the Script Share link and they'll be able to not only read your logline but view your synopsis, script, etc. This means that you can send it to anyone you know and intend to read your script. Thus, they are not required to have an InkTip account.
  • We have a second type of link you can create which is intended for sharing in other spaces, such as on your website or on social media. Because this type is not intended for individual sharing, in order for someone to view anything more than your logline, they need to be an InkTip producer/rep member (it will require them to log in). Anyone can, however, send you a message without logging in so you can decide whether to reply and send your script.

Can I embed a script listing onto my website?

Yes! We also provide code that you can embed so that your website or blog displays your InkTip script listing and links readers to our site, where they can view your listing. This method does require someone to have access to InkTip as a producer in order to read your script right away. But if they don't have access, they can message you from our site to request it from you.

How much does it cost to create sharing links?

There is no charge to share a script listing. As long as your script listing is already on InkTip with a treatment or script already uploaded, then it is ready to be shared.

Do you have a list of producers with whom I can share?

  • Sorry, we do not provide an email list of contacts.
  • Also, consider sharing links with your fellow writers, such as your writing group.

Why use Script Share when submitting queries?

For one, it saves every one time. When you submit a query, you normally wait for a response from a producer if they are interested in reading your script. You then reply with your script. Instead of waiting for a response so you can then respond with your script, you can cut out a step in the process and include a link to your InkTip script listing in your initial query. That way, the producer or rep can simply click on the link if they like your pitch and read your script right away. This eliminates any going back and forth along with the time between someone expressing interest in reading your script and being able to read it.

Why is this way to share better?

Since all of your sharing and viewing activity is tracked, you will know when someone clicks on a shared link or views your work. Sharing through InkTip is also more secure than the traditional method of email, which requires hunting around your computer for the latest draft of your script, much less remembering to send the latest draft. Using InkTip's Script Share gives you assurance that your script listing is safely stored on InkTip and ready at any time to be viewed.