Share Tracker FAQs

What is Share Tracker?

Share Tracker is a free feature that allows you to send an email of your listing that tracks the activity for that query. Your logline and synopsis are automatically included. You can also choose to include your resume, script, or pitch deck under More Options.

The email showcases your listing to the recipient. If they click on the Share in your email, you'll see a logline viewing for that Share. If they view your synopsis or more, you will see viewings for those items as well.

Why use Share Tracker when submitting queries?

Share Tracker gives you control over your queries. Typically when querying producers, you send an email and never know if the producer read your logline. With Share Tracker, if a producer clicks on your Share and sees your logline, you receive a viewing into your InkTip account. If they read your synopsis, another viewing. Finally, the mystery of who actually looks at your query is gone.

You also have control over your Shares. Once your script is optioned, you can turn off all Shares you sent for that script, protecting you and your project.

Using InkTip's Share Tracker allows you to track your queries from script listings safely stored on InkTip and ready to send.

How much does it cost to use Share Tracker?

There is no charge for Share Tracker. As long as your script listing is saved in your InkTip Library with a treatment or script uploaded, it is ready to share. The listing does not need to be visible to producers on the site to use Share Tracker.

Where can I track activity/viewings from Share Tracker?

You can find your activity/viewings for Share Tracker on your Share Tracker page.

Who can I send a Share to?

You can send a listing through Share Tracker to anyone you'd like. For example, you can use it to query a producer. Post your logline on social media. Embed a link on your website. Share your work with a writing group.

Are Share links created automatically when adding a script to my Library?

No. Links will be automatically created in Share Tracker only when you share a script listing.

When creating a Share, do I have to make my script available to read? What if I change my mind?

You do not have to make your script available to read. In the process of emailing through Share Tracker, you have a choice of making the script visible or not.

If you change your mind, you can edit your Share and turn off script visibility. You can also disable the Share entirely.

What happens to my Shares when I update my script listing in my library?

Your Shares will be updated to reflect any changes you make, and you won't have to send out new shares.

Does the Share stay active forever?

You can de-activate any of your Shares at any time.

Does someone need to be a producer member of InkTip to view my script listing?

There are two types of Shares that you can create.

One is for sharing in email queries. This type does not require anyone to log into InkTip. You can send it to any contact of yours. All the recipient needs to do is click on the Share in your email, and they'll be able to read your logline and more.

The second type of sharing is intended for posting in public spaces, such as on your website or on social media. Because this type is intended to showcase your logline, people will need to email you for other elements of your script listing, like a synopsis or script file.

Are my Shares visible to producers on InkTip?

No. Share Tracker is separate from the search function that producers use on our site.