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Near Nazareth Festival ( NNF )
Open for Submissions:
Mar 6, 2024
Final Deadline:
May 24, 2024
Festival Starts:
Jan 1, 1970
Festival Ends:
Jan 1, 1970
Near Nazareth Festival ( NNF ) invites all film lovers to partake in our celebration.
Near Nazareth Festival hospitably opens its doors to filmmakers. Festival participants from around the world will show their works. We believe that the best place for them to present their work - is Near Nazareth Festival.
Our festival will serve to strengthen mutual understanding and friendship between the peoples of the world. Through cooperation with movie lovers from around the world, we will make history.
More than 3500 participants from 70 countries of 5 continents presented their films and works at the Festival in Israel since 2015.
The works are evaluated by an international jury. Many participants became prize-winners and winners in their nominations.
A festival diploma increases the prestige of the piece.
We invite you to take part in it. We will be glad to review your work.
Our motto is: Everyone has a chance to be evaluated and win! We wish you creative success.
Near Nazareth Festival Online Film Market - Free of charge for all participants of the NNFestival.
We post your film info on Near Nazareth Festival Facebook page - post + image.
We'll set up info about your film on Near Nazareth Festival website.
Page is opened and distributed among national and international distributors.

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