Magazine FAQ

Why is InkTip Magazine being discontinued?

Our magazine has been running for 20 years. It has been great for our writers and allowed us to shine the spotlight on success stories for many years.

However, there's a cost for us. The magazine takes up a lot of time for multiple departments inside InkTip, time that could be spent improving the writer and filmmaker experience on our site. After considering multiple plans for where we want to take InkTip, it was decided that the magazine was incompatible with where we wanted to go.

We stand by what the magazine has accomplished over the last 20 years, and we are glad we were able to run it for as long as we did.

Is this final issue different from any other issue of the magazine?

Other than it being the last issue, no. The same number of industry professionals as usual (15,000+) will receive a copy of the magazine.

Are you going to replace the magazine with something else?

We currently have no plans on replacing the magazine with an equivalent service. We will be focusing our efforts on script listings and the Preferred Newsletter.

Can I still use my credits now?

Absolutely, and we highly recommend that you do so. The December magazine, which is currently open for submissions, will be the final issue of our magazine.

Can I receive a refund for recently purchased magazine credits?

In addition to our normal refund policy, we can issue refunds for anyone who has purchased a magazine credit after June 1st, 2020 but never redeemed it.

What happens to my credits if I can't submit to the magazine in time and am ineligible for a refund?

We have plans for this. If you cannot submit in time and are ineligible for a refund, you will have the opportunity to use the credit in the future. More details on this will be announced later.

Are you going to discontinue script listings or the Preferred Newsletter?

No. We will not be discontinuing any other services on our site. In fact, we will be focusing our efforts to improve these two products considerably.