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Script vs. No Script

Although listing a script's logline and synopsis is required, most writers also choose to upload their entire scripts and/or treatments. This way, as the producer or representative shows interest, they are able to download and begin reading the scripts without delay, thereby increasing writers' chances of optioning or selling their scripts. There is no additional charge for uploading your script.

Who Can See Your Scripts?

InkTip has a secure network of more than 4000 Industry Professionals. More than 400 films have been made from scripts and writers found through InkTip, and each year, an average of 28 movies go into production from scripts and writers found through InkTip.

Our vetting process includes checking references and credits for Industry Professional members. For more information regarding how we vet our members please go here.

You also receive full disclosure of who views each of your synopses, scripts or treatments, and when, and can access this information by logging into your InkTip account.


$60 per script listing for 4 months. Discounts are available for multiple purchases, which you can see here.

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