Script Library

Your Scripts Matter. Get Them in Front of Filmmakers.

The foundation of all InkTip writer accounts is the Script Library. It is a private collection of your scripts, their synopses, and loglines. Best of all, it's free to all InkTip writers.

Script Library features include:

    Add Unlimited Scripts

    You can add as many of your scripts as you like to your Script Library.

    Track Listings You Share

    Share Tracker lets you share links to your script listings in your library, and those with the link can see your loglines, synopsis, resume, and script (optional). Any time someone uses that link, you'll know! It's easy to share your scripts with friends, colleagues, or the producer you're talking to right now at Starbucks!

    "Go Live" to Independent Filmmakers - InkTip Pro Only

    By going live, your script(s) become discoverable to independent filmmakers. Using criteria such as genre, cast size, budget, and more, they can find and read your scripts with the intent to produce them.

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