A Safer Way to Share

Share your script with whom you want, whenever you want.

It's easier than ever to attract people to your script.

Through your InkTip account, you can now create links that take someone directly to your InkTip script listings.

A page in your InkTip account is dedicated to saving all of the shared links that you created. For example, when someone views your synopses and scripts from a shared link you sent them or posted on social media, you'll know!

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Benefits of Sharing:

  • Your script, treatment, synopsis and logline all in one place, ready to be shared.
  • Track when your script link was clicked on or when your script was read!
  • Create new links any time.
  • Suspend any active links.

Some Ways to Share:

  • Send a query through InkTip:
  • Drop a link into your submission query that goes straight to your script listing.

  • Share One on One:
  • Send a link directly to your script listing in an email.

  • Share on the Web:
  • Post a link to your script listing on social media or embed code onto your website.

More Info on Sharing:

Want more info? Visit the Sharing FAQ page here

Or, visit the "How to" page here