Pitch to Page Screenwriting Contest

You can't win if you don't enter!
You can't win if you don't enter!

At InkTip, we have 20+ years of experience working with producers, helping them connect with talented writers through our site. We’re keenly aware of the process of how producers search for their next project and have implemented that knowledge into forming our new Pitch to Page screenwriting contest! With a unique judging process designed to reflect the way the industry typically evaluates a complete project, submissions are first evaluated by logline, followed by the synopsis, and finally the script.

These themed screenwriting contests run throughout the year, previous iterations ranging from holiday-themed, to limited-location scripts, and our current thriller genre contest (with many more on the way!). Our mission is to help writers progress personally and professionally in their writing careers, and the Pitch to Page contest is here to accomplish both. 

Round 1: Logline

The Pitch to Page contest recognizes the pivotal role of a logline in capturing a story’s essence while captivating the reader’s attention. Crafting a compelling logline is a crucial (and difficult) art, and we want to make sure writers don’t overlook its importance. Judges are looking for promising concepts conveyed in a concise manner. 

Read up on how to craft the right logline for your script here.

Round 2: Synopsis

The logline might have sparked their interest, but before a producer moves on to your script they will want to see if the script has a strong foundation, and that’s where the synopsis comes into play. For the Pitch to Page contest, writers are expected to provide a synopsis that outlines the major beats of their story, offering a glimpse into their script’s depth and potential. Judges will identify synopses displaying strong structures, intriguing conflicts, and compelling character arcs.

Learn some helpful tips about writing a synopsis here.

Round 3 & 4: Script

The remaining rounds will be judged on the script itself. If you’ve managed to keep a producer’s interest thus far, the script is the final frontier. At this point, they are excited to crack open the script, so avoid mistakes like typos and grammatical issues that will distract them from enjoying your story.

Outside of the story itself, your script reflects your writing ability and own style. Judges will be looking for distinct voices, quality writing, and fully realized stories. 

How Do I Enter?

If you are already an InkTip Pro Member, the good news is the contest is completely free to enter! There is no additional charge to your membership. As long as your submitted script is present in your script Library, you’re good to go. During the entry period, the option to submit will appear on the writer’s Main page. Writers may only submit one script per contest.

If you don’t have InkTip Pro, the entry fee is a low $32.50. This entry provides you with an InkTip Pro Membership as well, so you’ll have the ability to utilize our other services like pitching to leads in our newsletter and making a script available for our industry professionals to discover on the site. InkTip Pro is a monthly subscription. You can cancel at any time and still be considered for Pitch to Page as long as your script is in your InkTip account.

With prizes including free InkTip Pro Membership, promotion in our exclusive industry newsletter, script coverage, and more, be sure to take advantage of this one-of-a-kind competition! 


"I'm incredibly grateful for the chance to showcase my talent through InkTip's free screenplay writing competition. It's a welcome addition to the valuable services InkTip has been offering for years."
 - Mark Violi, writer of “Christmas 2.0” Runner-up finalist 2023

“I was thrilled to be the Grand Prize Winner for InkTip’s first screenplay contest. Immediately after the quarterfinal announcements, I saw a huge spike in viewings for ALL my scripts. For any screenwriters hoping to gain more traction on their scripts, I’d highly recommend InkTip’s contests!”
 - Ross Mahler, writer of “Arnold Fink and the Ultimate Halloween” Grand Prize Winner 2023

Written by: InkTip Team
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