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“Based on a True Story.” We’ve all seen those words in countless opening credits. There’s something powerful about knowing the events of a movie actually happened to someone.   Read More
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An interview with InkTip screenwriter Lisa Hagen about her film Fortune Defies Death   Read More
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If you are an InkTip member, you are already a creative person with interesting ideas. These days, it helps to have ideas for both film and television. Films can be shot cheaper than ever, and there are new television platforms popping up every week. The result is that there are more exciting opportunities for today’s writers than ever.   Read More
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Writing a script is no easy task. Fun? Yes. Exciting? Yes. Easy? Absolutely not.   Read More
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Because so many companies use Agile for some of their projects, I thought it would be fun to see if any principles can apply to screenwriting. If one thinks of a screenplay as a product, can focusing on working in smaller increments of time, being flexible to change, and getting feedback sooner work?   Read More
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Interview with thriller writer Al Lamanda on his feature film American Violence starring Bruce Dern, Kaiwi Lyman, and Denise Richards.   Read More
This month we went in-depth with five InkTip writers whose careers have grown through InkTip. BD Young, Jupiter M. Makins, Dwain Worrell, Jake Helgren, and John Porter have all had scripts optioned and/or sold through InkTip or been hired to write scripts through InkTip. With InkTip these writers went from having zero credits to producing and directing films.   Read More
Jerrol LeBaron founded InkTip 17 years ago. Find out why he founded it and what he knows works for producers and writers.   Read More
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For many becoming an established screenwriter is a dream job, something you fantasize about at the computer while writing, during Oscar season when nominations are announced, maybe even at your day job while tuning out your co-worker at the coffee station. That dream can become a reality, but not without hard work and goal setting.   Read More
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