With the InkTip Pitch and Networking Summit II event rolling into Los Angeles (July 22nd and 23rd), we thought this would be a good time to check in with inkTip founder Jerrol LeBaron to find out what they've got in store for us all this time!   Read More
When new screenwriters finish their scripts, they often begin the search for a rep to submit the work around town. But is that the best way to do it?   Read More
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Producers are always on the lookout for new scripts, I know I am. Not just any script, but one that I can live with for two or three years, because that's how long it will take to produce unless it is a short. I am telling you all this to help writers learn more about what producers are looking for.   Read More
The entertainment industry is full of easily definable jobs, such as actor, director, writer, etc. It's much more difficult to define what a producer does,   Read More
The truth is: all producers think writing the script is the easiest part of film production. The truth is: all producers think they can write a screenplay. And sadly, (for the writers) the truth is   Read More
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A good way for writers to express their pitch clearly and concisely is by avoiding clichés that are either not needed or harmful.   Read More
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Don’t be vague about the meat of your story. Tell us why the meat is good. What is your script about?   Read More
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Stick to the meat and don't kill the sale..   Read More
If your logline is missing a central conflict, then it’s possible your story is missing one as well. At least that’s what a reader will assume about your script.   Read More
Through these successes, we’ve learned that many talented writers work day in and day out on scripts that catch the attention of producers. Yet often, some writers focus only on their own writing instead of shining a light on themselves. True, a writer’s script needs to deliver once it’s read – craft is never overrated, and a producer’s sensibilities and the investors’ needs must also co-align. But ultimately, a writer must continually create opportunities to present that script in front of producers’ eyes in the first place.   Read More
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