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Promote Your Festival or Competition with InkTip

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What InkTip Does For You

We promote your festival and/or contest on:

  • InkTip's Festivals and/or Competitions Directory.

  • InkTip's newsletters sent to thousands of subscribers.

  • Social media.

  • We also provide InkTip prize packages for your winners.

What You Do For InkTip

Festivals and contests typically promote InkTip on:

  • Their sites

  • Newsletters and solo blasts

  • Social media

Rest assured, there is no cost involved. This is a simple promotion swap. Register below.

InkTip Prize Packages

InkTip is happy to provide prize packages for competition winners in order to support our partner's efforts to promote their winning writers, assist their winning writers in getting their scripts produced and/or finding representation, and familiarizing our network of industry professionals with reputable competitions who have great writers.

Exposure for your Writers to Industry Pros:

Every day, producers, agents, managers and other Industry Professionals use InkTip to find good scripts and writers. InkTip offers your winning writers the opportunity to market their scripts to our wide network of vetted industry professionals through our services at no cost to them or you.

By providing your winners with InkTip prize packages you are exponentially expanding the exposure they get from being a winner in your competition.

Each year an average of 28 films goes into production from scripts and writers found through InkTip and each week 5 more scripts and writers are optioned through InkTip.

Exposure for your Competition to Industry Pros:

Competitions and their winning writers are featured weekly in our Industry Newsletter sent to more than 20,000 industry professionals.

Your competition name and winners will also be made available to thousands of industry professionals who use InkTip to find good scripts and writers. Thus familiarizing our wide network of industry professionals with the quality writers that are chosen from your competition and increasing awareness of your competition.

InkTip prize packages can include one or a combination of the following:

InkTip Script Listing: A listing of the winning writers' scripts on InkTip so that producers and reps can find them.

InkTip Magazine: Publication of the winning writers' loglines in InkTip's magazine sent to more than 4000 producers, managers and agents.

InkTip Preferred Newsletter: A subscription for the winning writers to our premium newsletter featuring exclusive weekly leads/script requests for what producers need now.

NOTE: In addition to the above prize packages for your writers and the additional submissions you will get from having your competition posted in our directory, there may be other cross-promotional opportunities between our two organizations, depending on our review of the information you provided.

The information you provide here will be for our office use only. Please view our Privacy Statement for further information.
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