Five Reasons to Use Share Tracker

If you’ve used InkTip’s services before, you’ve probably heard of Share Tracker. But what is it?

Share Tracker is a service that allows a writer to share their logline, synopsis, and script with anyone, regardless of whether that person has signed up for InkTip or not. All you have to do is go to your Script Library and click “Share this Listing” to create a share link.

While that’s the primary function of Share Tracker, there are a few hidden benefits of it too.




1) Send your link in a query

With Share Tracker, you can send your script to anyone at any time. Yes, that even means producers!

A producer doesn’t need to be on InkTip to view your Share Tracker link. Just drop your link in the body of your query email and send it off! It’s a fast and easy way to connect with a producer, and your share link will take them to a page where your script, logline, and synopsis are all in one place. No need to send over multiple documents!

2) No Attachments

An email attachment can steal the thunder of any great pitch. While we can’t speak for our producers (they’re all different), we can speak for ourselves. If we receive an attachment from an unknown sender, we need some kind of supporting information of the sender’s legitimacy.

Instead of sending an attachment, you should use a share link. Not only does it include your logline, synopsis, and screenplay, but it uses InkTip’s reputation as a trustworthy domain.

3) Get a Notification

We all know this frustration: cold query a producer, wait two months, and total radio silence. Did they even look at the script?

Here’s where Share Tracker comes in. With it, you’ll get a notification any time a producer clicks on your link. As long as you’ve created a unique link for that producer, you’ll always know when they view your work and which producer was interested in your query. Put your anxiety to rest!

4) Time Saver

Querying can be a serious time-suck. You have to compile all of the various producers to send out to, and compose unique messages tailored to them. It’s a pain.

Share Tracker takes a bit of that burden away. Instead of having to type out a logline, now you can paste a link directly into your email or query. What’s more, every unique link has its own record in your account. This means that you’ll automatically have a database of all the producers you’ve sent out to in one place!

5) Collaboration Tool

Are you in a writing workshop or developing a script with a producer?

Share Tracker allows you to upload your script to one easily-accessible place. No more going back and forth with your various drafts, sending multiple attachments in emails with messages like “I made an edit! Read this draft instead!”

You can edit your draft directly on the site, meaning anyone with your share Tracker link will be accessing the most recent draft of your script as soon as it’s been updated.



Bonus: Activate and Deactivate Links!

You're in the driver's seat with Share and have control over if a recipient has access to only your logline and synopsis or if you want them to be able to read your script too.  If you are cold querying producer, sending a link for just your logline and synopsis is perfect.  If the producer responds wanting to read the script, you can easily activate the script option, and they instantly have your script to read.  You can also deactivate links at anytime if you option your script and take it off the market.


Thomas Blakeley is a screenwriter, playwright, and musical theatre bookwriter based out of Los Angeles and New York City. A graduate of The New School, he is passionate about the arts, social justice, and all things nerdy. He can usually be found scouring the horror section of a local bookstore.

Written by: Thomas Blakeley
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