WHAT IS A TREATMENT, AND HOW IS IT DIFFERENT FROM A SYNOPSIS? Often, in selling an idea to Hollywood, circumstances require that you write a "treatment" -- an engaging synopsis of your idea or story. The difference is   Read More
It may be a clichĂ©, but it's nonetheless true, that the mother of invention is necessity. Tight parameters sharpen the creative process and the most fundamental parameter of all   Read More
I am going to sell a high-concept spec for a million dollars next year. I am going to be a staff writer next year. I am going to win the Nicholl Fellowship next year. We've all had thoughts like these, right?   Read More
In one or two sentences, a screenwriter must create a screenplay logline that sells the story, because it will be the first thing read by a producer.   Read More
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Over the years, I've read thousands of scripts as a producer and former VP Development for companies at Sony, Universal and Disney and had to separate the wheat from the chaff.   Read More
The night before the heist - Gathered around a TV, four young men quickly go over the plan. Talkative smartass ALFIE HAWKS leads the group: immature and giggly BILLY LANG,   Read More
Writing for the film medium has become the modern version of the ancient art of storytelling. Unlike the novelist, the screenwriter cannot rely exclusively upon the written word, for the written word must be the screen’s spoken words   Read More
If you're like me, from your genesis as a screenwriter, from the very first screenwriting book you read, you were exposed to three-act structure - or from   Read More
A screenplay consists of seven basic elements. What do you do with these elements? Answer: You put them together into what is known in the industry as a LOGLINE.   Read More
I was consulting w/a student on an idea of hers the other day, not an awful lot so far, just a "one-line" but she did ask me at one point: "We've got our main character, but what about some other characters?   Read More
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