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Interview with writer Steve Peterson, who penned the feature "The Hunt for the Labyrinth Killer" after originally being discovered on InkTip by John Murlowski.   Read More
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Why would a writer with both agency and management representation continue to promote themselves? For many writers getting representation is a big mile marker in their screenwriting careers. And it is. But getting representation doesn't mean you stop promoting your own work. The most successful writers continually promote themselves through every avenue available. Dwain Worrel, a twice produced screenwriter and the screenwriter of this month's featured InkTip success, Operator, knows that. Read more about how Dwain promoted his scripts through InkTip and his tips for writers   Read More
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InkTip was excited to speak with Laurie, one of the screenwriters on InkTip who has successfully optioned and directed their own script, about her upcoming film Scout, starring Jane Seymour, Ellen Burstyn, Danny Glover, Nikki Reed and India Ennenga. Scout was also the winner of the Bronze prize for Drama in the 2010 Page Awards, among other contests.   Read More
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If you've spotted Kraig Wenman's name in InkTip success stories numerous times, it's not an accident. Kraig discusses what actions he took to build a career that ranges from writing about crazy neighbors for Lifetime to writing for a producer from the X-Men and Transformers franchises.   Read More
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Robert McKee’s name is as synonymous with screenwriting as Tony Robbins’ name is for personal development. Educating scores of writers, filmmakers, actors and more since 1984, Mckee has cemented his legacy teaching storytelling both in person and through his tome “Story.” Here, McKee answers some questions, including the ever-present “Should you write what you know?”   Read More
We asked six producers from various backgrounds to share their insights on development, finance, distribution, what they love to hear on the job, and more.   Read More
We reveal bios of the 6 producers who participated in our initial installment of the Rundown: Producers Weigh in on International Markets, Crowdfunding and More   Read More
Question: We interview writers all the time, and we know what they do - they write! What exactly is a script consultant? Is it the same thing as a script doctor? What's the difference between a script consultant and a "reader?"   Read More
Credits, among others, include: I Shot a Man in Vegas, Fall, If Lucy Fell, Wirey Spindell, There's No Fish Food in Heaven, Chill Factor, 100 Girls. Q. Hopping a fence at Warner Brothers Studios and literally landing in a job was a mix of luck and chutzpah. What do today's aspiring filmmakers need more of, and why?   Read More
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