When new screenwriters finish their scripts, they often begin the search for a rep to submit the work around town. But is that the best way to do it?   Read More
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Producers are always on the lookout for new scripts, I know I am. Not just any script, but one that I can live with for two or three years, because that's how long it will take to produce unless it is a short. I am telling you all this to help writers learn more about what producers are looking for.   Read More
The entertainment industry is full of easily definable jobs, such as actor, director, writer, etc. It's much more difficult to define what a producer does,   Read More
The truth is: all producers think writing the script is the easiest part of film production. The truth is: all producers think they can write a screenplay. And sadly, (for the writers) the truth is   Read More
If your logline is missing a central conflict, then it’s possible your story is missing one as well. At least that’s what a reader will assume about your script.   Read More
Through these successes, we’ve learned that many talented writers work day in and day out on scripts that catch the attention of producers. Yet often, some writers focus only on their own writing instead of shining a light on themselves. True, a writer’s script needs to deliver once it’s read – craft is never overrated, and a producer’s sensibilities and the investors’ needs must also co-align. But ultimately, a writer must continually create opportunities to present that script in front of producers’ eyes in the first place.   Read More
A writer asked me a very specific question the other day, and it was the best question I think I've heard from a writer in all my time here at InkTip. She asked: "Is there anything I can do to guarantee I'll sell one of my scripts this year?” And the answer is…no. Sorry. BUT… I can think of five things you can do to dramatically increase the probability of selling your scripts   Read More
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When you read logline after logline, patterns emerge. These patterns reveal clichés based on expressions and idioms hammered into our heads in taglines we’ve seen on movie or show posters, or in voiceovers we've heard in trailers by the late, great Don LaFontaine.   Read More
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I’ve lost count of the number of loglines I’ve read but it’s in the thousands. I don’t just read them. I see which ones work and which ones don’t. The logline is the master key that will help unlock doors for writers...   Read More
What's the Perfect Pitch? According to those who come to me for assistance with writing a pitch, or who attend Pitch Prep workshops where I often serve as a coach and panelist, it's darn hard to write. Ancient writers did a pretty good job of this sort of thing, though. The Roman poet Virgil's opening three sentences of The Aeneid is a perfect pitch for his entire 130 page story. It begins Cano, arma que virum que... "I sing of arms and of the hero who..."   Read More
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