About InkTip Short Scripts

The InkTip Shorts area is free and accessible to everyone. Go here to post your short.

Producers, directors, and other industry members use the InkTip shorts section to find short scripts and/or short script writers. Writers can post their short script loglines for free.

Please let us know if you buy/option a short from a writer or option/sell your short script to a producer/director. We like to promote all InkTip successes and give you an extra boost so more industry professionals can know about you and your work.

General Guidelines on InkTip's Short Scripts Area:

1. This area is only for short script loglines. Short scripts range from 2-45 pages long. Go here to list your feature/TV script or here to search for feature scripts.

2. Producers, please include information on your background when contacting writers.

3. You can post an unlimited amount of short script loglines for completed short scripts on InkTip. Please do not post loglines for ideas that you have not written. You may post a logline for a short in more than one genre.

4. Your short script logline will remain on our site for one year from when it was posted. You may resubmit at that time.

5. By placing your short script loglines on our site, you will automatically be signed up to receive our weekly newsletter. You can unsubscribe from this email list at any time by going here or emailing us directly.

6. If you'd like to make changes or remove your short, please email us with the change, title, and genre of your short and we'll take care of that for you.

7. All shorts MUST be registered or copyrighted with a registration service or the copyright office. Click here for links to some registration services and the copyright office.

8. The shorts section of InkTip is available to anyone and not password-protected. We recommend that you do your own research before sending your script to a producer who requests it.

9. Please notify us when you sell/option your short or obtain representation through our site. We'll promote you in our newsletters and on the site to share the good news and get the word out about you and your project. (And if you want to keep things private for awhile or indefinitely, let us know and we'll accomodate you.)