Film Commissions

Film Commissions

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Bali Film Center
Bali Film Center (BFC) is a private sector organization focusing on professional production support and services for filming in Indonesia.
Cambodia Film Commission
The Cambodia Film Commission is the official organization dedicated to the film professionals. The CFC aims to make filming in Cambodia as straight-forward a process as possible. By acting as consultant and intermediary and by providing professional assistance, the CFC helps to make things easier for teams that choose Cambodia to shoot their films.

With astonishing locations, experienced crew and low costs, Cambodia has witnessed an increase in hosting foreign film production in the last few years. It has become on of the most film friendly country in South-East Asia.
Film Development Board - Nepal
Film Development Board (FDB) is a liaison to facilitate the conceptualisation, making, distribution and exhibition of films in is a governt body which promote and develop Nepalese movie in the national and international level.
Hiroshima Film Commission
Along with the rivers and the sea, many other features such as mountains and the urban area are compactly located; people are filming friendly and enjoy participating in filming as extras.
Japan Film Commission
Japan Film Commission (JFC) is a national film commission covering the entire country of Japan. It is your first contact if you are interested in filming in Japan.With its main office in Tokyo, Japan Film Commission is a non-profit organization comprised of over 110 regional film commissions as well as various film and video industry guilds and organizations, such as the Directors Guild of Japan. It is supported and endorsed by ministries and agencies of the federal government, such as the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, the Agency for Cultural Affairs, and the Japan Tourism Agency.
Mekong Film Fixer

Mekong Film Fixers is serving as a platform for all international producers that wish to shoot any project in Mekong-region countries, especially Cambodia. We provide all significant services needed for filming: scouting and location management, and permits issuing, equipment and crew to name just a few. Furthermore, we possess close relationship with many internal filming commissions of the host countries which not only helps shortening the processing time but also benefiting in reducing paper work troubling and financial expense.

Nagasaki Film & Media Commission
Our Services
  • The consultation receptionist about shooting
  • Various information offers about shooting
  • Cooperation and adjustment about shooting permission

Filming in Nagasaki

"We support the shooting of a movie, a TV drama, etc. which made Nagasaki Prefecture the stage, and
send various charm of Nagasaki."

The peculiar culture which Nagasaki Prefecture prospered as an only window of the national isolation age and southern barbarian trade, and was cherished by the long history of the exchange with overseas is one of the charms. The building and rows of houses which leave the influence even now exist. In addition, Nagasaki Prefecture is blessed with the beautiful natural scene which changes a figure variously by all seasons, or the scenic spot is so far the stage of many works. We, Nagasaki Film & Media Commission, is waiting for your shooting, with the attractive scenery and attractive building of Nagasaki Prefecture can be utilized as a location ground, with warm correspondence and service. 

Nagasaki Film & Media Commission 

â—‹ Facebook: link
â—‹ Twitter: @NagasakiFC
Nagoya Location Navi
Film Commission Nagoya Location Navi was established as a coordinating body for location shootings for the movie and TV drama making in this city. Nagoya is conveniently located between Tokyo and Osaka which allows you an easy access. It not only has the image of modern city but also breathtaking sceneries of magnificent mountains, fresh river, deep blue sea and historic architectures: all kinds of locations you can imagine.
National Film Development Corporation (FINAS)
MISSION: Strengthening the film industry's facility and services; To internationalize the local creative market and shooting locations; To publish audio-visual content on the basis of the government's achievements and promote it through various media channels; and To document, preserve and conserve the audio-visual content.
Okinawa Film Office
Since 2002, the OCVB Okinawa Film Office has attracted filmmakers and crew for TV dramas through our efforts in offering filming locations befitting the storylines, coordinating permits and cooperating to launch screening events.
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