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Film Commissions

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North America

Alabama Film Office
Alabama is an atmosphere so stimulating diverse filmmakers find it hard to resist being captivated by its charms. It is a state, which has forever nurtured giants of literature, music, art and theater. Alabama is a stunning contrast of environments - the most biologically diverse place in America outside of California. The past still lives in Alabama's cities and towns, while space-age technology and modern industry flourish. With legendary southern hospitality, Alabama has catered to everything from small, independent shorts to massive Hollywood film productions. Let us demonstrate to you the countless advantages of filming in Alabama. Contact the Alabama Film Office today.
Alberta Film

Alberta Film, a part of the Government of Alberta, supports the growth, sustainability, competitiveness and business attraction of Alberta's screen-based production industry. The Government of Alberta continues to lead the way in providing support for production having been the first jurisdiction in Canada to both establish a provincial film commission office and offer a film and television incentive program. Today, Alberta Film continues to carry out government's mandate through three key areas:

  1. Marketing, advertising and event management
  2. Locations and logistics services including funding and facilitating scouting within the province and supporting film-friendly initiatives
  3. Industry development and alignment with government

Funding for screen-based production in Alberta is provided through the Alberta Production Grant, a unique incentive based on all eligible production expenses incurred in Alberta.

Albuquerque Film Office
The Albuquerque Film Office offers free dependable assistance to filmmakers. The Film Office serves as a liaison with City agencies and assist in obtaining locations, equipment, and hotel accommodations. Albuquerque has experienced crew, talent and a mix of diverse locations readily available.
Alexandria/Pineville Convention and Visitors Bureau
We have a large portfolio of possible locations and can provide you with advance location scouting to assist you in finding the perfect location for your project.
Amador County Film Commission
The Amador County Film Commission is the acting liaison between film companies and the County of Amador, and the cities of Amador City, Ione, Jackson, Plymouth and Sutter Creek. Nestled in the heart of California's Mother Lode, Amador encompasses 593 square miles stretching from the floor of the San Joaquin Valley to the 8,000+ foot peaks of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Our many natural attributes are numerous, from gently rolling foothills to rugged granite vistas, from sprawling ranchlands and lush vineyards to scenic lakes and rivers... few other California counties offer such a variety and wealth of natural beauty!
Amarillo Film Commission
The Amarillo Film Office is committed to provide assistance to production companies that are interested or have chosen the city of Amarillo for a project.
Our services include: Assistance in finding location scouts and sites; Assistance in contacting local, state and federal agencies; Assistance in working with private entities; Assistance in obtaining any permits where needed; Assistance in finding special services and personnel; Limited location files
Antelope Valley Film Office
The Antelope Valley is a ''RECEPTION COMMUNITY'' to the film and entertainment industry. Under the leadership of Pauline East, North Los Angeles County Film Liaison; with the blessings of our elected officials; and with the involvement of local businesses, residents, schools and other organizations, the Antelope Valley as a reception community has one attitude toward the film industry: WELCOME TO THE AV! Whether you are looking for friendly and accommodating location owners or a great place to relax after a long day of production, you will find the right spot in the Antelope Valley. We have several databases of Locations, Crew, Talent and Resources at this website so you can quickly find locals that are enthusiastic to help make your production a success.
Antigua Film
Our company produces feature films, short films, music videos, promotional DVD's, aerial shoots documentaries and underwater footage.
Arkansas Film Commission
With a statewide, team approach to production, Arkansas provides producers with seamless, single contact access to everything and everyone the state has to offer, ensuring the most efficient, effective and economical experience possible.
Atlantic City Film Office
Songs have been written about it, stories have been told about it and movies have been made about it. Atlantic City is the perfect place for your next production whether for movies, television, commercials, photographic or music videos.

Atlantic City is a "˜Film Friendly Community," and because of that we've taken measures to ensure that your filmmaking process is a smooth, efficient, and enjoyable one.

Our 4 miles of white sandy beaches and Atlantic Ocean offers a variety of amazing looks - from our historic Steel Pier, America's first Boardwalk and 8 Casino Resorts to the back bays and marshes with all their flora and fauna. We allow cars and trucks on the beach and Boardwalk for driving shots, have ample free parking, and of course, we're the perfect spot to film a surf scene. But there's much more than just the beach and Boardwalk! We invite you to browse through the many locations available on our website; we think you'll be surprised by what you find!

The Atlantic City Film Office is proud to offer free assistance for productions working within the City. With an understanding of the filming process and a thorough knowledge of Atlantic City, we help productions take advantage of a City that has much to offer filmmakers.
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