Film Commissions

Film Commissions

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Australia and Pacific
Ausfilm markets Australia's Screen Production Incentive Scheme which comprises the Location Offset, PDV (post, digital and visual effects) Offset and Producer Offset. The Location and PDV Offsets are administered by the Australian Government's Ministry for the Arts. The Producer Offset is administered by Screen Australia.

Ausfilm is a unique partnership between private industry and government. The partnership comprises Australia's federal and state governments, the major studios complexes, production service providers and leading post, visual effects and sound/music studios.

If you are interested in filming your project in Australia, developing partnerships with Australian talent or completing post-production/music or sound production in Australia contact Ausfilm today.

Ausfilm has offices in Sydney at Fox Studios Australia and in Los Angeles, USA.
City of Ipswich Film Office
Ipswich City Council prides itself on offering full support to filming, and the city is committed to promoting and facilitating greater access to our region's locations. Our free permit application process and policies are designed to facilitate and promote commercial filming activity.
City of Melbourne
Melbourne is well known around the world as a film friendly city, offering a diversity of locations, from bustling streetscapes to parklands, waterways and harbours.
Anyone conducting filming or a photo shoot within the City of Melbourne must apply for a permit for the use of a public space. This ensures that your activity is conducted in accordance with safety and amenity regulations.
City of Sydney
Depending on the scope of your photo shoot or film production there are 2 different application processes for filming and photography permits within the City of Sydney.
Film Broken Hill
Broken Hill is affectionately known as Hollywood in the Outback and like its LA counterpart it has an impressive credit listing. For over 30 years the region has played host to well over 50 feature films and TV shows, as well as hundreds of television commercials and photographic shoots. Credits include Mad Max 2, Priscilla Queen of the Desert, Last Cab to Darwin and Strangerland.
Film Gold Coast
The Gold Coast is at the core of film-making in Australia.

Situated just 45 minutes from Queensland's capital Brisbane, and one hours flight north of Sydney, the Gold Coast is serviced by two international airports.  Getting here is relatively easy, giving international producers access to a myriad of big screen locations.

As one of Australia's leading filming locations, the Gold Coast exposes filmmakers to a diverse range of locations from pristine coastlines, lush rainforests and modern cityscape - all within close proximity to world-class studios. A reason why we have a growing portfolio of productions filmed on the Gold Coast.

The city also offers producers competitive costs, film financial incentives (independent from state and national programs) under our Film Attraction Program and experienced local production crews that ensure the success of productions on the Gold Coast.
Film Otago Southland
Your first point of call for production questions in Southern New Zealand.
New Caledonia Film Commission
The New Caledonia Film Commission is designed to meet the needs of the film industry, offering maximum assistance to film units and production companies who are looking to shoot any type of project in New Caledonia.
New Zealand Film Commission
The New Zealand Film Commission (NZFC) is a crown entity working to grow the New Zealand film industry. NZFC provides information, introductions and support to filmmakers and helps companies seeking to film in New Zealand with everything from locations, incentives, facilities, crews, permits, immigration, taxation, transport and accommodation.
Niue Film Commission
Our main task is to help promote and attract film productions into Niue including the management, monitoring and supervising of film productions operating under the Niue Film Permits issued by the Niue Film Commission.
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