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Caribbean Production Service Corp
Production service and production management for Caribbean film, video, photography shoots.
We do get involved in your project at an early stage;
- Do careful planning and detailed budgeting;
- Advise on best suitable and most cost effective locations;
- Organize any aspect of your motion picture or stills project for the Caribbean part
- Negotiate rates for comfortable accommodations, travel and logistic
- Select the most professional local Caribbean crews or international teams
- Set up your production office and location camp
- Take care of customs clearance and any requested permits
- Find your local cast - actors, extras, models
- Support Set designers by building and scouting any props required
- Provide every equipment on island or abroad from our rental partners
- Hire an excellent caterer offering healthy, tasty food and drinks all day
- Coordinate every step of your production and we are on set day by day
- Have couriers to assure that all will be at the right time in the right place
- Organize shipping of small items or containers to any destination
It is our goal to see you succeed with your production in the Caribbean.
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