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Harry Knapp Options "18" by Rachel Stevens Dec 23, 2008
Nasser Entertainment Hires Luis Cruz to Pen Feature Dec 23, 2008
David Bellino Hires Nikki Fortson to Pen Feature Dec 23, 2008
Sogno Productions, Inc. Options "Maras" Dec 18, 2008
Nasser Entertainment Hires Erik Wolter to Pen Feature Dec 18, 2008
Second Wind Films Hires Steven Zawacki to Pen "Seasons of Anarchy" Dec 18, 2008
Nasser Entertainment Group Options "The Building" Dec 11, 2008
New Palace Films Options "The Book of Job" Dec 11, 2008
Babylon United Options "Friday America" Dec 11, 2008
Hudson Agency Signs Eric Steele Dec 4, 2008
Markus Lofstrom Acquires Short Script "Moose" Dec 4, 2008
Daniel Zirilli Options Western Script "Wanted Dec 4, 2008
Nasser Entertainment Hires Luis Cruz for Television Movie Nov 27, 2008
Peter Proffit Pictures Hires InkTip Scribe for Feature Nov 27, 2008
Abrams Artists Signs Another InkTip Writer Nov 20, 2008
Sandcastle Films Options "Worm" Nov 20, 2008
Mikon Pictures Options "A Picture of Us" Nov 20, 2008
Barry Perelman Agency Picks Up Writer Jim Dawson Nov 13, 2008
MDR Family Entertainment Picks Up "Dorsai" Nov 13, 2008
Karl Kozak's DVD Hit "Clawed" Now Airing on Showtime Nov 13, 2008
James Axiotis Hires Sheri Tor for "The Greatest Fan" Nov 6, 2008
Mark Cabaroy Buys Short "Masculinity" Nov 6, 2008
Kevin Treacy Options Two Joe Tofuri Scripts Nov 6, 2008
Miles Maker Options "Going Solo" Nov 6, 2008
John Murlowski Hires Kraig Wenman for Latest Feature Oct 23, 2008
John Murlowski with Maple Island Films has hired InkTip scribe Kraig Wenman to pen his latest project "Nowhere to Hide," and the film, starring Meredith Monroe (Dawsons Creek), Michael Badalucco (The Practice), Brian Krause (Charmed), and Brian Dietzen (NCIS), has already been shot and is on its way into post production! In case you haven't heard of Kraig Wenman before, he's one of InkTip's most prolific writers, with a total tally of 19 feature options and/or sales, and 7 completed features. Wenman recently told us that 95% of his successes have come through InkTip, which is no surprise; once a writer gets an option through our service, we announce it in this newsletter, which in turn often leads to more options or hires. Maple Island Films is a full-service production company established to exploit Murlowski's connections in the industry and in distribution. This is the second feature film Murlowski has discovered and produced through InkTip.
Front Row Media Options "Crossing the Divide" Oct 23, 2008
Front Row Media has optioned the teleplay "Crossing the Divide" from InkTip
Tim Scott Options "The Body Farm" Oct 23, 2008
Producer Tim Scott from Aurora Productions has optioned the horror script "The Body Farm" from InkTip writer Kraig Wenman after discovering it on InkTip. This is the writer's 19th feature option, and as you can imagine, it becomes an easy and smooth process once a writer gets into double-digit options. "He read the script, we met for lunch, and he optioned it," relates Wenman. "InkTip is responsible for 95% of my script options and writing assignments," the writer went on to say, so you can do the math.
MDR Family to Develop "Riddle of the Stone Spider" Oct 16, 2008
Mark Rodriguez with MDR Family Entertainment has entered into an agreement with InkTip writer M.C. Cain of The Word Wizards to develop and package his script "Riddle of the Stone Spider" after discovering it through InkTip. The project, which is Cain's first option as a screenwriter, originally started as a homeschool project for his pre-teen sons by his wife Cyndi over a decade ago - a homework assignment that blossomed into the first in a series of novels. Cain, who also has a true story period piece miniseries, a network adventure/thriller series, and a family comedy script listed on InkTip, developed the first novel into a screenplay, which he pitched as "Harry Potter with a twist meets National Treasure." The story and concept were perfect for MDR Family Entertainment. Mark Rodriguez ("No Rules" and "Payback") is in the process of packaging it to present to various studios with which he's maintained relationships for over a decade - and the fact that the project is also available as a novel is a real boon in this process. Cain is currently converting the next two novels of the series into screen format.
Vincent Ueber Options "Beckwourth" Oct 16, 2008
Vincent Ueber with Street Dog Productions optioned the feature script "Beckwourth" by InkTip scribe James Watts, after putting a call out to our writers. Ueber is the producer of the yet to be released Lionsgate and Animal Planet documentary "Street Dogs of South Central." Ueber has worked for years in documentaries, with such credits as "Chasing the Light" and "America's Heart and Soul," so "Beckwourth" - a large-scale Western which is based on a true story - is a perfect project for Ueber's new production company as he branches out into narrative features. This is writer Watts' second feature option.
Another Produced Film found on InkTip! Oct 16, 2008
Ace Cruz of Spirit Films discovered and hired produced screenwriter Chris Soth of through InkTip's newsletter to pen his latest feature project "Outrage," (starring Michael Madsen and Natasha Lyonne) and the film is now complete and ready to go into distribution. Spirit Films is a Los Angeles based production company that completed production on "The Golem," a horror script also found through InkTip, and which was featured on the cover of the InkTip magazine a few months ago. To learn more about Soth, you can visit his instructional website (millionDollarScreenwriting.com) that teaches writers how he got the job and wrote the script.
Still Another Produced Film Found on InkTip! Oct 16, 2008
"Fiesta Grand," from InkTip scribe Bernie Felix Jr. and producer/director David Basulto of Clarity Pictures, has been picked up for distribution by Maverick Entertainment and scheduled for release on DVD October 21st. Basulto discovered screenwriter Bernie Felix Jr. on InkTip from his comedy script "The Big Four Oh." Although the script was out of the budget range David was looking for, they tossed around a few ideas and came up with "Fiesta Grand," a modern day bachelor party movie that was developed to feature Latino characters. Together, they nurtured the project all the way through to completion.
Yet Another Produced Film found on InkTip! Oct 16, 2008
Producer David Sterling (who has added over 60 feature credits to his resume in just the last 15 years, including "Pirates of Ghost Island," which was distributed through Lionsgate late last year) hired InkTip scribe Carlos Perez to draft their feature script "Metal Man," after finding him on InkTip earlier this year, and the project is now being delivered to foreign territories! The project was co-produced by Novin Shakiba. "Metal Man" was writer Perez' s second option but was his first produced feature credit through InkTip. Carlos Perez has had a bevy of recent options and hires, and has also written a number of produced stage plays.
Richard Clark, Jr. Options "Jesusland" Oct 9, 2008
Producer Richard Clark Jr. with New Daydream Films has optioned "Jesusland" from InkTip writer John Carstarphen after discovering it on InkTip. Clark Jr.'s previous credits include "Serial," an indie picture that has already earned five times its production cost in distribution, and the upcoming thriller "Heredity," which is in post-production. Writer Carstarphen is himself a feature director, and "Jesusland" is his first feature option as a writer.
Epic Level Entertainment Options "The Hatch" Oct 9, 2008
Cindi Rice with Epic Level Entertainment has optioned the feature script "The Hatch" from writer Mark Onspaugh after discovering it on InkTip. This is writer Onspaugh's third option through InkTip; his previous successes include "On, Cupid!," currently in pre-production with Masiela Lusha's Illuminary Pictures, and "My Summer as a Superhero," which is being developed by Greg Feldman's Etosha Entertainment. Epic Level specializes in fantasy stories and worlds, as evidenced by their previous credits, which include "Dungeons and Dragons
Mitchell Stein Hires John Sutherland Oct 9, 2008
Producer Mitchell Stein hired InkTip wordsmith John Sutherland to pen the script "The Game Breaker," a feature project based on a novel by Kurt Bryan for which Stein owns the rights. Stein's previous credits include the Sundance favorites "Dream with the Fishes" and "Christmas in the Clouds." This assignment happened after Stein put a call out to our writers in the InkTip Preferred Newsletter, and Sutherland submitted his screenplay "The Knuckleball Manifesto" as a writing sample. This is writer Sutherland's first feature film assignment, although he's had two other short scripts optioned - both through InkTip.
Original Content and Nicholas Powell Option "The Fubars" Oct 2, 2008
LA-based manager Jim Thompson with Original Content discovered "The Fubars" by South African writer Dennis Venter on InkTip back in 2005, and although they've never even met in person, they've had a fruitful relationship. So far, Thompson has negotiated a deal for his client Nicholas Powell to option the script, and in this latest deal, Thompson arranged for the hiring of Venter to write the feature script "Ghetto Rats," a "City of God" meets "Bourne Identity" action-thriller for Powell. This is actually the first script in a three-script deal between Venter and Powell. Nicholas Powell is a 2nd unit director who's worked on such projects as "Braveheart," "Cinderella Man," "Last Samurai," "Bourne Identity," and "Gladiator," and who is putting together his feature directorial debut. Venter, a seasoned television veteran in South Africa, has over 150 credits to his resume in both hour-long dramas and sitcoms. "It's tough enough breaking into Hollywood from outside LA," says Venter, "never mind from beyond US borders. InkTip provides a means for non-US residents to interact with producers they may otherwise not have access to." This is Venter's first feature assignment through InkTip.
Cloud Ten Pictures Options "If by Chance" Oct 2, 2008
Cloud Ten Pictures has optioned the feature script "If by Chance" from writer Guy Forest, after CEO Andre' van Heerden saw the logline in the InkTip newsletter. Cloud Ten Pictures is the market-leader in the production and marketing of faith-based films; their credits include "Left Behind
Christopher Sergi Options "Samaritan" Oct 2, 2008
Christopher Sergi has optioned "Samaritan" from InkTip writer Mark Daniels, after discovering it on InkTip. Sergi, a producer and talent manager, has worked with a variety of clients, including Jada Pinkett-Smith's production company, 100% Womon. This is writer Daniels' second feature discovered and optioned through InkTip. "InkTip is a wonderful resource for writers living outside Hollywood," says Daniels. "I have been able to make many contacts that I never would have been able to make through traditional methods. InkTip is a very efficient service that is easy to navigate, and it serves as a major hub for promoting my screenplays."
Greg Richters and Matthew Allen Team Up on New Project Oct 2, 2008
Grigorij "Greg" Richters, a NY-based director with over 30 short films, commercials and documentaries to his resume, rediscovered Tokyo-based writer Matthew Allen and hired him to pen an unnamed feature. The two of them have previously worked together, and Greg had been following Matt's successes through the newsletter; to date, Matt has had one option and two hires through InkTip, so there's been plenty to follow. This latest hire shows how being part of the InkTip community can mean parlaying one success into another. Allen is represented by Peter Meyer of Meyer Management.
Oliver Lessard Acquires Short by L.C. Cruell Oct 2, 2008
Hazard Pay Productions Acquires Short "Bar Flies" Oct 2, 2008
Aaron Tudisco Options "Unplugged" Sep 25, 2008
Independent Producer Aaron Tudisco optioned "Unplugged" from wordsmith Doug Simonton, after browsing the InkTip comedy listings this summer. Tudisco, a former executive at Lucasfilm and Wildbrain, has worked predominately in feature animation over the last few years, and is now looking to craft a more live-action-centric development slate. So when he saw Simonton's story about an aging British rock star falling for a single mom in the Midwest (think what would happen if Ozzy Osbourne got trapped in Nebraska), he knew he'd found the right script. Writer Simonton has had a recent string of successes through InkTip, including two comedies that are scheduled to shoot in China in 2009 under the care of international producer Ted Perkins. The secret to Doug's success lies in crafting the perfect logline. "Short 'n snappy is definitely the order of the day," Simonton relates. "The analogy I use is that of building a house
Above the Line Agency Reps Chris Pearson and "Frankenstoner" Sep 25, 2008
Rima Greer with Above The Line Agency has entered into an agreement to represent writer Chris Pearson. Roger Soffer and Christian Ford, two of Rima's clients, discovered and optioned Pearson's comedy spec "Frankenstoner" on InkTip a little while ago, and when they mentioned the title to Rima, she had to read it. "I have a pretty full client roster, and wasn't looking for new writers to pick up, but when I heard the title, I had to give it a look. It was so high concept, and so funny, it had me falling out of my chair laughing!" Greer, who is also the author of "The Real Lowdown Dirty Truth about Hollywood Agenting," is an industry veteran, having worked on everything from "Backdraft," "Jumanji," and "Charlie's Angels," to the upcoming "Nowhereland" (Paramount) with Eddie Murphy, and the just completed indie films "The Poker House" written and directed by Lori Petty, and "HottieBoombaLottie," written, produced, directed by and starring Seth Packard. Writer Pearson has had some other recent successes, including being hired to co-write a feature for Vanguard Animation, and an animation series in development at The Hatchery. According to Pearson, this particular deal was quick and easy. "Roger called me up and said he thought the script was hilarious, and he'd like to option it. I said okay, and put him in touch with my manager. That was pretty much it. Next thing you know, I had a check in the mail." "Frankenstoner" is being cast right now with Kerry Barden in NY and LA, with a winter shoot planned for NYC.
Charles Lenhoff Reps InkTip Veteran Scribe BD Young Sep 25, 2008
Charles Lenhoff with Lenhoff & Lenhoff is representing InkTip scribe extraordinaire BD Young, after yet another referral through an InkTip member. Long story short, Lindsay Moffat with CineChachi discovered writer Young about two years ago, while perusing the thriller listings on the site. Lindsay referred the writer to Randy Cheveldave, a veteran producer whose many credits include "Friday the 13th Part VIII
Production Begins on "Trust" Sep 25, 2008
Allan Harmon and Cynde Harmon, principals of Really Real Films, together with Producer Kirk Shaw of Insight Films, Executive Producers Tim Johnson, Joey Plager, Tom Berry, and Jeffery Lando, are pleased to announce the beginning of production on their movie of the week film "Trust." The story, written by InkTip scribe Jack Messitt, is about the wife of a successful entrepreneur who receives a series of mysterious letters and emails, and must choose between searching for the author of these messages and investigating her husband's fidelity. Cynde and Allan discovered the script after putting a call out to our writers last year, and the project now includes lead cast members Jamie Luner (Heat Wave, CSI), Nels Lennarson (Good People Bad Things, Smoke Jumpers), and Brendan Beiser (Something Beneath, The Sandlot 3). A true international co-production, Insight Film Studios and Really Real Films developed and produced Trust with the involvement of TF1, Landovision, Reel One/Premiere Bobine, Movie Central (a division of Corus), CAVCO and BC Film. Writer Messitt is no stranger to the feature film production process; a graduate of AFI, he has worked as a Director of Photography and Camera Operator on everything from feature films and television to music videos and reality shows (American Idol, Irreversi, Bones), and recently co-wrote and directed the horror feature "Midnight Movie," which will be coming to DVD January 9, 2009.
PHD Productions Completes Production on 'Sewn' Sep 18, 2008
Greenbelt Films Discovers 'St. Amber of Orange County' Sep 18, 2008
Brinton Bryan with Greenbelt Films discovered writer Tim O'Brien's "St. Amber of Orange County" on InkTip. O'Brien is no stranger to the process; some of his previous InkTip successes include co-writing the feature film "Fall Into Me" for Tim Vandesteeg at Indiewood Pictures, and the option of "Off Madison" to Ben Pitts of Jetset Pictures. This latest option came about in an interesting way; Bryan was looking for a project to direct with his producers Erich Lochner and David Venghaus, Jr., and he was particularly interested in finding something that had the same merit and fantastical elements of "The Wizard of Oz." And when they stumbled on "St. Amber of Orange County," it was precisely what they were looking for. In fact, writer O'Brien says that Oz is what inspired him to write the script in the first place! Tim went on to say that this is "proof you don't have to live in LA to get a script optioned..." This script is now slated as a directorial project for Brinton Bryan, who's worked on a slew of studio-level projects in various capacities, including the upcoming Hannah Montana movie, "National Treasure" and "The Dark Knight."
'You Don't Know Me but I'm Famous' Sep 18, 2008
Claude Reid and Christopher Free with NuConcepts Productions LLC optioned "You Don't Know Me but I'm Famous" by InkTip scribes Ivan Rothberg and Jeanne Grandilli after putting a call out to our writers. The story revolves around a Summer Arts Camp and was developed as a musical project to be promoted with a series of music videos and a concert tour. Music groups will be formed for the movie and an album will also be in the works. NuConcepts Productions' producers' previous projects include "Wages of Sin," "Motor Home Massacre," "The Fourth Beast," and the soon-to-be released "The Artifact." "You Don't Know Me but I'm Famous" is their first foray into mainstream family entertainment, and for this project, they definitely found the right writers. Grandilli and Rothberg's most recent options include studio-level deals, including "Perfect Mates" at Phoenix Pictures and "Couch Talk" with Marty Richards and Sam Crothers at the Producer's Circle, which are currently in turnaround. If all goes according to plan, this will be their first produced feature film, as production is slated to begin next spring.
Steve Stewart Hires InkTip Scribe to Start Up 'The Franchise' Sep 18, 2008
Scribe Justin Brewer was hired by producer/manager Steve Stewart of Steve Stewart Entertainment to pen the pilot and bible for the TV series "The Franchise." This is actually an ongoing relationship; Steve discovered Justin on InkTip in July of last year, and hired him to write a thriller/horror feature. "Working with Justin has been an amazing experience," says Stewart, "and his passion for the project really translates right through to everyone we're working with." Justin Brewer has had a number of other features and shorts optioned through InkTip, and given Stewart's connections and experience in the industry, we're confident he'll be seeing these two projects through to completion.
Matthew Cervi Discovers 'Anthem' Sep 18, 2008
Matthew Cervi with Mad Samurai Productions discovered "Anthem" from writers Sean Mick & Don Wells on InkTip. According to writer Sean Mick, he hit it off with Cervi over the phone, and the negotiation process went smoothly. This is Mick's first option.
David Ara Hires Lynn Beck for 'Hollywood Hit' Sep 18, 2008
After putting a call out to our writers, David Ara, an independent film producer, has selected Lynn Grant Beck to pen his next comedy. The feature film project is titled "Hollywood Hit." Ara has previously produced and directed independent features, commercials and music videos. Lynn Grant Beck has been writing professionally for fifteen years. She has written a non-fiction book, stageplays, children's books, poetry and numerous screenplays. Early in her career she traveled to the former Soviet Union where she worked as an assistant producer in a traveling Russian theater company. She returned to New York where she founded the Chelsea Players and wrote and produced several successful Off-off Broadway plays. In 1996, she moved to California where she became a Creative Executive at Interscope Communications. In 1998, she founded River Productions, where she wrote and developed independent films. She is thrilled to be working with David Ara and is looking forward to seeing her work make it to the big screen.
Baron Redman Hires John Dowgin for Short Sep 18, 2008
Scribe John Dowgin has been hired to write a short script for Baron Redman of Open Door Productions. This is Dowgin's third deal brokered through InkTip. Production is scheduled to start in March of 2009. Redman said, "We have a great crew working on this...we hope to have it done in time for the Kansas International Film Festival next year and look forward to entering it into other festivals as well. John is doing an amazing job at taking my idea for the story and characters and blending them together in a realistic world. We look forward to showing everyone what Indie filmmakers are capable of."
Production on 'Slick' Running Smoothly Sep 18, 2008
Production on the short script "Slick" that was found through InkTip has begun! Mike Frediani is the director/producer of the film, written by MaryBeth Conti. Frediani found the short on InkTip almost two years ago. "Slick" is an ambitious script with 16 characters and 14 scenes, all within 17 pages. Production has taken place on an ice rink in Burbank, the soundstages of LA Center Studios and at a neighborhood in Saugus, where they shot an all-nighter with motion control. We look forward to hearing more about the completion of the short soon!
ThunderBall Films Discovers "American Pirates" Sep 11, 2008
Mario Domina, President of ThunderBall Films, LLC was looking for a specific project with franchise potential to take place on a tropical island, when he discovered Mark Duffey's "American Pirates" on InkTip. Producer Domina, a member of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, has already discovered a number of projects on InkTip, including "Escape from Paradise" and his current pre-production of "The House of the Baskervilles." Writer Duffey relates
Sinovoi Entertainment Uncovers Crime Feature "White Boyz" Sep 11, 2008
Maxwell Sinovoi with Sinovoi Entertainment discovered writer Pete Ferrari's true-story crime feature "White Boyz," after seeing his logline listed in an old issue of the InkTip Magazine. Sinovoi is a well-rounded executive producer; his previous credits include "The Ten" with Paul Rudd and Jessica Alba, and "Harold" with Cuba Gooding Jr. and Rachel Dratch, which is in a limited theatrical engagement now! When we asked writer Pete Ferrari for a list of his previous credits, he explained that this was the first script he ever wrote – so get to work writing your next one, buddy boy!
Douglas Herman Finds "The Fifth Column" Sep 11, 2008
Douglas Herman with LVX Productions, a veteran industry reader and development professional, joined InkTip about a year ago with a long list of references. His objective was to find the best and brightest upcoming writers for his clients, and he's delved into the database with the sort of methodical zeal that would make an agent cry! As expected, his effort paid off when he discovered "The Fifth Column," an extremely unique script based on a true event, by InkTip writer Matthew Allen. Based in Tokyo, Japan, Allen actually wrote the script for InkTip, after monitoring and tracking various other InkTip successes in the newsletter; he knew what the market wanted, and his story, which he describes as "The CIA and LSD in a brothel," was perfect for LVX Productions. Douglas was able to take the script to one of his clients, John B. Bennett (a producer on the upcoming "The Robbery of Ellie May," starring Zooey Deschanel), who negotiated the option with Allen's manager, Peter Meyer of Meyer Management. This is Allen's third InkTip success.
David Ara Options "Hollywood Hit" Sep 11, 2008
David Ara, an Independent Producer, after putting a call out to our writers, has selected Lynn Beck to pen his next comedy that he has been developing
Bradford Youngs Hires Jan Militello for "Angel Dog" Sep 10, 2008
Bradford R. Youngs with Twilight Entertainment has picked up yet another writer and script after putting a call out to our writers last year. His latest collaboration is "Angel Dog" with InkTip scribe Jan Militello. Youngs describes the process that led to this latest project
Cube Vision of 'Barbershop' and 'Are We There Yet?' Developing InkTip Script Sep 4, 2008
Jerry Sandoval with Cube Vision discovered "Karate Guy" by InkTip writer John Biemeret, and is now developing the project to take to studios with Sandoval attached as the producer. This is writer Biemeret's first success, although he's developing another comedy spec with a manager at Kaplan/Perrone. Cube Vision's credits include "Barbershop," "Are We There Yet?" and "The Longshots" (in theaters now), and is operated by executive partners Ice Cube and Matt Alvarez.
Trancas International Options Mark Davidson Script Sep 4, 2008
Etosha Entertainment Discovers "Treasure" Aug 28, 2008
Foremost Films Aids Two More InkTip Scribes Aug 28, 2008
Ira Besserman Options "Kefi" Aug 21, 2008
Ira Besserman of Adventures in Film optioned the feature-length romantic comedy "Kefi," based on an award-winning play from InkTip wordsmith William Coleman, after putting a call out to our writers. Besserman's previous credits include "When a Man Falls in the Forest," starring Sharon Stone and Timothy Hutton, and "Johnny Was," which was found on InkTip, and starred Vinnie Jones, Patrick Bergin, Eriq La Salle and Roger Daltry. Coleman adapted the screenplay from the stage play himself, demonstrating his skill at writing in different media. This is his fourth option, and his first through InkTip.
Twilight Entertainment Hires Lloyd Wagner for Another Feature Aug 21, 2008
Popart Film Factory & J. Walko Wrap "The Lazarus Papers" Aug 14, 2008
Kathy Muraviov Pitches Cukor's "Losing Daylight" - Starline Films Options Aug 14, 2008
"Devil's Knot" Sold to Dimension Aug 7, 2008
Elizabeth Fowler with Clear Pictures Entertainment hired writer Mark Sevi to write a draft for her film project "Devil's Knot," which was just sold to Dimension. "Devil's Knot" is an adaptation of the non-fiction book of the same name. The story follows the 1993 conviction of the West Memphis Three for the murders of three 8-year-old boys in West Memphis, Arkansas. Sevi is an experienced feature writer with 17 films to his credit, and Elizabeth Fowler has a number of other credits to her resume as well, including the soon-to-be-released "Making Change" starring Steve Guttenberg and Ed Begley Jr.
Epic Level Entertainment Options Feature from Eric Steele Aug 7, 2008
Cindi Rice and John Frank Rosenblum with Epic Level Entertainment optioned "Ghost Finder" from writer Eric Steele after finding the script on InkTip. Epic Level specializes in fantasy stories and worlds, as evidenced by their previous credits that include "Dungeons and Dragons
Twilight Entertainment Nabs L. Wagner to Co-Write Aug 7, 2008
Bradford R. Youngs with Twilight Entertainment discovered InkTip member Lloyd Wagner after putting a call out to our writers last year. They've since co-written the feature script "A Blind Eye," which now has C. Thomas Howell attached in one of the roles, and the film will be going into production in January 2009. This is writer Lloyd Wagner's second collaborative writing assignment through InkTip.
The Muraviov Company Reps Cukor Jul 31, 2008
Kathy Muraviov with The Muraviov Company discovered InkTip writer Marla Cukor, and is now representing her. Muraviov, a 26-year veteran of Universal Studios, now runs a boutique literary management company in LA, and she's discovered some of the best and brightest up-and-coming writers on InkTip. In fact, this discovery took place some time ago, but now that we've confirmed it, we'd like you to see just what a great writer Marla really is.
Hiltz Squared Media Options Feature Jul 31, 2008
Myles Shane of Hiltz Squared Media has optioned "Deborah Samson," a feature script by scribe John Bellingham, after discovering it on InkTip. This is Bellingham's second option; his other project, "The Italian Girl," which he co-wrote with writer James Dalessandro, begins production late this year or early next year with a $25M budget. Hiltz Squared Media is based out of Toronto, and Shane is the producer of the television series "Fairy Tale" and the feature film "Jack's House."
David Mamet Hooks Up with InkTip Producers Jul 24, 2008
Another InkTip Film Scheduled for Production Jul 24, 2008
PHD Picks Up Another InkTip Script Jul 24, 2008
Skylight Films Hires Cowan for Yet Another Feature Jul 24, 2008
Mark McNabb with Skylight Films has hired InkTip scribe Barry Cowan to pen the feature screenplay, "Megalighting," after discovering Barry's work on InkTip. This has actually been an on-going relationship between Skylight Films and Cowan; Cowan was originally hired to write "Billy Owens and the Secret of the Runes," which was shot and stars famous wrestler and action star Roddy Piper (known for, among other projects, his role in John Carpenter's "They Live"). "Secret of the Runes" was the sequel to "The Mystical Adventures of Billy Owens," which is being released by Artist View Entertainment. This is the third in a series of hires by Skylight Films for writer Cowan just in the past month alone.
Endeavor Handles Financing on "Truckstop" Jul 17, 2008
Star Lady Productions Hires Goldman for Feature Jul 17, 2008
Skydive Films Options Feature Jul 17, 2008
Saltarelli Hires Helgren for RomCom Feature Jul 17, 2008
CRAZEntertainment Hires Doug Simonton for RomCom Jul 10, 2008
Plastic Poetry, Inc. Options Feature Jul 10, 2008
Skylight Films Hires Cowan for Feature Jul 10, 2008
Casualty Films Options Short Jul 10, 2008
Skylight Films Hires Barry Cowan for Feature Jun 25, 2008
Armstrong Pictures Inc. Hires Kevin Ward for Feature Jun 25, 2008
BlueMercuryProductions Options Feature from Steven Manchester Jun 25, 2008
Desert Moon Pictures Hires InkTip Writer Jun 18, 2008
Justin Ament with Desert Moon Pictures hired InkTip scribe Russ Lippitt to write a feature MMA action film titled, "Lyon's Pride," after putting a call out to our writers. Ament's previous credits include the soon-to-be-released, "Shadowheart" (with Angus MacFadyen, William Saddler and Daniel Baldwin). Writer Lippitt has one other previous option on his script "Lion's Share," which was based on his best-selling novel of the same title.
Illuminary Pictures Adds One to the Slate Jun 18, 2008
Masiela Lusha, founder and president of Illuminary Pictures, has optioned the feature script, "Graf," from InkTip writers Roman Rosales and Peter Loffredo. Lusha, who played the beautiful and feisty daughter on "The George Lopez Show," is building a slate of projects to develop and package through her various industry sources and contacts. You can also see Masiela in "Blood
Joops Fragale & Mike Long Option Short Jun 18, 2008
Joops Fragale and Mike Long of 3hree8ight6ix Films have optioned Gene Doucette's short script, "Parting," after discovering it on InkTip. Doucette's previously optioned films include "Lady in Black" (with Firesite Films), and "PrintError" and "Surviving Hector," produced in association with the RIFC. Two of his features are listed on InkTip and he is actively seeking representation. Fragale stated he is a great fan of the site and checks it regularly for new writers and material, "I think its simple navigation and ease of writer contact are fantastic."
Producers Ricky Moore & Dustin McKim Option Short Jun 18, 2008
Producer Ricky Moore and producer/director Dustin McKim have optioned the short script,"Hitman," from Phyllis Heltay. After they searched several outlets, they found the short on InkTip. Moore stated that "Phyllis is very easy to work with and came back hitting the nail on the head for each of our suggestions towards the script in a more than timely manner, usually that same day." Cult Classic Films is comprised of Actor/Producer Ricky Moore, Director/Co-producer Dustin McKim, Camera Operator/Colorist/Editor Luis Flores and FX/Storyboard Artist Tony Moore, all based out of the Los Angeles area. This is the first short optioned by Cult Classic Films from Inktip.com. Storyboarding has begun and the short will be shot in late August. This is the second option of work placed on InkTip for Heltay whose other option was for a feature film.
Poche Pictures Hires Hughes Jun 18, 2008
Rich Poche of Poche Pictures has commissioned Daniel Hughes to write a short script currently titled, "Hell Hath No Fury." Poche Pictures produced the romantic comedy feature, "Rescuing Rufus," by Daniel Hughes, which stars Stuart Brazell (of the reality show "Dirty Dancing"), Elizabeth Di Prinzio, Gina DeVettori, Natalie Edwards, Sara Konecky, and Elizabeth Lauren Hoffman (from YouTube's popular "Blonde Star"). This is the ninth short optioned through InkTip for Hughes.
Immediate Discovery Jun 12, 2008
ThunderBall Films Options "Escape from Paradise" Jun 12, 2008
ThunderBall Films has optioned "Escape from Paradise" from InkTip writer John Harding. The published book, which Harding co-authored with his wife, May Chu, reached the Amazon.com bestseller list in the UK at number 7. The book is based on the true story of May Chu, a woman in Singapore who escaped from an arranged marriage with the help of an American expatriate. The former president of Singapore even wrote a glowing review of the book on Amazon, although the book has since been banned in that country.
Illuminary Pictures Options Another for Their Slate Jun 12, 2008
Soffer & Ford Option their Fourth from InkTip Jun 12, 2008
IAFT Hires InkTip Writer Jun 12, 2008
Illuminary Pictures Options Action/Adventure Jun 5, 2008
Instrinsic Value Films/Red Giant Media Options Feature Jun 5, 2008
Indiewood Pictures Hires InkTip Scribe Jun 5, 2008
Rob Walker & Brad Thornton Option Feature Jun 5, 2008
Beloved Pictures option "The Phoenix" by Daniel Blake Smith May 29, 2008
Illuminary Pictures option "Angel Hair" by Jack Vandagriff May 29, 2008
Hudson Agency Signs Penny Minor May 29, 2008
New Integrity Films option "Control Alt Delete" by Ruth Kulstad May 29, 2008
Roger Soffer & Christian Ford option script by Peter Farrell May 29, 2008
mFilm Finds Comedy May 22, 2008
New Integrity Options Feature May 22, 2008
TV Producer Options InkTip Writer May 15, 2008
Feature Purchased! May 15, 2008
Producer/director Stephen Manuel has purchased the feature script "Lucky Teeter" from InkTip author Jason Allen. Manuel's previous credits include the recent "Perfect Hideout" with Billy Zane, and "Fatal Rescue" with Steve Guttenberg. "Lucky Teeter" had been previously optioned to Manuel, and after that option expired, it has since been under option to a few other producers – so when it went back up on InkTip recently, Manuel swooped in and picked it right back up. Allen's entertainment attorney Elsa Ramo of The Law Offices of Elsa Ramo in Beverly Hills negotiated this latest purchase. Preproduction is already underway, and the project will be going into production within the next couple of weeks. This is not the first success through InkTip for Allen, who has had numerous option deals and writing assignments.
Forever Films Signs Writer for 25 Episodes May 15, 2008
Sal Anthony with Forever Films International hired InkTip writer David Penn to write the pilot AND the next 25 episodes of the animated television series "The Moronz." The series, a Mafioso family comedy in the vein of "South Park" or "Family Guy" meets "The Sopranos," is already on the market, and Fox International has already expressed some interest. Penn's previous options include a romantic comedy spec to Faye Schwab Productions (producer of "Demolition Man" with Sylvester Stallone) and a comedy spec to Slipknot! Productions, where Penn also works as an acquisitions executive.
Cantelon Options "Endgame" May 15, 2008
Todd Cantelon, producer with tNtFILMS, has optioned "The Endgame" from writer Paul Lewis, after browsing the listings on InkTip. Cantelon recently signed with Spy Filmz as producer's rep for "The Storm," a micro-budgeted supernatural-thriller he wrote and directed. In addition to "The Storm," tNtFILMS is currently developing four other pictures, including "The Endgame." Paul Lewis, meanwhile, is excited
May 15, 2008
Director/Producer Jack Cook of Top Realm Pictures has acquired the suspense/thriller short "Feed the Beast" from screenwriter Steve Calderwood. The two are working closely together as the project is going into immediate production. Represented by Danie Cortese Entertainment, this is Steve's sixth short sold through InkTip.
Writer Sells Sixth Short May 15, 2008
May 8, 2008
Amy Wagner and Ron Gwiazda of the New York office of Abrams Artists Agency have signed an agreement to represent wordsmith Douglas Rappaport's script "One Day the Weatherman" (based on his novel of the same name) after discovering it through InkTip. Abrams Artists Agency represents a number of studio-produced writers whose works have received wide theatrical release, including Tracy Letts, for whom they have closed a deal to adapt his Pulitzer Prize-winning play "August
May 8, 2008
After putting a call out to our writers, Scott Vandiver and Todd Brown with Alpine Pictures discovered and optioned the feature screenplay "Holiday Cheer" from InkTip scribe Serena Lowe. Vandiver, whose credits include the soon-to-be-released "Dark Honeymoon" with Daryl Hannah, Tia Carrere and Roy Scheider, is also working on the animated feature "Dorothy of Oz," a continuation of Dorothy's adventures in the land of Oz, which is being adapted from the book by Roger Baum (the great grandson of L. Frank Baum, the writer and creator of the original "Wizard of Oz"). This is Serena Lowe's first feature option.
May 8, 2008
White Knuckle Films, led by Chris Godfrey and Gary Kurtz, has optioned the screenplay "Big Blue Meanie" from InkTip writer Mark Davidson. White Knuckle found the script while browsing crime-based thrillers on the site. This is one of a number of scripts that the company has optioned through InkTip, including "Highrisers" by Donnie Dale, which has Mary Lambert ("Pet Sematary") attached to direct and Brittany Murphy set to star. White Knuckle is currently completing financing on "The Vent," a supernatural thriller to be directed by Greg Page ("The Locals"), and "Sandman," a sci-fi action piece to be helmed by Greg Dark ("See No Evil'). The company worked with Mark Davidson's representative Justin Olson at Rebel Entertainment to secure the option on "Big Blue Meanie." Incidentally, this script was only on the site for 2 or 3 days before White Knuckle discovered it!
May 8, 2008
Babu Subramaniam with Lakshmi Films, Inc. hired InkTip writer Matthew Allen to pen the feature screenplay "Itsu Mademo." Subramaniam has directed a bevy of television shows, including episodes of "Third Watch," "One Tree Hill," and "E.R.," and is now working on developing his first feature directing project with Matthew.
May 8, 2008
Henning Winkelmann with Plastic Poetry, Inc. has just signed a contract hiring Axel Melzener to complete his action/comedy screenplay, "Hasch." Winkelmann, who found Melzener by searching InkTip.com, is an established commercials director and producer of 15 years - he has worked for such well-known brands as Macy's, Cisco, Nestle and Audi. Melzener, a produced German writer and producer who's branching into English-language feature writing, has a film currently in development with another production company in Los Angeles.
May 1, 2008
Scott Vandiver with Alpine Pictures discovered and optioned the feature holiday screenplay "Visiting Katie" from InkTip scribe Joanne Records, after putting a call out to our writers. Vandiver, whose credits include the soon-to-be-released "Dark Honeymoon" with Daryl Hannah, Tia Carrere and Roy Scheider, is also working on the animated feature "Dorothy of Oz," a continuation of Dorothy's adventures in the land of Oz, which is being adapted from the book by Roger Baum (the great grandson of L. Frank Baum, the writer and creator of the original "Wizard of Oz"). This is Joanne Records's first feature option, and Joanne is repped by Barry Perelman with the Barry Perelman Agency.
May 1, 2008
Hari Mahesh with Smera Productions has optioned the feature thriller script "Somniphobia" from InkTip father/daughter writing duo Michael and Jessica Brody. Hari is currently in preproduction on "Shanti," a Holly/Bollywood co-production with David Sutcliffe ("Gilmore Girls" and "Under the Tuscan Sun") and Ayesha Takia (one of the hottest actresses on the Bollywood scene) attached to play the lead roles. Michael and Jessica Brody have had one other feature script optioned to date – an option that took place just after the strike ended, so their writing career is really on a roll!
May 1, 2008
Producer Terry Charatsis with Infinity Pictures hired InkTip wordsmith, Matthew Allen, after reading Matthew's script, "The Fifth Column," on InkTip! Terry has produced various features including, "Sally Marshall is Not an Alien," "The Life of Harry Dare" and "Struck by Lightning." Matthew's manager, Peter Meyer, has been in talks with Terry for some time and they are finally ready to start working with each other!
May 1, 2008
Greg Feldman at Etosha optioned Mark Onspaugh's script, "My Summer as a Superhero." This is the third Inktip option for Mr. Feldman, who has numerous projects in development and two in pre-production. For this most recent undertaking, Mr. Feldman says he loves the concept of the script. This will be Onspaugh's second option through InkTip.
May 1, 2008
Brandon Baker with Baker Productions and Boll AG, after posting a note on the alerts board on InkTipPro stating that he was seeking completed films for a possible distribution deal, connected with Tommy Brunswick at The Skeleton Factory and picked up three of their recent pictures
Apr 24, 2008
Appleseed Entertainment has optioned the feature script "Speaking of Dreams" from screenwriter Elizabeth Hansen after an InkTip call for scripts set in Paris. Appleseed partner Ben Moses, best known for creating and co-producing "Good Morning Vietnam" (with Robin Williams), will produce. This will be the feature directorial debut for Appleseed partner Lynne Moses who recently directed a short she co-wrote with Ben Moses, "Le Chat est Mort," featuring Elizabeth Perkins ("Big," "Weeds"). While this won't be Elizabeth's first option, she is very excited about working with Appleseed!
Apr 24, 2008
Manager Ryan Lewis with Stone Canyon Media discovered writer Glenn Rabney's script "Milwaukee Roulette" after searching on InkTip last year, and now represents him. That script, which has since been rewritten and re-titled "Milwaukee's Best," is a comedy about two brothers working for a low-level crime syndicate in Milwaukee who take on their first hit. Stone Canyon Media represents writers, directors and authors. Rabney has also recently written a spec feature, "Bars & Grill," about a celebrity chef who gets thrown in prison and starts a five-star restaurant behind bars.
Apr 24, 2008
After putting a call out to our writers in InkTip's Preferred Newsletter, John Johnson at Darkstone Entertainment hired scribe Keith Emerson to pen their latest feature project, entitled "John Johnson's GraveBit." Darkstone is already having a banner year, with their soon-to-be-released feature "John Johnson's Alucard," (written by Spenser Tomson, another writer hired through InkTip) which will be released on DVD June 3, "667 Neighbor of the Beast
Apr 24, 2008
Beloved Pictures, in association with Randy Spelling and Adam Targum, has hired scribe Daniel Blake Smith to write an as-of-yet untitled screenplay. Beloved Pictures is helmed by arts and business veteran Michael Ludlum, and fellow business partners and screenwriters Caleb W. Applegate and Jason E. Usry. Writer Smith's previous credits include "Black Indians
Apr 24, 2008
"Lost Mission," a feature military thriller written by InkTip scribe Keith Robinson and produced by Thomas Moser and Michael Wallace, which also was featured on the cover of the InkTip magazine a few months ago, hits the shelves at Hollywood Video this week!
Apr 17, 2008
Producers Richard Friedman and Richard Sindell with RSF Productions have optioned InkTip screenwriter Corey Druskin's script, "This is My Choice." Mr. Friedman has worked as a director and producer on many television and feature projects including "Baywatch Nights" (David Hasselhoff), "Lois & Clark
Apr 17, 2008
After carefully researching our database of scripts last year, Rick Friedberg optioned the quirky feature comedy script "Jesus Christ Superstore" from InkTip writers Nancy Nyman & Heather McNama. Friedberg, whose previous credits include "Spy Hard" (with Leslie Nielsen) and episodes of "The Real Housewives of Orange County," is adding this project to a three-film slate. This is the writers' first feature option. Nyman is a graduate of the Warner Bros Comedy Writers' Workshop, and McNama has worked as a script supervisor and writing instructor, but as they've both only worked in the television half-hour format, this is their first venture into feature writing.
Apr 17, 2008
BP Cooper Pictures has purchased the feature script "Too True" from scribe Peter Ivan, after finding it on InkTip. The script is a Nicholl Fellowship semi-finalist from the writer of the pilot for Bryan Brown's Australian TV series "Two Twisted," and is being developed as Bradley King's directorial debut. BP Cooper's previous credits include "Chasing 3000" with Ray Liotta, "Cosmic Radio" with Michael Madsen, and the upcoming "Ten Years Later" with Jake Hoffman.
Apr 17, 2008
Scribe Jed Rigney has signed with Abrams Artists Agency, after Amy Wagner discovered him through InkTip. He is now working with Ron Gwiazda and Amy Wagner (out of the New York office of Abrams Artists Agency), who are representing all of his screenplays. Abrams Artists Agency represents a number of studio-produced writers whose works have received wide theatrical release. Another writer they represent is Tracy Letts, for whom they have closed a deal to adapt his Pulitzer Prize-winning play "August
Apr 3, 2008
On their first visit to InkTip, Jamison and Jason Brandi with Brandi Bros. Productions discovered the perfect script for their next project - the romantic drama "Cabin 6" by InkTip wordsmith Mark E. McCann. After beating out at least two other bidders, Brandi Bros. Productions is now in the process of attaching talent and networking with co-producers to get the project greenlit. Jamison recently directed his first feature, "Johnson Family Dinner," which was picked up for DVD distribution by a division of Warner Brothers. "Cabin 6," meanwhile, is a feature-length adaptation of McCann's award-winning short film, which was recently picked up for distribution through Vision Video.
Apr 3, 2008
Producers John Aguirre and Scott Rudolph of Great American Cinema optioned the romantic comedy "Bed Bugs" from up-and-coming Canadian scribe Jennifer Westcott. Aguirre's credits include the recently completed feature "Women on Top" and the upcoming film "Frail," which is in negotiations with Aspect Film London and Global Universal out of Canada. Scott, who discovered the offbeat story through InkTip.com, says he is excited to "get the ball rolling" on casting and expects to be shooting by the end of the year. Meanwhile, this will be Jennifer's second option through InkTip!
Apr 3, 2008
David Sterling with Sterling Entertainment has finished production on the feature film "Metal Man," which he hired InkTip scribe Carlos Perez to pen. Sterling is a prolific producer with over fifty credits on his resume, including "Pirates of Ghost Island," which was distributed through Lionsgate late last year. Carlos Perez has had a bevy of recent options and hires, and has also written a number of produced stage plays.
Apr 3, 2008
United Kingdom director Ather Khalid discovered Kimberly Coleman's award-winning short script, "Mother," on Inktip in February. Production on the film, centering on the life of an Iraqi woman forced into prostitution by a co-worker, is underway. Several of Kimberly's short scripts about ordinary families in Baghdad have won awards, most notably, "Zaid's Cup" was the Short Screenplay Winner at the Omaha Film Festival. Though most of her work is set in Iraq, she also writes about Darfur. Her feature, "The Last One," is about a retired IRA bomber whose autistic daughter is kidnapped by Janjaweed militants and is a finalist in the current Charleston International Film Festival. Mr. Khalid has called Kimberly's writing, "very honest and passionate." The film of "Mother" is expected to be released within a year.
Apr 3, 2008
Helen Penjam with Penjam Productions has signed a contract with Linda Andersson for Andersson's short "Out of Sequins." The project has already been translated to Finnish and is in pre-production. It will also be subtitled in English and Estonian for festival submissions outside of Finland!
Mar 27, 2008
The TCS Productions options 'Milo' from InkTip scribe Jan Wilson. This week producers Tobe Sexton and Kelly Farrell happily welcomed Jan Wilson into The Technological City State family (The TCS). Sexton's 10 year old company is coming off of the international success of their award winning comedy feature 'The Metrosexual'. Recently, the aggressive company completed production on the MMA Action-Drama 'The Red Canvas' starring Ernie Reyes Jr., John Savage, Maria Conchita Alonzo, George Takei, Sara Downing, Frank Shamrock and Fernanda Romero. Award winner Farrell is set to direct Wilson's London themed Dark Romance about a Psychotic Mailman and his love of a local shop girl. "Milo is a terrific addition to our upcoming slate which is another high quality project found through InkTip. "This is a very exciting time," continued Sexton. This is the fifth script The TCS has acquired through InkTip and the first for Wilson.
Mar 27, 2008
John Murlowski with Maple Island Films recently hired InkTip veteran writer Kraig Wenman to pen an as-of-yet untitled feature thriller, which will be distributed through MarVista Entertainment. Maple Island, a one-stop shopping company that develops, shoots, posts, and delivers family films and thrillers, is planning 4-5 films a year to be distributed by MarVista. Murlowski recently completed production on the feature film "Marlowe," which was written by another InkTip scribe and is wrapping up post production now. Wenman, meanwhile, has had more options, hires, and produced features through InkTip than we can easily keep track of!
Mar 27, 2008
After discovering Robert Adamo on InkTip and hiring him to pen the feature screenplay "The Deal Maker," Tony Conforti has now also picked up two more of Robert's scripts
Mar 27, 2008
Producer Tim Scott with Aurora Productions Inc. has optioned InkTip scribe Linda Shayne's feature screenplay entitled "Fallen Angel." Currently Mr. Scott has a project entitled "The Hunchback" in pre-production with a cast including the likes of Monica Cruz, John Rhys Davis, Christopher Lee, Danny Trejo and Stephen Berkoff. Linda Shayne is a produced writer and has written for Showtime, Disney, Quincy Jones' company QDE and the Kids Warner Brothers Network.
Mar 27, 2008
Mar 27, 2008
Mar 27, 2008
Joey Nasser of Nasser Group North has discovered InkTip scribe Jeanne Mckinney after reading Jeanne's script on InkTip, and has hired Jeanne to pen a feature. Some of Mr. Nasser's credits include "The Last Brickmaker in America" (starring Sidney Poitier), "A Father's Choice" (starring Peter Strauss and Michelle Trachtenberg), and they are currently in post-production on "Impulse" (starring Angus Macfadyen)! This writing assignment will be a first time job for Jeanne!
Mar 20, 2008
The TCS Productions options "The House That Evil Built" from InkTip scribe Michael Coady. This week, producers Tobe Sexton and Kelly Farrell happily welcomed Micheal Cody into The Technological City State (The TCS) family. Sexton's 10 year-old company is coming off of the success of their comedy feature, "The Metrosexual" starring Colm Meany, Mya, Bruce Weitz, Shaun Benson, and Nick Paonessa; an official selection of 24 festivals world wide, and winner of 16 awards including two Accolade Awards. "Coady's feature Horror/Ghost story about a young woman who battles the angry spirit of a demonic witch to save her family is a fantastic addition to our current slate of films," says Sexton. "Through InkTip we have acquired projects that have high artistic merit as well as exceedingly strong commercial and franchise potential, which sales agents and distributors are demanding," continued Sexton. This is the 5th script The TCS has acquired through InkTip and the 6th for Coady.
Mar 20, 2008
Alexia Melocchi with Little Studio Films discovered writer Douglas Rappaport, after putting a call out to our writers. Melocchi's objective was to find scribes with feature writing samples about classical music composers, and Rappaport submitted his script about Paganini in response. And fortunately for him, Melocchi was specifically looking for material about that same composer, so after reviewing two of his other scripts and his published novel, she's now signed on as his manager. Melocchi not only produces, but also reps writers, directors and other producers. This is Rappaport's (second) deal through InkTip; his last one was the hire that actually resulted in the development of the script which Alexia discovered.
Mar 20, 2008
Caleb Applegate with Beloved Management picked up InkTip writer Daniel Smith, after reading an announcement about one of his recent options in the InkTip newsletter. Beloved Management has dedicated itself to finding and developing new talent in the areas of film and production. Daniel Smith, meanwhile, has had a bevy of recent options and produced films, including his most recent option to Porchlight Entertainment, the announcement of which landed him his current representation.
Mar 20, 2008
PHD Productions (Andrew Bronstein / Producer, Bob Hume / Head of Development) has finished principal photography on the horror feature "Sewn," written by Mark Garbett and David Lloyd. "Sewn" came to PHD's attention after putting a call out to our writers last year. Lance Henriksen plays the key lead role of Sheriff Virgil Logan. This supernatural thriller also stars Kailin See, David W. Kopp, James Kirk, Lara Gilchrist, Richard Stroh, and Guess model Sarah Mutch in her first lead role in a feature. Jesse James Miller directed. "Sewn" is now in post production, aiming for an early June completion date.
Mar 20, 2008
Brian Lively of Peerless Productions has optioned Tony Jerris' short script "1-800-DO-I-CARE?" which he found on InkTip and is based on Tony's award winning one-act play of the same name. Production will begin the end of March. Tony has listed several feature films on InkTip over the last few years, and has recently been hired to pen "The Tammy Faye Messner" bio-pic.
Mar 13, 2008
Roger Soffer with mFilm recently optioned the feature stoner comedy screenplay, "Frankenstoner," from InkTip scribe Chris Pearson. Soffer's credits include "Final Days of Planet Earth" (with Darryl Hannah and Gil Bellows) and "Merlin's Apprentice" (with Sam Neill and Miranda Richardson), and he recently developed an online producer's training program for the Independent Film Channel (IFCU) as well. Pearson, meanwhile, optioned an animated series to a production company last year, and has been hired to pen a feature animation script.
Mar 13, 2008
Daniel Alegi with Cinemahead recently optioned Experiment in Love from InkTip scribes John Bernstein and Tasha Huo. Cinemahead is a niche European production company, based in Scandinavia, with a number of award-winning short films in their catalog, including "Czar of Make Believe," "My Favorite Flower," and "This is Molkom." Bernstein, meanwhile, has had a number of feature options, this being his second one through InkTip. His last InkTip option, "Adele," is in preproduction with Bruce Caines and Wacky Dog Imageworks, and already has some impressive name talent attached (including Giancarlo Esposito, of "Malcolm X" and "The Usual Suspects" notoriety) and a distribution deal secured.
Mar 13, 2008
Sheldon Brigman with Spy Filmz has just found and optioned Quinn Saunder's script, entitled Stripper. Sheldon was contacted by Quinn's manager, Jeff Belkin with Foremost Films, after Sheldon put a call out to our writers. Belkin, a long time InkTip member, also produces films and is on board as a co-producer on this feature. Quinn has some diverse experience in this industry including directing credits on episodes of CBS'S "Big Brother."
Mar 13, 2008
Producer Robert Child with Rob Child & Associates has just hired InkTip scribe James Hughes to write an action themed bio-pic. Rob saw James's screenplay, "The Revolutionary," while browsing through InkTip and contacted James soon after. Rob Child deals mainly in documentaries, his most recent being "Silent Wings
Mar 6, 2008
After hiring InkTip scribe Sheri Tor to pen a short script for newcomer Morgan Kirner, Tony Picciotti with Any 5 Films and Jenny Lynn Productions has hired Tor to write a feature script for the actress entitled "Magic." This latest project will shoot this summer, and will star Ray Franza (from "Analyze That" and "The Sopranos") as the male lead. This is Tor's umpteenth option through InkTip in recent months; recently she was hired through InkTip to write an MOW for JPA Productions, and she also has two pilots underway.
Mar 6, 2008
Producer Anne Renton optioned "The Perfect Family" from InkTip writer Claire V. Riley, after putting a call out to our writers. The script, which has taken third place in the Red Inkworks Screenwriting Competition and placed in the top ten in another, is Riley's first option. Riley has another script listed on InkTip which is also a contest winner – it took the "Best Female Character Not Used as a Murder Prop or Decoration on the Leading Man's Arm" award from A Feeding Frenzy. "The Perfect Family" is in pre-production now, and will possibly be shot in Renton's native Australia.
Mar 6, 2008
Richard Clark Jr. with New Daydream Films has just discovered Michael Wesley's screenplay "Accidentally Yours" on InkTip and entered into an option agreement with the writer! New Daydream Films is a production company based out of North Carolina whose credits include "Serial" and "Heredity" and they are currently in pre-production on a feature entitled "Grinder." Michael meanwhile is in the process of getting two more of his scripts on InkTip. This will be his first option.
Mar 6, 2008
Amanda Harvey at Generation Films has picked up Brian D. Young's short script "FADE OUT" after finding it on InkTip. Doug Busby is attached to direct. This is the 6th short of Brian's that has been picked up - and 5 of those have already been produced! He's also had 12 features optioned, sold, or hired-to-write, and 3 films made.
Feb 28, 2008
Harvey Kahn with Front Street Pictures recently optioned "Buried Lies" from writer Barbara Kelly, after one of his colleagues found it on InkTip. Front Street is a Canadian production company, which has added 24 television/MOW credits to their catalogue in just the last 4 years alone. Mr. Kahn produced the critically acclaimed feature "We Don't Live Here Anymore," which starred Naomi Watts, Mark Ruffalo, Laura Dern, and Peter Krause, and which was acquired at Sundance by Warner Independent Pictures. Front Street has a bevy of other recent credits with name talent, which can be found on IMDB.com. Writer Barbara Kelly, meanwhile, has a multitude of other scripts available on InkTip. This is her fourth option (her third through InkTip!).
Feb 28, 2008
Joey Nasser of Nasser Group North has discovered InkTip scribe Madison Crouch after reading Madison's script, "Plum & Burdette" on InkTip, and has hired the writer to pen a feature. Some of Mr. Nasser's credits include "The Last Brickmaker in America" (starring Sidney Poitier), "A Father's Choice" (starring Peter Strauss and Michelle Trachtenberg), and they are currently in post-production on "Impulse" (starring Angus Macfadyen)! This will be Madison Crouch's first writing assignment ever!
Feb 28, 2008
Richard Clark Jr. with New Daydream Films recently found Mark Davidson's screenplay "Pinky Promise" on InkTip and has just entered into an option agreement with the writer! New Daydream Films is a production company based out of North Carolina whose credits include "Serial," "Heredity," and they are currently in pre-production on a feature entitled "Grinder." Mark Davidson has had recent success being hired to write the feature, "The Lost Tribe," which is scheduled to be released theatrically near the end of 2008!
Feb 28, 2008
Ben Pitts has just optioned InkTip scribe Tim OBrien's teleplay titled "Off Madison." The teleplay is set to be released as a series of webisodes and casting is already underway. This will be Tim OBrien's second deal through InkTip, his first resulting in a produced feature called "Fall Into Me," which has been internationally released and was featured on the cover of InkTip Magazine!
Feb 28, 2008
Barry Perelman with the Barry Perelman Agency discovered writer Craig Peters after reading his script "The 49th Day" on InkTip and is now representing him. Peters is a nationally produced playwright who's making headway in his screenwriting career; "The 49th Day" has been a finalist in a number of contests, and is available to download and read on InkTip.
Feb 28, 2008
Duke Fire with the Cape Fear Community College has hired writer Patrick Bates to write the pilot for a series of webisodes, entitled "Zeke's Bar," to be produced and directed as student projects. "I couldn't be happier with the quality of writing and the amazing response we have received for this project, and having Patrick on board has been monumental in the past two weeks of preparing for the webcast," Duke reports. "Zeke's Bar" will be produced and directed entirely by student filmmakers.
Feb 21, 2008
Jay So with Genesis Filmworks International has optioned "Flicker" by Keith Robinson. Robinson has one produced feature credit to his resume, Lost Mission, which was featured on the cover of the InkTip magazine last month.
Feb 21, 2008
Ira Posnansky of Eclectic Filmworks has hired InkTip scribe Daniel Smith to pen an as-of-yet untitled feature thriller. Ira is currently in preproduction on "All of Me," with Queen Latifah attached to star and Adam Shankman (whose credits include "Hairspray" with John Travolta, "The Pacifier" with Vin Diesel, and "Premonition" with Sandra Bullock) attached to direct, and which New Line will distribute. Daniel Smith's produced credits include "Black Indians
Feb 14, 2008
Dallas Henry with Wheatfield Productions, in cooperation with Outpost Pictures, has found and optioned the feature script, "Sweetest Chances" from writer Lanny Grant, after finding Lanny's screenplay through InkTip. Outpost Pictures just recently completed their feature "Rigged" and is in post on another feature entitled "Bonnie & Clyde vs. Dracula!" Lanny Grant meanwhile has one other feature under option and two features ready to go.
Feb 14, 2008
Jill Maxcy and Tim Swain with Jmaxproductions have optioned "Stealing Jesus" from scribe Phyllis Heltay, after finding the script on InkTip. Tim Swain has produced 11 pictures, including the documentary "Class C" with Phil Jackson (the Lakers coach), and his recent film "Outrighteous," which Jill Maxcy directed. Maxcy has written and directed three features, including her recent "Nora's Hair Salon 2," which starred Tatiana Ali, Stacey Dash and Mekhi Phifer. Jill and Tim expect to produce three more features together in 2008. Phyllis Heltay, meanwhile, has another feature in development with Michael Rymer, of "Battlestar Galactica" fame.
Feb 14, 2008
James Axiotis of JPA Productions has hired InkTip writer Angela Vehorn to pen the MOW/pilot script "Thy Will be Done." Vehorn, who was hired through InkTip's Preferred Newsletter, is a published novelist with a screenplay adaptation of her most recent book listed on InkTip. James Axiotis specializes in TV MOWs, although he's worked in just about every conceivable aspect of production, and most recently has worked in raising financing for non-profit media. This is the second InkTip writer James has hired in the last month or so, as he continues to build a slate of projects.
Feb 7, 2008
Mario Domina and his ThunderBall Films, LLC, have optioned Murex from InkTip scribe Giacomo Arrigoni. Arrigoni, an Italian native and resident of Milan, has written and directed two short films, which ThunderBall Films is also looking to expand into features as part of the deal. Domina, meanwhile, is currently in postproduction on a trailer about the late 60s and 70s Zodiac Killer, to be produced as a documentary feature.
Feb 7, 2008
Dallas Henry with Wheatfield Productions, in cooperation with Outpost Pictures, has found and optioned the feature script Poodle Call from scribe Mark Saunders, after seeing Mark's screenplay on InkTip. Outpost Pictures has recently completed a feature called Rigged and is in post on another feature entitled Bonnie & Clyde vs. Dracula! Saunders is a former professional cartoonist who has had numerous stageplays produced in regional theatres across the country, including NYC.
Feb 7, 2008
Anthony Rice with iLine Entertainment has optioned Kenneth Shelden's feature script The Playwright after finding it on InkTip. This is Shelden's first feature option, although he also has another short film currently in the works.
Feb 7, 2008
Mark Daniel's short script Super Hero recently completed production in Los Angeles. The script was found on InkTip by Linda Andersson of Showbiz Shorts. Andersson stated, "It's a pleasure working with Mark. He has a lot of great ideas and I hope to acquire more shorts from him in the very near future."
Jan 31, 2008
Vicki Letizia with Porchlight Entertainment has optioned the feature script 'True Confession' from InkTip writer Daniel Smith, after discovering his script on InkTip. Ironically, although their paths have never crossed before, Smith sold another script to Showtime a few years ago while Vicki was working there! PorchLight Entertainment, a multi-faceted production and distribution company, has produced more than 40 live-action and animated movies, including the recent Christmas film 'The Family Holiday,' which starred Dave Coulier, and 'Secrets of Maple Cove,' starring Melissa Joan Hart. Daniel Smith's produced credits include 'Black Indians
Jan 31, 2008
Rich Helms of That's Rich Productions has purchased the short horror/comedy script 'The Usual Sacrifice' from InkTip scribe Philip Greenstreet. Greenstreet, a winner of an Academy Technical Achievement Award for his work in developing a backdrop filming system, has had one previous feature option and another hire to write a feature screenplay. Helms has worked in image technology since the mid-1980s, and his production company is the culmination of a lifelong dream. 'The Usual Sacrifice' joins another short film project in Helms' portfolio, which continues to grow.
Jan 31, 2008
Mike Garcia with Gingerbread Productions has optioned Kenneth Shelden's short script, 'Living with Ned - The Mad Scientist' after finding it on InkTip. This is Shelden's first short option through InkTip, although he also has a feature script currently under option. 'Living with Ned' is being developed as a pilot for a series of short films/webisodes. Shooting is scheduled for April 2008.
Jan 24, 2008
David Sterling with Sterling Entertainment hired Carlos Perez to pen the feature script 'Metal Man,' and with the script and preproduction finished, the feature is scheduled to shoot in February! Sterling is a prolific producer with over fifty credits on his resume, including 'Pirates of Ghost Island,' which was distributed through Lionsgate just a few months ago. He's also an experienced service producer who is available for consultation or hire (look him up online, or email us at InkTip for his contact info!). Carlos Perez has had another recent option (stay tuned to next week's newsletter for that announcement), and has also written a number of produced stage plays.
Jan 17, 2008
InkTip scribe Carmine Caracciola has recently been hired by Mark Riccardi, Ben Fiore, and Tom Bragg of TakeTwoEntertainment to pen an episode of their TV series 'The Mamalukes,' a sitcom about an Italian-American family from Brooklyn whose father purports to being a mafioso. Riccardi has worked as a stunt coordinator and stunt double for people such as John Travolta and Jonathan Frakes. Recently he produced and directed a short called 'Livewire' and will soon be shooting 'Shabbos Night Fever.' Fiore, meanwhile, is a retired NYPD officer who's acted in a flurry of pictures and produced a slew of short films. And Caracciola is in preproduction on another script, Elementary Pimp, to which he's secured the attachment of Eddie Griffin.
Jan 17, 2008
Writing duo David Tish and Vaughan Risher have recently picked up representation from Jeff Belkin of Foremost Films after Jeff read their screenplay 'Plain Jane' in response to a lead that he sent out to InkTip's writers in the newsletter. Mr. Belkin worked as a literary manager with Mad Hatter Films and then later on as a producer at a top production company (who held a deal with Warner) before striking out on his own. Jeff searches InkTip regularly, putting himself in an excellent position to find the best up-and-coming writers. Tish and Risher are definitely promising talents!
Jan 10, 2008
James Axiotis of James Axiotis Productions has hired InkTip scribe Sheri Tor to pen the feature script 'Free At Last.' Tor has had a short produced recently, which led to her being hired to write two other features, one with Manmade Entertainment, and another with Edge of LA Productions. She also has two pilots underway, which she was hired to write, and meanwhile, another of her short scripts is being developed into a feature (also on hire) – so if you've emailed her recently and haven't heard back, please be patient - Sheri is one of InkTip's busiest writers this season! James Axiotis, meanwhile, really specializes in TV MOWs, although he's worked in just about every conceivable aspect of production, and most recently has worked in raising money for non-profit media.
Jan 10, 2008
Dave Stone and Johnny Meier with Intrigue Films have optioned 'The Fourth Quarter' from InkTip writer Larry Surowiecki. Stone and Meier run a newly redesigned operation with a mandate of producing family-friendly films out of Arizona, while Surowiecki is busy writing and working in the film industry in Florida – proving yet again that InkTip helps get the right script into the right hands regardless of the distance between the two parties. Congratulations!
Jan 4, 2008
Jina Panebianco with WhiteBread Productions has optioned the feature thriller script Floored from InkTip scribes Kevin Haskin and Jason Bortz. Panebianco's recent credits include Parmisiano and 9 Lives of Mara. Haskin's recent credits include a series of short films (which he wrote, directed and produced), as well as three other feature screenplays currently under option.
Jan 4, 2008
After hiring InkTip Scribe Roberto Montesinos to pen a short, Marc Saltarelli of Line 9 Productions has now assigned Roberto the task of adapting that short into a feature! The short has become a finalist in the Latino Screenplay Competition and will now start its journey into becoming a feature. Saltarelli's credits include the short Wingtips and the feature film Dead Boyz Don't Scream.
Jan 4, 2008
Rotimi Rainwater with Village Entertainment Inc. has optioned the feature coming-of-age screenplay Truck Stop from InkTip scribe Tony Aloupis. Rainwater's other projects include Four to the Floor, which is already funded, and to which he already has Cylk Cozart attached, as well as the recently completed Spit, which was a Center Piece Featured Film at the Starz/Encore Film Festival. This is Aloupis's second option, and his first through InkTip.