Weekly Successes

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Starr Andreeff Discovers “Hunt Klub” Mar 22, 2023
Starr Andreeff, President of MJMG, found the script “Hunt Klub” on InkTip and facilitated an option deal with InkTip writer Neal Schneider. Starr is a manager and producer based in Los Angeles who develops film, TV and docuseries projects. Neal’s credits include “The Statement,” starring Zachary Levi (“Shazam!”), and “Chasing Valentine,” among others. This is Neal’s first success through InkTip!
“Purgatory Station” Has Entered Post-Production! Mar 22, 2023
Angus Benfield with Bridge and Acorn Entertainment found the script “Purgatory Station” on InkTip and optioned it from InkTip writer Phillip E. Hardy, and we are happy to announce that the project has been filmed and is now in post-production! Angus’s credits include “Heaven” and the InkTip-facilitated film “Yellow Bird,” among others. Phillip is a long-time InkTip member and multi-award-winning writer. Congrats to everyone involved!
Julian Iliev Options “Refuge” Mar 15, 2023
Julian Iliev with ilianFilm found the script “Refuge” on InkTip and optioned it from InkTip writer Michael Fine. Julian's credits include “2 Yahoos and a Bottle of Rum,” “The Here Between,” and “Banality of Evil,” among others. Michael has previously had a project optioned, was hired to pen a thriller feature, and has signed on to write a children’s book series. This is Michael’s first success through InkTip!
Joseph Muhammad Options “Hollow House” Mar 8, 2023
Joseph Muhammad with Gold Mind Films found the script “Hollow House” on InkTip and optioned it from InkTip writer Blyth Kemp. Joseph’s credits include “Zell” and the upcoming “Meathook,” among others. Blyth’s credits include “Psyched” and “Alter,” among others. This is Blyth’s second success through InkTip!
“The Ritual Killer” Is Being Released! Mar 8, 2023
Joe Lemmon with Black Diamond Films found the script “Muti” on InkTip and optioned it from InkTip writer Bob Bowersox, and we are happy to announce that the film, now titled “The Ritual Killer,” is being released in theaters and on-demand March 10! The film is directed by George Gallo (“Bad Boys”) and stars Morgan Freeman (“Million Dollar Baby”) and Cole Hauser (“Yellowstone”). Joe’s previous credits include “Vanquish” and “Speed Kills,” among others. Bob is an award-winning writer and accomplished actor, having appeared in the Coen Brother’s “Burn After Reading”. The trailer for “The Ritual Killer” can be seen here. Congrats to everyone involved in the film!
Rebecca-Clare Evans and Natalie Kennedy Option "A Bookish Little Christmas" Feb 22, 2023
Rebecca-Clare Evans and Natalie Kennedy with Caged Film, KenMor Films and Templeheart Films found the script "A Bookish Little Christmas" through InkTip’s Screenwriting Contest and optioned it from InkTip writer Rebecca Leigh. Rebecca-Clare and Natalie's credits include the recently released InkTip-facilitated film “Blank” and “In Another Life,” among others. Along with placing as a semifinalist in the InkTip Screenwriting Contest, Rebecca’s credits include the award-winning short film “The Death of Kafka,” among others. This is Rebecca's first success through InkTip!
Jeremy Major and Ian P. Causer to Co-Produce “Adiona” Feb 14, 2023
Director Jeremy Major with The Shooting Eye Corporation found the script “Adiona” on InkTip and has entered into a co-production agreement with InkTip writer Ian P. Causer. Both Jeremy and Ian will produce the film, with Jeremy set to direct. Jeremy’s credits include “Artless” and “Wild Child,” among others. Ian is a multi-award-winning screenwriter and novelist, and this is his third success through InkTip!
Nick Loren Options “The Wrong House” Feb 7, 2023
Nick Loren with CF/40 Entertainment found the script “The Wrong House” on InkTip and optioned it from InkTip writer Travis Seppala, and the film is set to go into production in March with Mekhi Phifer (“8 Mile,” “This Christmas”) producing and Jay Russel (“My Dog Skip,” “Tuck Everlasting”) set to direct and produce. Nick’s credits include “Animal Crackers” and the upcoming “Ship of Dreams,” among others. Travis’s credits include the upcoming InkTip-facilitated features “Captive” and “Elevator Game,” among others. This is Travis’s thirteenth success through InkTip!
Brian Glassford Discovers “The Will and the Testament” Jan 31, 2023
Award-winning director/producer Brian Glassford with Nu Territory found the script “The Will and the Testament” on InkTip and has entered into a shopping agreement with InkTip writer Dominic Jenkinson. Brian’s credits include “Uncommon Negotiator” and “Getting Grace,” among others. Dominic is an award-winning screenwriter who has worked in the travel industry for many years, and this is his first success through InkTip!
"House in Time" Is Being Released in Theaters! Jan 18, 2023
Jeremy Settles with Got Films connected with writer Dale Neven through InkTip, and we are excited to announce that their most recent film collaboration “House in Time” has been produced and has a limited theatrical release on January 20, 21, and 22 at the Galaxy Theaters in Las Vegas! Dale wrote and directed and Jeremy produced the film for the Lucky 7 Film Challenge, and all ticket proceeds will go to the non-profit Friends of Parkinson’s. Jeremy’s credits include other InkTip-facilitated projects “Unwritten” (also written by Dale Neven) and “Space Captain and Callista,” among many others. Dale’s credits include “Unwritten” and “Guard Dog,” among others. Congrats to everyone involved in the film!
Sharon Nixon Kelly Options “Red Phoenix 88 Buffet” Jan 3, 2023
Sharon Nixon Kelly with American Artists found the script “Red Phoenix 88 Buffet” on InkTip and optioned it from InkTip writer Candie Lemaire. Sharon is a producer and talent agent whose credits include “Circle,” among others. Along with screenwriting, Candie is an accomplished songwriter signed to SRI records as well as a children’s book novelist. This is Candie’s first success through InkTip!