Weekly Successes

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Citizen Dame Productions Options "My Grumpy Valentine" Feb 13, 2024
Nikki Dionne with Citizen Dame Productions, the female-centric division of Citizen Skull, found the script “My Grumpy Valentine” through InkTip and optioned it from InkTip writers and sisters Maria & Elise D'Haene. Citizen Skull’s credits include “12 Feet Deep” and “Vicious Fun,” among others. Maria is a published children’s author whose credits include the book “Who is Making a Mess?” and Elise is a WGA writer whose credits include “The Little Mermaid II,” among others. This is Maria’s third and Elise’s second success through InkTip!
Indi Flicks Options "Things We Did After School" Feb 6, 2024
Ashley Yeung with Indi Flicks found the script “Things We Did After School” on InkTip and optioned it from InkTip writer Sam Buttari. Ashley’s credits include “January Fires,” among others. Sam’s credits include “Elevator Weekend,” among others. This is Sam’s second success through InkTip!
Joshua Finn Options "Ghost Run" Jan 23, 2024
Producer Joshua Finn with First Dibs Entertainment found the script “Ghost Run” on InkTip and optioned it from InkTip writers Robert Cosci and Aaron Antaloczy. Joshua’s credits include “Flipping Showdown” and “Roll with Me,” among others. Robert is a licensed pilot and two-time Nicholl semifinalist whose script “Recovery” won the Best Screenplay Award at the LA Screamfest Horror Film Festival. Aaron is an award-winning trailer writer/producer/editor who has worked with companies such as Warner Bros., NBC, and The CW. This is Robert and Aaron’s first success through InkTip!
Frank Caruso Options "The Snow Rabbit" Jan 16, 2024
Frank Caruso with Caruso Films found the script “The Snow Rabbit” on InkTip and optioned it from InkTip writer Todd Wise. Frank’s credits include “Red Pine City,” “Risk Factor,” and “Final Dance,” among others. Todd has extensive experience in international television, and his credits include the upcoming feature “Ghost Patriot,” among others. This is Todd’s first success through InkTip!
Ehrich Van Lowe Options "Don't Look in the Vents" Jan 9, 2024
Ehrich Van Lowe with Resurrection Media found the script “Don't Look in the Vents” on InkTip and optioned it from InkTip writer Vicky L. Neal. Resurrection Media is a new horror media company whose first True Crime meets True Horror podcast, “Resurrection Media’s Possession,” is among the top 25% of all podcasts streaming. Some of Ehrich’s other credits include “The Cosby Show” and “Even Stevens,” among others. Vicky’s credits include the “Surrogate Scandal” and “Deranged Granny,” among others. This is Vicky’s third success through InkTip!
Joel Reisig Purchased "Something Old, Something New" Jan 3, 2024
Joel Reisig with JPR Studios found the script “Something Old, Something New” on InkTip and purchased it from InkTip co-writers and brothers Steve and Michael Brody. It was re-written with the new title, “A Timeless Romance” and is scheduled to shoot in the summer of 2024. Joel’s credits include “Christmas at the Holly Hotel” and “Faith Under Fire,” among others. Steve’s credits include the upcoming film “Hidden Creek,” and Michael’s credits include “Table 47,” among others. This is Steve’s first and Michael’s eleventh success through InkTip!