Weekly Successes

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Nancy Criss Options "Crimson Creek" Dec 30, 2009
Joseph Nasser Hires Lyse Beck Dec 30, 2009
Silver Bitela Agency Signs InkTip Scribe Dec 30, 2009
John Porter Sells Short Dec 30, 2009
Frederico Lapenda Hires InkTip Scribe Dec 23, 2009
Larry Levinson Productions Options "Cashmas" Dec 23, 2009
Kyle Portbury Options "Pot Scrubbers" Dec 23, 2009
Agathe David-Weill Options Longo Script Dec 23, 2009
Joseph Nasser Wraps "Courage" Dec 17, 2009
Michael D. Jones Options "Rotavele" Dec 17, 2009
Matthew Cervi Options Paskiewicz Script Dec 17, 2009
Mocanu Attila Shoots InkTip Short Dec 17, 2009
Gary Lamoin Options "Fidelity's Adversary" Dec 17, 2009
Kathy Muraviov Discovers Dan Fabrizio Dec 10, 2009
London-based InkTip Scribe Keith R. Robinson Makes His Directorial Debut Dec 10, 2009
David Sterling Hires Carlos Perez Dec 10, 2009
Ace LA Connects with InkTip Scribe Dec 10, 2009
Gene Kraft Options Vecchio Script Dec 3, 2009
Jonty Reason Producing Michael Coady Feature Dec 3, 2009
Brandt Kubo Options "Flushed" Dec 3, 2009
Tommy Oliver Options Linda Oatman High's Script Dec 3, 2009
Softcelluoid Films Discovers "Bits and Pieces" Dec 1, 2009
Allen Martinez with Softcelluoid Films discovered "Bits and Pieces" by Larry Sulkis on InkTip. Allen, a long-time DGA member who is repped as a director by Zero Gravity Management, directed the muliti-award-winning short film "Intelligence" starring Milo Ventimiglia (of NBC's "Heroes"), from a script discovered on InkTip. WGA member and InkTip writer Larry Sulkis, whose credits include John Carpenter's "Ghosts of Mars" (with Natasha Henstridge, Ice Cube, Jason Statham, and Pam Grier), has a long history of writing and producing at a studio level and a keen eye for directorial talent. So when Allen Martinez contacted him about his "Bits and Pieces" (a darkly humorous sci-fi piece dealing with health care in the near future), they formed a partnership, shot a short film to promote the project, and are now actively working on packaging the script.
InkTip-facilitated Short "Bar Flies" Rips Through Festivals Dec 1, 2009
"Bar Flies" was listed on InkTip by writer Alan Barkley and acquired in September 2008 by David Broyles of Hazard Pay Productions of NYC. It was produced in Spring 2009 and has been accepted this year for screening at Breckenridge FF - CO, Woods Hole FF - MA, DC Shorts - Washington DC, Seattle International FF - WA, Santa Fe FF - NM, Austin FF - TX, Big Apple FF - NY. A reviewer at the Austin Film Festival posted this about "Bar Flies" following the screening of all the narrative shorts
InkTip Pairs Seasoned Writer with Debuting Director Dec 1, 2009
The script "Consequences" written by Dawn Chapman was optioned through InkTip by John C. Arnold at Park Bench Pictures, LLC. Dawn is a working writer who works with several directors. "Consequences" is the perfect project for John's directorial debut; a short with a compelling message. John has been in Hollywood for 8 months as a student at The American Musical and Dramatic Academy. During his studies, he decided to give directing a try and applied to transfer to The Savannah College of Art and Design to learn the ropes of a camera and directing. He is very excited to film this project.
Hudson Agency Signs InkTip Scribe Garner Haines Dec 1, 2009
Sue Giordano with the Hudson Agency discovered scribe Garner Haines through InkTip and has entered into an agreement to represent him. Sue was specifically looking for a Canadian television animation writer whom she could pitch to work on network series, and his "Robot Chicken" spec had the comedy chops she was looking for. So she asked if he could turn out a couple new specs on short notice to demonstrate he could write for different audiences, and when he managed to do so, she signed him. Sue Giordano is a WGA signatory agent listed in the directories who has signed other writers discovered through InkTip, and who has succeeded in landing these writers options and work, so we're always excited when we get to mention her latest find. Garner Haines has been writing for several years and has won screenwriting contests, though this is his first option.
"Long Shadow Woman" Picked Up by Susan Johnston Dec 1, 2009
Susan Johnston, President of Select Services Films discovered InkTip writer Craig Clyde's script "Long Shadow Woman" on the site. Susan, Maverick Filmmaker honor recipient - Cinequest 2006, is currently the VP of Production at Big Vision Studios and director of the New Media Film Festival. Craig Clyde already has 18 writing credits to his resume, as well as a bevy of directing and acting credits, but this is his first InkTip success. Keep your eyes on this newsletter, because we'll probably be announcing his second InkTip success very soon.
Nasser Hires TV Scribe Nov 19, 2009
Michael Egan Options Adam Balsam Script Nov 19, 2009
ThunderBall Options InkTip Script Nov 19, 2009
Eric Williams Signs Craig Phillips Nov 12, 2009
Arnold Leibovit Options "I Want My Baby Back" Nov 12, 2009
Susan Johnston Options "SNAP!" Nov 12, 2009
Babz Bitela Reps InkTip Scribes Nov 12, 2009
Peter Fonda Partners with Joe Eckardt to Produce InkTip Film Nov 5, 2009
Andrew Bellware Hires Bruce Frigeri Nov 5, 2009
Nasser Entertainment Group Hires Glen Gregory Doyle Nov 5, 2009
Robert Fox Options "Bad Blood" Nov 5, 2009
InkTip Short "Suffer the Child" Completes Production Nov 5, 2009
N.J. Reese Sells Short Script "The Signal" Nov 5, 2009
Reel World Management Discovers Luis Cruz Oct 29, 2009
InkTip Scribe Alessio Della Valle Gains Representation Oct 29, 2009
Nancy Criss Options "Until Death" Oct 29, 2009
Select Service Films Options "Jungle to Jungle" Oct 29, 2009
386 Films Options "Hair of the Dog" Oct 29, 2009
"Kill Katie Malone" In Production Oct 22, 2009
Los Angeles, CA., October 22, 2009.
Oct 22, 2009
derBall Films Options "Me and a Gun"
Joseph Nasser Hires Glenn Lindsey Oct 22, 2009
Erika Furuzono Options "Path of the Dragon" Oct 22, 2009
"The Wedding Video" Gets Limited Home Video Release Oct 22, 2009
New Symphony Pictures Options "The Angel Tree" Oct 15, 2009
Lucky Day Studios Options "Morpheus" Oct 15, 2009
Chane Singletary Hires Keisha Orphey Oct 15, 2009
"Roadkill Romance" Prompts Working Relationship Oct 15, 2009
"Beautifully Cruel" Premieres at the Downbeach Film Festival in Atlantic City Oct 8, 2009
Etch Media Options "The Eleven" Oct 8, 2009
Joseph Nasser Hires Toby Osborne Oct 8, 2009
InkTip Scribe Tony Aloupis Establishes Ongoing Relationship with Village Entertainment Oct 8, 2009
New Symphony Pictures Options "If I Were You" Oct 1, 2009
Joseph Nasser Hires Mischa Ayoub Oct 1, 2009
MDR Entertainment Hires M.C. Cain Oct 1, 2009
Sweet Edge Films Options "Poker Night" Oct 1, 2009
"My Run" Premieres at the Austin Film Festival Oct 1, 2009
iMark Films Publicly Screens InkTip Short "Masculinity" Oct 1, 2009
Black Squirrel Films Options "A Time To Cry" Sep 24, 2009
Walla Films Hires Lloyd Wagner Sep 24, 2009
Alexia Melocchi Reps InkTip Screenwriter Michael Eging Sep 24, 2009
Brian Averill Discovers InkTip Scribe Patrick Hegarty Sep 17, 2009
Face2Face Productions Options "Paranormal" Sep 17, 2009
Robert Fox Options Eric Weinstock's "Extreme Malice" Sep 17, 2009
Abrams Artists Reps David Lopresti Sep 10, 2009
Jeff Belkin Signs Brant Hughes Sep 10, 2009
Pacific Entertainment Group hire Mark Onspaugh Sep 10, 2009
Daniel Zirilli Hires Multiple InkTip Scribes For MMA Features Sep 10, 2009
Gary French Completes Production on "Invalid Directive" Sep 10, 2009
Antibody Films Options Michael Brody and Jeff Kingery Script Sep 3, 2009
Maurice Davis Options "Palestine" Sep 3, 2009
Face2Face Productions Options "Dumped" Sep 3, 2009
"Mormon Football" Enters Pre-production Sep 3, 2009
Joseph Nasser Options "Choke Out" Aug 27, 2009
Blue Pictures Options InkTip a Vincente de Leon Feature Aug 27, 2009
Todd Grodnick Hires Writer Ginny Albert Aug 27, 2009
Nelson Productions Inc Hires InkTip Scribe Linda Shayne Aug 27, 2009
"Tidepools" Enters Preproduction Aug 27, 2009
InkTip Feature Gains Attachments Aug 20, 2009
Pacific Entertainment Group Options "Double Indiana" Aug 20, 2009
Tainted Films Options InkTip Scribe's Script Aug 20, 2009
"Death of an Icon" Enters Post-production Aug 20, 2009
Selective Services Films Inc. Options "Gumboots, Gumshoes & a Pig Named Gertrude" Aug 13, 2009
Duchess Productions Options InkTip Scribe's Script Aug 13, 2009
Denise Carlson Picks Up "Deerly Beloved" Aug 13, 2009
John Witcher Hires Elaine Vaughn Aug 13, 2009
Pittot Films Options "City of the Damned" Aug 6, 2009
Jeff Belkin to Represent Another InkTip Scribe Aug 6, 2009
Maurice Davis Options Rom-Com Script From Gena Ellis Aug 6, 2009
Blaine Gray Options Script From New Zealand Writer Aug 6, 2009
John Matthews Sells Short Through InkTip Aug 6, 2009
Mark Cabaroy Options Another Short Aug 6, 2009
Coliseum Picks Up "Ponzi Jul 30, 2009
Mavrick Artists Agency Reps Anna Pernicci Jul 30, 2009
TJ Mancini Options "Double Fault" Jul 30, 2009
"Room 33 Jul 30, 2009
Chris Morgan Options Short Found on InkTip Jul 30, 2009
Mark Cabaroy Options "Citizen Rose" Jul 30, 2009
InkTip Feature Screening this Friday Jul 23, 2009
Robert Kesler Options "The Apothecary" Jul 23, 2009
Nelson Productions Hires InkTip Scribes Jul 23, 2009
Pittot Films Options Feature From InkTip Writer Jul 23, 2009
"Seven Segment" Optioned by Gasoline Man Pictures Jul 23, 2009
Writer Karen Buckton Hired to Pen "66" Jul 23, 2009
Breven Angaelica Warren Options Script and Sponsors the Writer Jul 16, 2009
InkTip Scribe Brian Boyd Gains Representation Jul 16, 2009
Selective Service Films Options "Bloodlines" Jul 16, 2009
"Blindsided" Enters Post-Productions Jul 16, 2009
Insignia Entertainment to Rep Writer Mark Davidson Jul 9, 2009
Scatena & Rosner Films Options "A Wake in Denver" Jul 9, 2009
Fidelity Films Options Script Found on InkTip Jul 9, 2009
Rotimi Rainwater to Produce Second Script By InkTip Writer Jul 2, 2009
Production Begins on "Gooseberry Island" Jul 2, 2009
Russ Pond Hires InkTip Scribe Jul 2, 2009
Nexus Entertainment Hires Christopher Johnson Jul 2, 2009
John Nelson Hires InkTip Scribe to Pen Fantasy Feature Jun 25, 2009
Founder of LA Feature Film Academy Options Script Jun 25, 2009
Whitebread Films Hires InkTip Scribes to Pen "Trudy 3-D" Jun 25, 2009
Angella Hall Completes Production on Brett Bentman Short Jun 25, 2009
Another Mark Davidson Script Optioned Jun 18, 2009
Christian Peschken Options "The Rocking Chair" Jun 18, 2009
InkTip Scribe's Script Optioned by Stink London Jun 18, 2009
Bright Shining City Productions Hires Cara Garcia Jun 18, 2009
"Three Iron Doors" Enters Post-Production Jun 11, 2009
InkTip Scribe Evan Jacobs Gains Representation Jun 11, 2009
InkTip Scribe Hire to Pen TV Series Episodes Jun 11, 2009
Veronica Albers Sells Short Script Jun 11, 2009
Stephen Manuel Completes Production on InkTip-Sourced Film May 28, 2009
Kraig Wenman's "FireBall" Premiers on the Sci-Fi Channel May 28, 2009
JPA Productions Hires InkTip Scribe May 28, 2009
Kevin Faria Options Short Through InkTip May 28, 2009
Finest Hour Films Options InkTip Writer's Script May 21, 2009
Capital Arts Hires John Benedetto May 21, 2009
"Nowhere to Hide" Receives International Distribution May 21, 2009
John Porter's Short Script Optioned May 21, 2009
Brian Wright's Short Optioned By Laura Eriksen May 21, 2009
Any 5 Films Begins Production on "Beautifully Cruel" May 14, 2009
InkTip Writer Hired by Capital Arts May 14, 2009
Breanne Mattson's "Tormentor" Optioned Through InkTip May 14, 2009
Winkler Films Discovers InkTip Scribe May 14, 2009
Characters Talent Agency to Represent Barbara Kymlicka May 7, 2009
Production Begins on "Clonehunters" May 7, 2009
Page Four Productions Options InkTip Writer's Script May 7, 2009
"Cabin 6" Optioned By Flashpoint Media May 7, 2009
Kathy Muraviov Discovers Another InkTip Scribe Apr 30, 2009
Walla Films Options InkTip Scribe's Books Apr 30, 2009
Jeffrey Michael Bays to Direct InkTip Scribe's Script Apr 30, 2009
Kathy Muraviov Discovers InkTip Scribe Apr 22, 2009
Scatena & Rosner Films Options "The Out of Town Wedding" Apr 22, 2009
Justin Cronkite Options "Summer and the Monarch" Apr 22, 2009
Sterling Long-Colbo Hires InkTip Scribe Apr 22, 2009
Freddy Robinson's Short Optioned Through InkTip Apr 22, 2009
Gigi Garner Options InkTip Scribes Script Apr 16, 2009
Karen Buckton Gains Representation Through InkTip Apr 16, 2009
Walla Films Hires Lloyd Wagner Apr 16, 2009
Eric Styles Options InkTip Scribe's Script Apr 9, 2009
Etch Media Options "Miracleville" Apr 9, 2009
Bright Shining City Productions Hires InkTip Scribe Apr 9, 2009
Jeff Ross Discovers InkTip Scribe Apr 9, 2009
Daniel Zirilli Hires Bobby Mort to Pen Features for Talent Apr 2, 2009
Trancas International Discovers Sci-Fi TV Pilot through InkTip Apr 2, 2009
Canyon Pictures Options "Murphy's Creek" Apr 2, 2009
Richard Clark Jr. Hires InkTip Scribe Apr 2, 2009
Sarke Studios hires InkTip Scribe Lloyd Wagner Mar 26, 2009
InkTip Scribe Hired Yet Again Mar 26, 2009
Pandora Machine Buys "Clonehunter" Mar 26, 2009
Foxy Films Finds "Tight" Mar 26, 2009
Rock On! Films Options "Billy Joel's Car" Mar 19, 2009
Boris Damast Options "Gear Head" Mar 19, 2009
Production Begins on "The Building" Mar 19, 2009
Reframe Entertainment Hires InkTip Scribe Mar 19, 2009
InkTip Scribe Hired to Pen the First 3-D Feature Found Through InkTip Mar 12, 2009
Alan Cockrilll Hired to Pen Con Artist Thriller Feature Mar 12, 2009
RedBear Entertainment Options "My Secret Santa" Mar 12, 2009
Larry Crosby Purchases "The Daffodils" Mar 12, 2009
Doukas Films Purchases "A Beeper for Henry David" Mar 12, 2009
Minor Distractions Entertainment Option Feature Script Mar 9, 2009
InkTip Scribe Hired to Pen Screenplay Mar 9, 2009
Rapid Heart Pictures Hires InkTip Scribe Mar 9, 2009
The Hudson Agency Options "Repeat After Me" Mar 5, 2009
Rom-Com Optioned By Nasser Entertainment Feb 26, 2009
Seven Pictures Hires William Mark Clarke to Pen Pilot Feb 26, 2009
Holt Productions Options InkTip Scribe's Screenplay Feb 26, 2009
Sarke Studios Options "A Zillion Zaboodles" Feb 19, 2009
IAFT Hires InkTip Writer Feb 19, 2009
InkTip Scribe Hired to Pen Family Action/Adventure Feature Feb 19, 2009
Seven Pictures Hire George Pullen to Pen Pilot Feb 19, 2009
Buck Productions Inc. Purchases "Death Camp" Feb 12, 2009
Bobby Mort Hired to Pen Western Feature Feb 12, 2009
Sheri Tor Hired to Pen Musical Feature Feb 12, 2009
Thunderball Films to Produce "The Gap" Feb 5, 2009
JPA Productions Hire InkTip Scribe Sheri Tor Feb 5, 2009
InkTip Scribe Chris Sloan Hired to Pen Feature Feb 5, 2009
Ben Pitts to Begin Production on "Off Madison" Jan 29, 2009
MakeMagic Productions Options "Just Say Maybe" Jan 29, 2009
Infinite Spectrum Productions Hires Carlos Perez to Pen Feature Jan 29, 2009
Nasser Entertainment Hires Jeanne McKinney to Pen Dance Feature Jan 29, 2009
Grant Turck Productions Options Stephanie Guyon's "Law Review" Jan 22, 2009
Tipacanoe Entertainment Options "The Color of the Puck" Jan 22, 2009
Footsteps Productions Hires InkTip Scribe Darlene Lofgren Jan 22, 2009
Mark Cabaroy Completes Production on Short Film "Masculinity" Jan 22, 2009
Ather Chaudhary Set to Produce Short Script "Home Before Dark" Jan 22, 2009
Urban Way Productions Options "Me and Christian" Jan 15, 2009
Nasser Entertainment Group Hires Dave Blanc to Pen Feature Jan 15, 2009
Sweetwater Pictures Purchases "Black" Jan 15, 2009
Muse River Entertainment Hires Sabine Buchanan to Rewrite Feature Jan 15, 2009
Tom Thompson with Muse River Entertainment has hired InkTip scribe Sabine Buchanan to rewrite the Sci-Fi comedy "Waste of Space." This all began when Tom discovered Sabine on InkTip. He liked her writing style, so she referred him to a radio play titled "The Not So Happening Adventures of the Cosmic Cruiser" by one of her writer friends, Brandon Williford. Tom liked it, tracked the writer down on Triggerstreet, acquired the rights from Brandon, and then hired Williford and Sabine to do re-writes. "Waste of Space" is currently in post production, and has already been accepted to the Sunscreen Film Festival taking place May, 2009.
Anastasios Paikos Produces Short Script "Nobody's Perfect" Jan 15, 2009
We are happy to announce that another short script has been produced! Anastasios Paikos of MediaFrenzy found the talented writer John Porter in InkTip's shorts section and optioned his script "Nobody's Perfect." Only a few weeks after the script was translated to Swedish, production began, and they are now closing in on the final stages of editing. "It's a 20-minute short film about three ladies who like to gossip about anything and everything," said Paikos. "A mysterious neighbor is moving in, which gives them a lot more to talk about, and plenty of made-up reasons to hate him. The story is set in current time, but has a '30s style and fashion about it. It's a simple story, yet given an appreciated comedic touch by writer John Porter."
Duke Fire and the Cape Fear Community College Produce Webisodes Jan 15, 2009
Patrick Bates was discovered on InkTip by Duke Fire with the Cape Fear Community College, who asked him to pen some web episodes as a tool to teach students how to edit. We are pleased to learn that the Cape Fear Community College Film and Video Production Department in Wilmington, NC has completed its first ever Digital 2K web-series production, "Zeke's on the Levee," available to view in 1080i at http
Dale Noble Hires Zack Van Eyck to Rewrite "Shadow Killers" Jan 8, 2009
Joseph Barmettler and Wayne Hackett Option "Practicing Miracles" Jan 8, 2009
Second Wind Films Hires Veronica Albers to Pen Feature Jan 8, 2009
Ryan Mains and Suzan Derkson Option "Fat Camp Jan 1, 2009
Drimtim Entertainment's "Hidden Camera" Now in Distribution Jan 1, 2009
Trancas International Films Options Glenn Forbes' TV Series Concept Jan 1, 2009