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Why is it that some writers without much initial talent seem to develop very quickly? Or, how is it that writers who possess talent early on struggle to make progress? Last time, we looked at fixed vs. growth mindsets. Now, we’ll look at a variety of roadblocks that impede our progress. These roadblocks frustrate us, confuse us and deter us. But there is hope if we first recognize what they are.   Read More
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Each week during piano lessons, my piano teacher must have been frustrated that I didn’t practice enough that week yet I had enough talent to "get by" and move on to the next piece. Why was she frustrated? Because she knew I relied on talent. I had the wrong mindset. Does this sound familiar to you or someone you know?   Read More
Creating convincing characters that are believable takes time and discipline. Creating dynamically real individuals and not imposing your own thoughts and impressions upon them is not easy to do   Read More
How many books on screenwriting have you read? The sheer number of works written on the craft of screenwriting can overwhelm writers. Each of the more well-known books is authored by screenwriting teachers who market their own models for structuring a story from FADE IN to FADE OUT. Dave Trottier, author of the long-established screenwriting guide The Screenwriter’s Bible, shares his thoughts on how to decide on the value of particular screenwriting books, and thus, their formulas, and whether all are necessary to learn.   Read More
What is wrong with the following scene? MEGAN and DANIEL are shown to their table by a WAITER.   Read More
We love writers. It helps that we are writers. We’re a team of working professionals, doing this together for about 16 years. We’re not the guys who wrote “The Bourne Identity,” “The Fight Club,” or “Eagle Eye” (though we can tell you where they hang out on Monday nights if you want to hang out with them).   Read More
As a screenwriter, you may use other script consultants to critique your material, but inevitably you'll need to master the ability to analyze your own work. This can be a difficult task, somewhat akin to trying to look at your own face (without a mirror). If you are   Read More
WHAT IS A TREATMENT, AND HOW IS IT DIFFERENT FROM A SYNOPSIS? Often, in selling an idea to Hollywood, circumstances require that you write a "treatment" -- an engaging synopsis of your idea or story. The difference is   Read More
It may be a cliché, but it's nonetheless true, that the mother of invention is necessity. Tight parameters sharpen the creative process and the most fundamental parameter of all   Read More
I am going to sell a high-concept spec for a million dollars next year. I am going to be a staff writer next year. I am going to win the Nicholl Fellowship next year. We've all had thoughts like these, right?   Read More
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