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Getting the right script into your hands.

When an agent, manager, or creative exec consents to read your screenplay, its fate rests in the hands of one extremely important person: the READER. That individual's opinion - PASS, CONSIDER, or RECOMMEND -determines whether or not anyone else in that company - or others - will ever read your screenplay.

Are you ready to roll the dice?

My name's Jim Cirile. I write the Agent's Hot Sheet column for Creative Screenwriting magazine, and I coordinate both the CS Open Live Writing Tournament at the Screenwriting Expo and the Writers on the Storm Screenwriting Competitions. I founded Coverage, Ink. in 2002 because as a writer myself, I was sick of paying too much for often worthless or skimpy screenplay analysis from the big coverage companies. Why couldn't someone offer top-notch script analysis at a price writers could actually afford?

"Thanks for the coverage. Just as I suspected. Your coverage was brutal, accurate and fair. Your knowledge of structure, character & dynamics blew me away! I can honestly say that I agree with 99% of your notes. I was glad when I finally got to page 61. It was the first page with no red ink on it. Based on the fantastic coverage that I received, I have sent Coverage, Ink. recommendation e-mails to some of the friends that I made at the Expo last year." -Doug O.

The Coverage, Ink philosophy is simple: By Writers, For Writers. We try to bring to you the best quality screenplay analysis at a price nobody else can touch. We created the coverage company we would actually use ourselves (and we do.)

We promise you unbiased, fair and detailed feedback. Our readers are all smart, seasoned, professional agency and production company readers who have been trained, tested and certified by us. They will find what works in your script and what doesn't, and they'll offer creative solutions for getting you back on track when needed. Our "standard" coverage report is often far more detailed than other companies' "expanded" reports! And by the way, many of our readers also work for, ahem, our more expensive competitors.

"Wow... Your company's coverage of my script was very, very helpful! It has invigorated me and given me notes that, while sizeable and challenging, are clear and concise and opened doors of inspiration that I am excited to pursue. By definition, "constructive criticism" should be a critique on which you can build, not a dismissal of ideas. Your analyst has achieved just that - something I can build on. Thanks for providing a great and valuable service!" -Nicholas N.

We also feel that some of our competitors offer a carrot and stick approach-advertising they'll help market your script if it gets good coverage. While that may be true in some cases, we're talking about a teeny-tiny fraction of submissions. We believe that this is a disingenuous approach. Coverage, Ink makes no such representations. Our goal is simple: help you make your screenplay rock. The marketing is up to you (although we will be glad to consult with you to come up with a marketing plan.)

That said, we do promote our contest winners, so please make sure you check out Writers on the Storm (, which runs 11/1/06 through 1/31/07. We offer over $10,000 in prizes, submission of the winning script and top ten loglines to our 90+ company industry list, and oh, yeah, entry into the contest is FREE with any submission to Coverage, Ink during the contest period. Like I said, we created the company we ourselves would use. And we do!

"I have read over my coverage and I am amazed at how detailed the suggestions were. It was obvious that the reader took the time to thoroughly read my script. I am going to take the reader's suggestions for improvement. The price you charge for this service is a bargain. I've paid more for a lot less." -Carolyn N.

Coverage, Ink has several levels of service, starting with our standard analysis ($129), which is a highly detailed 3-5 page dissection of your screenplay. We also offer script mark-up and editing services ($59), phone consultations ($45/hr), and expanded services we call CI Pro, wherein we give you consultant-level script analysis and mark-up/editing at a price far less than any consultant.

Oh, and here's another thing we offer at no extra charge: follow-ups. Got a question for the reader, or want to run ideas past him (within reason, of course)? No charge.

We also offer the Coverage, Ink Script Format & Style Guide, a fun romp of a read that will blast your script formatting into orbit… for $3.95. And lastly, we have a brand-new partnership with Popular Films, and you may elect to have them consult on your screenplay, too. Information about all this stuff on our website:

"Wow! Man, I can't believe how detailed and thorough and professional this evaluation here is. But I guess you probably hear that a lot, huh? I recently paid $165 to (script analysis company) and got back three pages of useless notes. So I was a little worried about trying another script company. Your gal (it is a gal, right?) gave me great suggestions and guidance that actually forced me to think my way around a problem I'd kind-sorta-been aware of but just never really wanted to get into. But now I actually feel like I can do it, and I feel like I get it now, you know? Enlightenment or something. Okay, gotta go write -- thanks again!" -Chris K.

We also have tons of articles online, including reprints of my Agent's Hot Sheet columns-critical intelligence for any serious screenwriter-articles on how to survive the coverage process, and much more. Check us out at, and feel free to e-mail us at with any questions or comments. We look forward to hearing from you.

Jim Cirile,
Founder and CEO, Coverage, Ink

CI Recommends:

There are a LOT of books on screenwriting out there. Here are a few we recommend as being well worth your time:

1) "Breakfast With Sharks" by Michael Lent. This excellent book is a must-read for anyone planning on making a go of it as a screenwriter in Los Angeles. Not a craft book, but rather a rules of the road and savvy survival guide for writers. Check it out HERE.

2) Hal Ackerman's (screenwriting guru, mentor and co-head of UCLA's MFA screenwriting program) best-selling book, "Write Screenplays that Sell, the Ackerman Way". Highly Recommended by Coverage, Ink. as the go-to all-purpose book on screenwriting. If you only buy ONE book on screenwriting in your life, THIS should be the one. Check it out HERE.

3) "The Writer's Journey: Mythic Structure for Writers" by Christopher Vogler. Indispensible and easy-to-read guidebook which shows how you can use the time-tested elements of myth to help structure your screenplay, no matter what the genre. Check it out HERE.

4) The Coverage, Ink Spec Format & Style Guide. Our own style booklet which will answer all your formatting questions and help correct many common mistakes. Available as a PDF download for $3.95 at the Coverage, Ink website.