Film Commissions

Film Commissions

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North America
Alberta Film

Alberta Film, a part of the Government of Alberta, supports the growth, sustainability, competitiveness and business attraction of Alberta's screen-based production industry. The Government of Alberta continues to lead the way in providing support for production having been the first jurisdiction in Canada to both establish a provincial film commission office and offer a film and television incentive program. Today, Alberta Film continues to carry out government's mandate through three key areas:

  1. Marketing, advertising and event management
  2. Locations and logistics services including funding and facilitating scouting within the province and supporting film-friendly initiatives
  3. Industry development and alignment with government

Funding for screen-based production in Alberta is provided through the Alberta Production Grant, a unique incentive based on all eligible production expenses incurred in Alberta.

Alexandria/Pineville Convention and Visitors Bureau
We have a large portfolio of possible locations and can provide you with advance location scouting to assist you in finding the perfect location for your project.
Amador County Film Commission
The Amador County Film Commission is the acting liaison between film companies and the County of Amador, and the cities of Amador City, Ione, Jackson, Plymouth and Sutter Creek. Nestled in the heart of California's Mother Lode, Amador encompasses 593 square miles stretching from the floor of the San Joaquin Valley to the 8,000+ foot peaks of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Our many natural attributes are numerous, from gently rolling foothills to rugged granite vistas, from sprawling ranchlands and lush vineyards to scenic lakes and rivers... few other California counties offer such a variety and wealth of natural beauty!
Amarillo Film Commission
The Amarillo Film Office is committed to provide assistance to production companies that are interested or have chosen the city of Amarillo for a project.
Our services include: Assistance in finding location scouts and sites; Assistance in contacting local, state and federal agencies; Assistance in working with private entities; Assistance in obtaining any permits where needed; Assistance in finding special services and personnel; Limited location files
Antelope Valley Film Office
The Antelope Valley is a ''RECEPTION COMMUNITY'' to the film and entertainment industry. Under the leadership of Pauline East, North Los Angeles County Film Liaison; with the blessings of our elected officials; and with the involvement of local businesses, residents, schools and other organizations, the Antelope Valley as a reception community has one attitude toward the film industry: WELCOME TO THE AV! Whether you are looking for friendly and accommodating location owners or a great place to relax after a long day of production, you will find the right spot in the Antelope Valley. We have several databases of Locations, Crew, Talent and Resources at this website so you can quickly find locals that are enthusiastic to help make your production a success.
Antigua Film
Our company produces feature films, short films, music videos, promotional DVD's, aerial shoots documentaries and underwater footage.
Arkansas Film Commission
With a statewide, team approach to production, Arkansas provides producers with seamless, single contact access to everything and everyone the state has to offer, ensuring the most efficient, effective and economical experience possible.
Atlantic City Film Office
Songs have been written about it, stories have been told about it and movies have been made about it. Atlantic City is the perfect place for your next production whether for movies, television, commercials, photographic or music videos.

Atlantic City is a "˜Film Friendly Community," and because of that we've taken measures to ensure that your filmmaking process is a smooth, efficient, and enjoyable one.

Our 4 miles of white sandy beaches and Atlantic Ocean offers a variety of amazing looks - from our historic Steel Pier, America's first Boardwalk and 8 Casino Resorts to the back bays and marshes with all their flora and fauna. We allow cars and trucks on the beach and Boardwalk for driving shots, have ample free parking, and of course, we're the perfect spot to film a surf scene. But there's much more than just the beach and Boardwalk! We invite you to browse through the many locations available on our website; we think you'll be surprised by what you find!

The Atlantic City Film Office is proud to offer free assistance for productions working within the City. With an understanding of the filming process and a thorough knowledge of Atlantic City, we help productions take advantage of a City that has much to offer filmmakers.
Austin Film Commission
Austin is a leading destination for independent and large budget films as well as television & commercial productions. Professional Crew: Austin's talented crew base will give you more production value per-dollar spent. Diverse Locations: Austin has hill country, lakes & farmland all within 30 minutes of downtown. mericana: Austin is surrounded by small towns time has forgotten, perfect for a period piece. Weather: Austin's mild climate provides over 300 days of sunshine a year. Permitting: Austin's local government supports filmmakers, providing free right-of-way permitting. Facilities & Vendors: Austin has the infrastructure for production, including studio space and equipment suppliers.
Baltimore Film Office, Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts
The Baltimore Film Office provides exceptional service to all productions scouting and filming in Baltimore.
Baton Rouge Film Commission
The Baton Rouge Film Commission (BRFC) acts as a liaison for all film and video projects working within the city of Baton Rouge and East Baton Rouge parish. In partnership with the Office of Mayor-President and Visit Baton Rouge, our office works to make our area the most film friendly location in Louisiana!
Beaufort Film Commission
The Beaufort Film Commission is hosted by the Beaufort Regional Chamber of Commerce Visitor & Convention Bureau.

Come and discover the natural beauty of the Low Country and what makes Beaufort an attractive choice for film and television ventures. Pristine marshes, an undeveloped coastline. Small town settings with historic buildings. Abundant wild life and sub-tropical jungle.

Beaufort and the surrounding Low Country has been the backdrop for many feature films including "The Big Chill", "Forrest Gump" and the "Prince of Tides".

Cast and Crew Directory:
Berkeley Film Office
Berkeley offers a superb variety of historic homes and buildings, magnificent parks, great neighborhoods and the picturesque UC Berkeley Campus.
Bernalillo County Film Office
It caters to the largest of studio features, smallest of independent projects and also to a wide range of television and commercial production.
Beverly Hills Film Office
The Filming and Special Events Office is here to assist you in the process of coordinating the various approvals and logistics for your upcoming event and/or production.
Bradenton Area Film Commission
If you're scouting locations for your next film production or video, you won't find this much variety in any other destination.
Brampton Film Office
Brampton is a film friendly city that has been rolling out the red carpet for the film industry for years, providing great locations for many feature films, television shows, reality television, short films, documentaries and commercials.

Brampton has a full spectrum of location options all within a 30-minute drive from downtown Toronto and next door to Canada's busiest airport (Toronto Pearson International Airport). With more than 8,000 small and medium businesses located here, you will find any and all support services your production company will need.

Although a big city, you can find all that you need right here in Brampton. Looking for a small-town feel? Check out our central historic core. Want a remote-looking outdoor location? Take a look at our conservation areas, parks and trails. But that is not all. We have new modern buildings; a historic village; industrial sites; a small ski hill; a live theatre with broadcast capabilities, and so much more!
Buffalo Niagara Film Commission
The Buffalo Niagara Film Office oversees film, video, television and commercial production as well as still photo shoots in Western New York State.
Burnaby Film Office
The Burnaby Film Office helps production companies access City services and obtain proper permits and authorizations to film in the City of Burnaby.
Calaveras Visitors Bureau & Film Commission

Located in California's picturesque Gold Country and spectacular High Sierra, Calaveras County offers a huge variety of stunning geological features, historic and agricultural settings for your production. Wide valleys, deep canyons, caves, lakes, giant sequoias, ghost towns and boutique wineries are just a few of the many features here.

The history of the area has contributed a great deal to its visual appeal. Originally settled by Miwok Indians, the area is a haven of lakes, streams, mountains, valleys and forests. When California's Gold Rush hit here in the heart of the Mother Lode, the landscape was changed by people from every corner of the world as they settled in hastily established camps in search of their fortunes.

Preserved Gold Rush towns, mining ruins, hydraulic mining and wooden flume systems rerouting water supplies permanently changed this rural landscape. Some of those settlements have remained to this day with their period architecture making charming historic downtowns with boutique shops, fine dining and wine tasting rooms. Others have fallen into ruin and are virtual ghost towns.

As the gold supply began to diminish, the people who'd discovered this place made more discoveries: of giant sequoia trees, caves and beautiful vistas. Along with outdoor recreation, they found other ways to entertain themselves including telling tall stories and betting on anything and everything. It was into this atmosphere that an adventurous young man arrived, and overhead a tale of frog jumping in the Angels Hotel.

That young man was Samuel Clemens and the story developed into his first successful short story that propelled him to fame as Mark Twain. "The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras," published in 1865 was the inspiration for the annual Jumping Frog Jubilee which takes place in Angels Camp every May, attracting in excess of 50,000 people. Meanwhile, other forms of entertainment were arising locally, including the annual Calaveras County Fair, the longest running state fair in California. Eventually those two events were combined, while other festivals and events sprung up around the county.

As even hard rock mining became harder work with fewer and fewer rewards, settlers had discovered that agriculture was especially productive here due to soil rich in minerals, making the decision to make Calaveras their permanent home a possibility. This resulted in one of California's earliest winemaking regions.

To this day, Calaveras' geological attractions, elevation changes from near-sea level to over 8,000 feet , historic features and Mediterranean climate make Calaveras County a major tourist destination for those looking for authentic California. This also makes it a prime filming consideration. With four distinct seasons featuring huge displays of wildflowers and blooming dogwoods in spring, spectacular fall colors and snowy winters, Calaveras county is your go-to filming destination, and we'll help you every step of the way.

Calgary Film Commission
As Canada's fourth-largest filming jurisdiction, Calgary boasts award-winning crews and locations.
California Film Commission
The California Film Commission supports film, TV and commercial productions of all sizes and budgets, with a variety of services, including film and TV tax credits, our extensive digital location library, free on-line permitting, low-cost use of state properties as shooting locations and production assistance.

California hosts nearly 200 feature films every year and countless TV series, commercials, and documentaries. The California Film Commission (CFC) facilitates all aspects of the filmmaking process and helps prevent filming problems from occurring. A regional network of 50 local film offices throughout the state provides logistical and permitting assistance for filmmakers. The CFC also maintains CinemaScout, an on-line database that features over 4000 California locations available for filming.

California is home to the largest and most highly skilled film crews in the world; able to sustain over 100 simultaneous productions.
Caribbean Production Service Corp
Production service and production management for Caribbean film, video, photography shoots.
We do get involved in your project at an early stage;
- Do careful planning and detailed budgeting;
- Advise on best suitable and most cost effective locations;
- Organize any aspect of your motion picture or stills project for the Caribbean part
- Negotiate rates for comfortable accommodations, travel and logistic
- Select the most professional local Caribbean crews or international teams
- Set up your production office and location camp
- Take care of customs clearance and any requested permits
- Find your local cast - actors, extras, models
- Support Set designers by building and scouting any props required
- Provide every equipment on island or abroad from our rental partners
- Hire an excellent caterer offering healthy, tasty food and drinks all day
- Coordinate every step of your production and we are on set day by day
- Have couriers to assure that all will be at the right time in the right place
- Organize shipping of small items or containers to any destination
It is our goal to see you succeed with your production in the Caribbean.
Catalina Island Film Commission
Our unique island location makes for a very special location for your film or photo shoot project. The Catalina Island Film Commission as part of the Catalina Island Chamber is available to assist you in processing your permits, answering your questions, and assisting you in finding the products and services you might require from local businesses.
Cayman Islands Film Commission
The Cayman Islands Film Commission (CIFC) was established in January 2009 as part of the Cayman Islands Investment Bureau, and is mandated with the promotion and development of the Cayman Islands film industry.
Central Florida's Polk County Film Commission

Film Central Florida supports film, TV, commercial productions and still photography.  Our staff will assist you in processing your permits to make your filming and production easy in Central Florida's Polk County.

Central Florida Offers a Variety of Filming Locations:

Central Oregon Film Office
The Central Oregon Film Office promotes the stunning locations found throughout the high desert of the Pacific Northwest.  From lakes to white water rivers, desert to towering ponderosa forests, epic mountain ranges to gentle fields; Central Oregon has everything you need for your next shoot.

With over 45 years of hands-on production, and an additional 20 years film industry experience, our team knows what a Producer or Location Scout needs to get the job done. The Central Oregon Film Office will assist local and visiting productions with facilitating permits, provide preliminary location scouting, and engaging the local workforce and vendor resources. We will also provide inter-agency assistance such as risk management for insurance liability and coordinate with police, fire and rescue services for the safety of the public during shoots.
Charlotte Harbor Florida Film Office

Charlotte Harbor and the Gulf Islands, on the Southwest Gulf Coast of Florida in Charlotte County, is a slice of purely natural Florida. The harbor, the second largest in the state, has almost 100 miles of natural shoreline. Punta Gorda, a picturesque small town of 16,000, sits on its southern bank. In the western part of the county, 28 miles of white sand beaches line the Gulf side of several barrier islands. No building in the county is taller than five stories, giving a definite "old Florida" vibe to many parts of the county. Inland, there are wetlands and Cypress Swamps. Features produced in the county include Out of Time and Hoot.

Chicago Film Office
The Chicago Film Office, a division of the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events, leads the city's effort to attract and enhance the production of feature films, television series, commercials, documentaries and all forms of local screen entertainment.
Chilliwack Creative Commission
The Chilliwack Creative Commission, a division of Chilliwack Economic Partners Corporation (the economic development organization of the City of Chilliwack), was formed in 1999 in response to a growing interest from producers to film in Chilliwack's diverse landscapes. The Commission's mandate is to attract film professionals from all over the world, to facilitate their needs and to provide top rate locations.
City of Marietta
The city of Marietta invites and encourages television and film production. Located minutes from Downtown Atlanta our city provides a wide variety of neighborhoods and housing stock with a handful of antebellum locations, and a significant amount of commercial/industrial areas. We are a commuinity of 60,000 residents and serve as the county seat of Cobb County, home to seven municipalities in its 750,000 population.
City of Palm Springs Film Office
In the world of film and fame, Palm Springs has been Hollywood's back lot since the 1930s.
City of San Diego Film Office
Through the combined effort of the City, County, and Port, San Diego has held a starring role in productions ranging from commercial still photography to televisions series to major feature films. The city's unparalleled weather, beautiful scenery, and quick, no-cost authorization process are just some of the incentives San Diego has to offer for your production.

The City of San Diego understands that productions may take place within a short planning timeframe and may involve a number of locations that include public and private property. We offer a suite of services to assist you in obtaining the proper authorization to film within the City of San Diego, while providing online resources for the local film industry.
City of Toronto - Film & Entertainment Industries

Toronto is a major North American centre of excellence in the screen-based industries with more than 40 years of international experience in film and television production, and post-production.

The City of Toronto's support for the industry is led by the Film & Entertainment Industries office. 

World-class talent in front of and behind the camera. Internationally renowned production and digital media companies. Great studio spaces, excellent suppliers and an ability to double as so many global locations.

These are the reasons Toronto is North America's third-largest screen-based production centre and one of the world's leading producers of great entertainment.

Colorado Springs Film Commission
The state of Colorado offers a 20% film incentive! Services Provided: Permit information and assistance; Still images and b-roll at no cost; Location suggestions; Site tours; Crew/production services referrals; Local info and contacts/introductions.

Colorado Springs is a beautiful world-class city that has historically inspired artists and poets from around the world. Most notably known as "America's Mountain", Pikes Peak precipitated the creation of the song "America the Beautiful" written by Katharine Lee Bates in 1893 as she stood on the summit of Pikes Peak.

Nestled in the foothills beneath Pikes Peak, Colorado Springs is a thriving city with a downtown business district of modern high-rise buildings and wide side streets all splashed against the beautiful backdrop of the Rocky Mountains.

With a wealth of sprawling ranches, abandoned mines and unique rock formations amongst alpine splendor, locations are easy to come by in an area of rich history and immense beauty.
Columbia County Film Office (Columbia County Tourism Department)
For over 100 years, filmmakers and photographers have been selecting Columbia County as their visual backdrop. Columbia County NY is nestled between the Berkshire Mountain, MA and the Hudson River. Main Streets and villages with diverse architecture. Period farmhouse and contemporary homes nestled in the woods or on water. Generational farms with vast fields, small first generation farms specialized crops.
Columbia Shuswap Film Commission

The Columbia Shuswap Film Commission is a full-service film commission representing British Columbia's Columbia Shuswap region.

Our services include scouting, accompanied surveys, script breakdown, community liaison services, and more. We maintain a comprehensive locations database in conjunction with Creative BC.

We are pleased to assist film producers and production companies in finding ideal locations and services within the CSRD. Send us your script or script requirements, and we will respond promptly with a link to a location package prepared specifically for your project.

The Columbia Shuswap region is situated at the northern edge of the Kootenay and Okanagan valleys, stretching west from the Rocky Mountains along the British Columbia-Alberta border to the centre of the province. It encompasses three national parks - Yoho, Glacier and Mount Revelstoke - and the Columbia Mountains, including the Purcell, Selkirk and Monashee ranges.

The landscape is spectacular and varied, offering high alpine mountain peaks, gorgeous small towns, untamed wilderness, lush green valleys, isolated lakefront properties, beaches, and picture-perfect farms. Communities in our region include Revelstoke, Golden, Salmon Arm, Sicamous and also Anglemont, Blind Bay, Carlin, Celista, Deep Creek, Falkland, Field, Mica, Ranchero, Scotch Creek, Seymour Arm, Sorrento, St. Ives and Tappen. 

The Columbia Shuswap is located roughly half way between Vancouver and Calgary on the Trans Canada Highway and is easily accessible via airports in Kelowna, Kamloops, and Calgary.

Connecticut Office of Film, Television & Digital Media
The Office of Film, Television & Digital Media supports and enhances Connecticut's film, television and digital media industry.

We are the statewide contact for motion picture, television and digital media production and serves as liaison between production companies, state agencies, municipalities, production facilities, local crew and vendors.
Creative BC
Creative BC, British Columbia's Creative Industry Catalyst, brings together all production related services through one organization.
  • Production Support -- a full range of location services, production expertise and information resources for producers and production companies doing business in BC
  • Tax Administration -- economic initiatives designed to encourage all aspects of motion picture production in BC
  • Development Programs -- support for traditional and digital media production activity
  • Production Registration -- online registration for projects filming in BC to enable Creative BC to assist with production-related issues
  • Industry Expertise -- quality service, information and advice
  • Location Resources - gateway to a network of local permitting agencies, regional film offices and other resources that support filming throughout the province
  • Reel Green -- information and resources that promote positive environmental practices in BC's entertainment production industry

Phone: 604-730-2732
Email: view contact list
Dallas Film Commission
The commission is responsible for the promotion of Dallas and Greater Dallas Region to film, television and media professionals of all types as a destination/location, serving as a liaison between filmmakers and the community
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