Film Commissions

Film Commissions

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North America
Dallas Film Commission
The commission is responsible for the promotion of Dallas and Greater Dallas Region to film, television and media professionals of all types as a destination/location, serving as a liaison between filmmakers and the community
Desert Hot Springs Film Commission
The goal of the Desert Hot Springs Film Commission is to help Desert Hot Springs earn the reputation as the most film friendly city in the Desert and to offer a wide range of unique filming locations.
Eastern Nebraska Film Office
The Eastern Nebraska Film Office's mission is to promote and develop the a grassroots film industry and bring big budget and independent film, television, commercial, and industrial productions to our state.
El Paso Film Commission
Since 1974, our passion for film and the El Paso community has encouraged us to provide quality service and assistance to local and outside film production. We pride ourselves on our long-standing and knowledgeable staff, experienced local crew, and film-friendly community. El Paso offers gorgeous, natural scenery. From beautiful desert landscapes, to majestic mountain ranges or wide-open spaces; the versatility of the city's natural attributes coupled with our unique border-culture, truly sets El Paso apart and provides a place and experience like no other. We would love to assist you in finding the perfect location for your project and helping you feel like you're at home while you're here.
Emerald Coast Film Commission of Northwest Florida
The Emerald Coast Film Commission welcomes you to the beautiful Emerald Coast, located along the Gulf of Mexico in Northwest Florida! Home to some of the best beaches in the world, the Emerald Coast offers a distinct mix of southern charm and tropical beauty that is unlike any other part of Florida.
EMMEDIA Gallery & Production Society
EMMEDIA Gallery & Production Society is a non-profit artist-run organization that support both the production and presentation of media arts. EMMEDIA responds to a broad community by offering affordable access to media art production tools and facilities, services, technical and educational support, an array of production programs and residencies, and a year round schedule of public exhibition programs including the PARTICLE + WAVE Media Arts Festival. Our programs strive to foster artistic dialogue and engagement through complementary activities such as artist talks and panel discussions, workshops and publications.
Explore Fairbanks
The Fairbanks Film Council aims to grow every aspect of the local film Industry, recognizing the positive impact such an industry has on job creation and economic opportunity.
Film Ann Arbor
The Ann Arbor area is a friendly and safe community with a strong work ethic that welcomes film industry activity.
  • Hundreds of diverse locations and convenient image banks that make location scouting easy. 
  • Experienced film staff who can identify the locations that fit your script
  • Staff to facilitate every aspect of production and connect you to the resources you'll need.
  • Talented crew and support personnel, including students from U-M's Department of Schreen Arts and Cultures; School of Art and Design; and School of Music, Theater, & Dance
  • A large and diverse pool of extras to choose from 
  • Reasonable daily permit and locatin rental fees 
  • Housing and hospitality assistance for your cast and crew
  • A convenient location - Ann Arbor is just 30 minutes from Detroit Metro Airport and 45 minutes from downtown Detroit
Film Detroit
Film Detroit was established by the Detroit Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau to act as liaison between the movie industry and local resources to help production crews easily, effectively and creatively film in metro Detroit.
Film Flagstaff
Filmmakers have chosen Flagstaff and the surrounding area as a prime shoot location since the early 1920s. Today we welcome your production to the scenic pine tree forest of Northern Arizona.
Film Florida
Film Florida is a not-for-profit entertainment production trade association that provides a leadership role in Florida's film, TV, & digital media industry by representing a coalition of interests, including private industry, local film commissions, industry associations, educational institutions and labor organizations. Its purpose is to offer to businesses and individuals the benefits of a statewide trade association to promote the creation of jobs in the film and entertainment production industries and to promote economic development and tourism.
Film Indiana
Film Indiana's mission is to showcase the state's talent and resources to local and out-of-state companies seeking information and assistance with commercial, film, and television production.
Film Las Cruces
The mission of Film Las Cruces is to promote and develop the film, media, and entertainment arts industries in Dona Ana County.
Film New Orleans
The mission of Film New Orleans is to create opportunities and systems that enable true economic activity and growth for cultural economy stakeholders and the public.
Film North Florida
Film North Florida is the official website of the Film Liaison of Escambia County and is part of the tourism and visitors bureau.
Film Pomona
Our goal is to assist and simplify the logistics in Pomona with on-location production services, i.e; scouting, signature surveys, filming notifications, posting, and production agreements & contracts
Film Tucson
View Tucson in a whole new way - explore the distinctive landscapes and unique filming opportunities that southeastern Arizona has to offer. Film Tucson is here to assist in all local filming needs, ensuring an efficient and successful production.
Film Upstate NY
Our responsive team is dedicated to bringing more film and TV productions to the hundreds of film professionals, service providers and hospitality partners throughout our region.  We offer diverse locations and are close to major metro areas like NYC, Boston and Montreal.
Film US Virgin Islands
The US Virgin Islands Film Promotion Office, created in 1973, is one of the oldest film commissions in America, a founding member of the AFCI and the first in the Caribbean.
Film Wisconsin
Film Wisconsin is a unique non-profit organization and public/private partnership working to create thriving Motion Picture, Television Production, and Video Game industries in the state.

FilmDayton promotes and markets the nine county region, in order to recruit and facilitate the production of film, television, commercials, corporate videos, music videos, and documentaries, as well as emerging forms of media. Film Commissioner Lisa Grigsby explains, " in simple terms, the film commission acts as a concierge service for productions interested in using the Greater Dayton region as a backdrop." It's been a long time coming, but as FilmDayton Board President Shaunn Baker shares, "the commission has been a goal since the organization started in 2008, and I'm glad we've finally made it happen."

The Dayton Region has many assets ready to help make your film successful! We understand your needs for a location big enough to get the job done right, but small enough to offer accessibility, affordability, and authenticity.

  • Ohio's tax incentive program saves you money.
  • FilmDayton helps get you the permits and connections you need. Check out our FREE Production Permit.
  • Location, location, location: At the crossroads of Interstates 70 and 75, Dayton is convenient for talented cast and crew from Cleveland, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Columbus, and other Midwestern cities. Plus - the Dayton International Airport is within 90 minutes by air to 55% of the country's population, ideal when a quick flight is necessary.
  • Need to set up an office ASAP? FilmDayton works with local property owners to get you the space that fits your needs. Complete our Production Office Questionnaire and let us connect you.
  • Dayton is home to talented local cast and crew, and FilmDayton helps keep their skills strong with ongoing professional development workshops. Plus,  Wright State University - based in the Dayton Region - can boast one of the top Film Production Programs in the country. These talented students and graduates can support your project.
  • Don't break the bank on lodging, food, transportation, and other expenses that fluctuate with location. Dayton's cost of living is 27% lower than the U.S. average - which lets you spend a little more on the things that really matter for a successful film. Let us help negotiate some great deals for you.
  • Need a city skyline? Maybe a farmhouse on a large empty field? Need secluded woods? Need urban grit, suburban neighborhoods or historic elegance? The Dayton Region can provide all this and more - most within a 20 minute drive! See our locations database.
  • PLUS - you get a little hometown charm. Your cast and crew can either blend into daily life for anonymity or enjoy the accolades they deserve when out and about.
FilmL.A. is a private, 501(c)4 not-for-profit organization established for the public benefit. We coordinate and process permits for on-location motion picture, television and commercial production under contract to an ever-increasing roster of public-sector clients in the Los Angeles region.  All permits are issued by the authority of and in accordance with the policies of each client jurisdiction.

In today's highly competitive, global entertainment production market, our services help the Los Angeles region retain its status as the entertainment production capital of the world.
Fort Lee Film Commission

The Fort Lee Film Commission can assist in location scouting, expediting police and parking requirements, and providing information on sites available for shooting.  Fort Lee, NJ is the birthplace of the American film industry and the first American film town.  Here  studios such as Universal and Fox were born in the early 20th century.  Fort Lee, NJ was the center of film production from 1908 trough WWI.  Alice Guy Balche's, the first woman director in world cinema history, built her studio Solax here in 1912 and directed, produced and wrote hundreds of films here before women in America had the right to vote.

We can provide one stop shopping for any filmmaker, large or small, who wishes to use our varied locations, from the cliffs of Fort Lee's Palisades, birthplace of the Cliffhanger, to our residential streets and parks.

Fresno County Film Commission
Full-service regional film commission (FLICS member), available 24/7 for assistance with location scouting and as a liaison with local businesses, government and regulatory agencies.
Giles County Tourism
The Giles Film Office's role is to assist the production company on the community level by connecting them with the local services that they require for their film project.
Glenwood Springs Film Commission
From accessible waterfalls to mountain roads, from upscale mountain homes to Victorian architecture, from underground caverns to majestic mountains, this area has it all.Home of the World's Largest Hot Springs Pool and Glenwood Caverns.
Greater Cleveland Film Commission
The vision of the Greater Cleveland Film Commission (GCFC) is to achieve increased economic development in Northeast Ohio by using the artistic and culturally enriching activities of film and other media production to strengthen the workforce, support the media production industry and attract media production to the region.
Greater Erie Film Office
The Greater Erie Film Office fosters awareness, appreciation, and understanding of the art of film while providing assistance, support, and education for regional film production.
Since 2014, The Greater Erie Film Office (GEFO) has been Northwestern Pennsylvania's only State recognized film office with Association of Film Commissioners International (AFCI) membership and credentials. They want to rely on a local film commissioner who truly understands their needs and can make filming in the region a success. Offering unique local insights coupled with global production capabilities, the AFCI and its more than 300 Member Film Commissions are consistently regarded by the industry as top-notch, trusted resources. The Greater Erie Film Office is devoted to the business of facilitating film and television production activity, which generates billions of dollars annually. We provide invaluable tools for industry decision makers searching for the right location, production resources, and getting the most for every dollar spent.
Greater Fort Lauderdale/Broward Office of Film, Music & Entertainment

We are pleased to provide professional assistance to production companies that are interested in, or have chosen, Greater Fort Lauderdale/Broward County for a project.

Our services include:

  • Assistance in obtaining permits where needed. Film permits are required for production projects on public property in Broward County. There is no fee for Broward film permits. Depending upon the scope of the project, specific permits may be necessary, such as: tent, pyrotechnic, firearm, or environmental. A Certificate of Insurance which additionally insures the municipality in which you choose to work is also required.
  • Assistance in finding production-friendly accommodations
  • Site tours and location suggestions
  • Production offices and sound stages. Greater Fort Lauderdale was voted Best Studio and Warehouse Space in South Florida.
  • Assistance in contacting local, state and federal agencies
  • Crew and production service referrals
  • Still photography and video
  • Local contacts and introductions
  • We provide a Preferred Production Pass (P3) for your executives and crew, with access to special values and offers from more than 50 local vendors, during your stay.
Greater Rome Convention & Visitors Bureau
Georgia's Rome & Floyd County are recognized as one of 16 counties in the state of Georgia that are Camera Ready Communities! This certification means the Greater Rome Convention & Visitors Bureau is prepared to scout locations and host successful filming productions.
Hamilton Film and Television Office
The City of Hamilton recognizes the importance, significance, and economic benefit of the film and television industry to our community.
Hawaii Island Film Office
Hawaii Island offers a diverse landscape that can double for locations from all around the world. The Hawaii Island Film Office is standing by to help. Enjoy direct flights and close proximity to the Mainland US. Put your talent up in some of the best hotels and resorts in the world, just minutes from set! Push your dailies back to the studio real-time with our private fiber!
Haywood County Film Office
The Haywood County Tourism Development Authority has officially revived the Haywood County Film Office. Becky Seymour, Video Marketing Manager of the Haywood TDA, is determined to draw more TV and Film Production to Haywood County. The Haywood County TDA is currently working side by side with Advantage West, out of Asheville, and supplies information on Haywood County when presented with Location requests for TV and Film.
Hermosa Beach Community Resources Department
The City of Hermosa Beach welcomes businesses and individuals that wish to engage in commercial filming, videotaping or still photography.
Houston Film Commission
The Houston Film Commission is ready to assist your film/video production in the greater Houston & Harris County area.
Hudson Valley Film Commission
The Hudson Valley Film Commission is a not-for-profit, 501c3 organization that promotes and creates sustainable economic development by supporting and attracting film, video and media production in the Hudson Valley and Catskill counties of Columbia, Delaware, Dutchess, Greene, Orange, Sullivan, and Ulster.
Humboldt-Del Norte Film Commission
The Humboldt-Del Norte Film Commission is here to help with your production needs and our services are provided free of charge.
Illinois Film Office
Illinois is a world class film destination! Check out our locations, from the beautiful, iconic Chicago skyline and 58 mile lakefront to the gritty back alleys and unique historic neighborhoods.
Imperial County Film Commission
The Mission of the Imperial County Film Commission (ICFC) is to attract motion media companies to Imperial County, maximizing the county's economic potential by promoting location, accommodation, services and talent from the area. The ICFC also seeks to effectively mediate the permitting process between private owners, federal, state and local agencies and the motion media industry.

This office is charged with the task of expediting all permit requests and ensuring both your production and our local community benefit mutually from the experience.

Jacksonville Film Commission
The Film & Television Office assists local and visiting productions with facilitating permits, provides preliminary location scouting and engages the local workforce and vendor resources.
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