Film Commissions

Film Commissions

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North America
Calgary Film Commission
As Canada's fourth-largest filming jurisdiction, Calgary boasts award-winning crews and locations.
California Film Commission
The California Film Commission supports film, TV and commercial productions of all sizes and budgets, with a variety of services, including film and TV tax credits, our extensive digital location library, free on-line permitting, low-cost use of state properties as shooting locations and production assistance.

California hosts nearly 200 feature films every year and countless TV series, commercials, and documentaries. The California Film Commission (CFC) facilitates all aspects of the filmmaking process and helps prevent filming problems from occurring. A regional network of 50 local film offices throughout the state provides logistical and permitting assistance for filmmakers. The CFC also maintains CinemaScout, an on-line database that features over 4000 California locations available for filming.

California is home to the largest and most highly skilled film crews in the world; able to sustain over 100 simultaneous productions.
Caribbean Production Service Corp
Production service and production management for Caribbean film, video, photography shoots.
We do get involved in your project at an early stage;
- Do careful planning and detailed budgeting;
- Advise on best suitable and most cost effective locations;
- Organize any aspect of your motion picture or stills project for the Caribbean part
- Negotiate rates for comfortable accommodations, travel and logistic
- Select the most professional local Caribbean crews or international teams
- Set up your production office and location camp
- Take care of customs clearance and any requested permits
- Find your local cast - actors, extras, models
- Support Set designers by building and scouting any props required
- Provide every equipment on island or abroad from our rental partners
- Hire an excellent caterer offering healthy, tasty food and drinks all day
- Coordinate every step of your production and we are on set day by day
- Have couriers to assure that all will be at the right time in the right place
- Organize shipping of small items or containers to any destination
It is our goal to see you succeed with your production in the Caribbean.
Catalina Island Film Commission
Our unique island location makes for a very special location for your film or photo shoot project. The Catalina Island Film Commission as part of the Catalina Island Chamber is available to assist you in processing your permits, answering your questions, and assisting you in finding the products and services you might require from local businesses.
Cayman Islands Film Commission
The Cayman Islands Film Commission (CIFC) was established in January 2009 as part of the Cayman Islands Investment Bureau, and is mandated with the promotion and development of the Cayman Islands film industry.
Central Florida's Polk County Film Commission

Film Central Florida supports film, TV, commercial productions and still photography.  Our staff will assist you in processing your permits to make your filming and production easy in Central Florida's Polk County.

Central Florida Offers a Variety of Filming Locations:

Central Oregon Film Office
The Central Oregon Film Office promotes the stunning locations found throughout the high desert of the Pacific Northwest.  From lakes to white water rivers, desert to towering ponderosa forests, epic mountain ranges to gentle fields; Central Oregon has everything you need for your next shoot.

With over 45 years of hands-on production, and an additional 20 years film industry experience, our team knows what a Producer or Location Scout needs to get the job done. The Central Oregon Film Office will assist local and visiting productions with facilitating permits, provide preliminary location scouting, and engaging the local workforce and vendor resources. We will also provide inter-agency assistance such as risk management for insurance liability and coordinate with police, fire and rescue services for the safety of the public during shoots.
Charlotte Harbor Florida Film Office

Charlotte Harbor and the Gulf Islands, on the Southwest Gulf Coast of Florida in Charlotte County, is a slice of purely natural Florida. The harbor, the second largest in the state, has almost 100 miles of natural shoreline. Punta Gorda, a picturesque small town of 16,000, sits on its southern bank. In the western part of the county, 28 miles of white sand beaches line the Gulf side of several barrier islands. No building in the county is taller than five stories, giving a definite "old Florida" vibe to many parts of the county. Inland, there are wetlands and Cypress Swamps. Features produced in the county include Out of Time and Hoot.

Chicago Film Office
The Chicago Film Office, a division of the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events, leads the city's effort to attract and enhance the production of feature films, television series, commercials, documentaries and all forms of local screen entertainment.
Chilliwack Creative Commission
The Chilliwack Creative Commission, a division of Chilliwack Economic Partners Corporation (the economic development organization of the City of Chilliwack), was formed in 1999 in response to a growing interest from producers to film in Chilliwack's diverse landscapes. The Commission's mandate is to attract film professionals from all over the world, to facilitate their needs and to provide top rate locations.
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