Film Commissions

Film Commissions

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FFF Film Commission Bayern
FFF Film Commission Bayern is a service department of FFF Bayern, which is the regional film fund in Bavaria. With an annual Budget of 32 Million Euros it's one of the strongest funds in Germany.
FifeScreen+TayScreen Scotland
FifeScreen+TayScreen is the screen commission for Fife and Tayside in Scotland. We support media production of all types and our service is free because we serve the regional governments of Angus, Dundee, Fife and Perthshire. The region goes from the Forth Bridges to the highlands and from central Scotland to the east coast. Film locations encompass highland to coastal and rural to urban. There are fairytale castles and mansions, vast landscapes with rivers, rapids, mountains and coastlines and the iconic with places like St. Andrews, the world home of golf.

Whether you are working on film, TV, commercials, games or any other media, take a look at our Services Directory to find crew and production services in Fife and Tayside. Angus, Dundee, Fife and Perthshire have hosted film and TV production like Outlander, Captain America, Under the Skin, Tommy's Honour, Silent Witness and Whisky Galore. Dundee has a global reputation as one of Europe's key hubs for computer games and mobile digital content development. It was the first city to offer a degree in computer games at Abertay University and was home to the development of Grand Theft Auto.

There are all kinds of hotels and places to stay close to the film locations you've chosen. You need accommodation that caters for early mornings and late nights and offers a flexible approach. To find accommodation ranging across luxurious, world famous, budget and self-catering take a look at hotels below or let us know what you're looking for and we'll help set things up. We work with national and regional tourism organisations to make sure you get a film crew friendly reception.

For time out, whether you prefer city life, the great outdoors or even the great indoors, it's all here. You can take to the skies, sea, mountains and rivers for flying, climbing, diving, roller-blading and, of course, golf. There are leisure centres with ice rinks, swimming pools and gyms. Head to restaurants with award winning chefs and try out the region's bars, cinemas, theatres, clubs, art and culture.

The team is very experienced in working with media projects and can get things moving for you, so let us help you find the right film and TV locations, crew and facilities for your project. We also help with accommodation, recces, research and official permits. Let us know what you need and we will do our best to help.

FifeScreen+TayScreen is a member of the Scottish Locations Network with Creative Scotland and the European Film Commissions Network.
Film Birmingham
Film Birmingham is a one-stop-shop for all filming request in the city, offering a permit service and an online resource of locations, crew and facilities.
Film Commission Bodensee
The FilmCommission Bodensee is a service of the Bodensee Standort Marketing GmbH and part of the regional contact points for filmmakers in Baden-Wurttemberg, initiated and co-financed by the MFG Media and Film Society Baden-Wurttemberg. The FilmCommission is supposed to promote the regional film industry by offering to national and international filmmakers free information and support for film projects in the four-country region Bodensee.
Film Commission Fyn
Regional film fund FilmFyn and Film Commission all in one: We comprise of a small, efficient, personal and creative film office with strong local support. At Film Commission Fyn the path from communication of your needs to action is fast and you can expect us to guide you to the best locations, people,facilities and resources available in our area.
Film Commission Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein
Filmfoerderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein supports feature films and exceptional TV productions of all genres. The Film Commission will advise on locations and permit regulations as well as:
- Experienced co-production partners
- Production facilities and services
- Award winning talent and crew
- Free location scouting for international productions
Film Commission Norway

Film Commission Norway is the national film commission. We provides you with the information and assistance you need for filming in the hole of Norway. All our resources  are aimed at helping you and your team through every stage of production. We assist you in your search for locations, professionals, production facilities and advice about financing possibilities. We ensure efficiency as well as results. Our local knowledge and research experience  are unsurpassed. We are well acquainted with the requirement  of the industry and will gladly help you negotiating with local authorities and landowners.

Norway extends across 14 degrees of latitude and measures 1.752 kilometers from North to South, making it a country with a varied landscape and climate seldom found elsewhere.
The coastline meanders northward with thousands of islands, bays and fjords. The country stretches from the mild, gentle south where snowfall is light to a tough, harsh Arctic landscape to the north, from where it curves inwards to the Russian tundra. In the west, deep fjords cut far inland where they meet a wild and beautiful mountain landscape with snow-clad peaks, glaciers and waterfalls. Further east the landscape is more open, with thousands of glittering lakes, extensive pine forests and a patchwork of farms and fields. Between the mainland and the north pole lie the islands of Svalbard, a little bit of Norway far out in the Arctic ocean.
The capital city - Oslo-  lies at the head of a fjord, surrounded by wooded hills. Prosperity and growth in the recent years have put an emphasis on top-quality architecture and eye-catching iconic buildings. Norway has become one of the most modern countries in the word, but still retained its traditional roots.

Let us know what you think. We'll help you find what you want !
Film Commission Poland
Film Commission Poland is a non-profit organization established in 2012 in order both to improve recognition of Poland and its regions as stunning film locations and to put the potential of the Polish audiovisual sector to effective use. Film Commission Poland is a one-stop resource of information for the representatives of Polish and foreign film industry involved in the production of film, television, documentary, and animation projects. It runs a comprehensive database of film locations in Poland and information concerning Polish film industry, and it is ready to answer the inquiries regarding Poland's resources.
Film Commission Region Stuttgart
The Film Commission Region Stuttgart is the central point of contact for video- and film-makers. We cater for a wide range of needs - from talented newcomers to experienced producers. Looking for film permits, experienced movie professionals, or an out-of-the-ordinary location? The Stuttgart Region Film Commission helps you to make the most of movie industry ressources in the Stuttgart Region in South-West Germany.
Film Edinburgh (Film Office for Edinburgh, East Lothian and the Scottish Borders)

Film Edinburgh is the film commission for Edinburgh, East Lothian and the Scottish Borders - the local authorities in the southeast of Scotland. We offer free advice to productions on the locations, crew and facilities that are available in this area and have the contacts you will need if your shoot requires parking, road closures, police personnel, street furniture removal etc. Our local knowledge will save you time in setting up your shoot.

Established in 1990 as the first film office in Scotland, we have extensive experience of facilitating productions, in-depth local knowledge, a vast range of locations and excellent relationships in and around the Edinburgh city region which together make Film Edinburgh a one-stop-shop for filming and production needs in the Edinburgh city region.

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