Film Commissions

Film Commissions

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Albania Film Commission
Albanian Film Commission aims at promoting the Albanian Region and its administrative capital Tirana so to attract to the area tv and cinema productions from Europe and abroad.
Andalucia Film Commission
Andalucia Film Commission is a nonprofit institution that aims to promote Andalusia as a place of shooting and supports companies and professionals of the audiovisual industry in the logistics of their productions.

Since its inception in 1998, Andalucia Film Commission reports on possible locations in Andalusia and coordinates the audiovisual industry and production companies with the government, performing a work aimed at attracting tourism and therefore creating a beneficial economic impact in the Andalusian region.

It also has signed agreements with public and private institutions from different provinces of Andalusia to create the Film Cities Network, providing the best coverage of audiovisual production needs throughout Andalusia.
Antwerp City Film Office
The "film team":
Helps you coordinate different city services, so that, for example, they can provide technical support during your production.
Supports your production work administratively and logistically.

In the city of Antwerp use fees for the public domain are demanded for TV and film-commercials.
Balearic Islands Film Commission
The Illes Balears Film Commission is a services office created by the government of the Balearic Islands with the primary aim of providing national and international production companies with all the information they might need to film or shoot anywhere in the Balearic Islands.
Bath Film Office
As part of Bath & North East Somerset Council, the Bath Film Office promotes and assists film-making in our area to ensure that your shoot runs as smoothly as possible, whether it's a feature film, travel programme, documentary, stills shoot, commercial or student short.
Berlin Brandenburg Film Commission
The BBFC is a non-profit office with the aim to make the region most film-friendly. We provide Information on permission pprocedures, locations and professionals in Berlin-Brandenburg.
Berlin Production Service
We deliver professional service for any film, video production or photography project. There is no photo shoot too small and no motion picture production too big - our experienced Berlin crew will handle any request with the same care - be it just a production support service or a complete project from creative content development to post production.
With the support of Medien Board Berlin-Brandenburg
Bermuda Tourism Authority
Bermuda and Bermudians certainly respect and understand the links between film and tourism.
Bilbao Bizkaia Film Commission
Bilbao Bizkaia Film Commission is a public service with the remit to facilitate and expedite all those audiovisual productions that choose the city of Bilbao or the province of Bizkaia as the locations for their projects.
Bradford Film Office

Based in the world's first UNESCO City of Film we provide a FREE service which will allow you to find the perfect location, the ideal crew, assistance with permissions, liaisons, how to approach parking and traffic control. We are located at the University of Bradford. Having close connections with the local council, businesses and property owners we can guarantee to support all your needs to ensure productions run smoothly. For any filming taking place within the Bradford district it is important to us that we are aware of your intentions so that we can assist and continue with our reputation as being a film friendly city.

The main aim is to make sure that your ideas are made into something possible with professional help and advice.

Our approach is unique and responsive, encouraging those with a creative mind in Film & Television to succeed.

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