Film Commissions

Film Commissions

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Liverpool Film Office
We are the Liverpool Film Office, your one stop shop for film liaison in the most film friendly city region in the UK.
Location Austria - The National Film Commission
We consult interested film productions in selecting suitable film locations, market Austria as a film location and act as an intermediary between the international and national film industries.
Lodz Film Commission
Lodz Film Commission was established in 2009 as the first such organisation in Poland, the second - after the Lodz Film Fund established two years earlier - step towards the implementation of the film policy of the City of Lodz. It is a close-knit team of cinema enthusiasts, committed to their work. The Lodz Film Commission provides comprehensive and professional assistance to producers of feature films, documentaries and animations, as well as television programmes, commercials, video clips, corporate films, computer games and all other forms of audiovisual production. Each project receives full support and a dedicated employee who holds the function of a certain "liaison" on the production-city line. The Lodz Film Commission is also the operator of the Lodz Film Fund from which a producer may receive a subsidy for a feature film, documentary or animation.

The tasks of the Lodz Film Commission also include the construction of film production support tools, such as the LFC discount card, reductions of prices for the occupation of roadway or databases: filming locations and film industry specialists, as well as provision of information about all resources required by a producer for efficient and problem-free execution of a project. Moreover, the Lodz Film Commission promotes the potential and openness of Lodz and the region to the film industry, actively participating in the promotion of Poland as an attractive location for international film productions.

Lodz Film Commission is a member of the Association of Film Commissioners International (AFCI), regional sections of film funds in the National Chamber of Audiovisual Producers and cooperates with Polish Film Commission.
Macedonian Film Agency

With the law that was passed in 2014 the Macedonian Film Fund was transformed into Macedonian Film Agency. Macedonian Film Agency aims at providing a continuous support to the production of films (domestic and international majority and minority co-productions), support of the development, production, promotion, distribution and exhibition of films as well as attracting foreign producers by offering them favorable conditions, thereby promoting Republic of Macedonia as a shooting location.

Madeira Film Commission
Our mission is to promote Madeira Islands as a place for shooting film productions, audiovisual and multimedia, national and international and help in the development of this sector in the local economy
Malta Film Commission
The Malta Film Commission is a government entity established by the Laws of Malta and acts as an advisory body responsible for the film sector on policies pertaining to the promotion, development and support of the audio-visual and film servicing industry.
Mazovia Warsaw Film Commission
Mazovia Warsaw Film Commission is a regional, free service that supports domestic and foreign film crews interested in shooting in Warsaw, Plock, Radom, Ciechanow Ostroleka, Zyrardow, and Pultusk.
MDM Film Commission / MDM Mitteldeutsche Medienfoerderung
The MDM Film Commission team supports film productions in Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia.
Medien-und Filmgesellschaft Baden-Wurttemberg mbH
The MFG Film Funding Baden-Wurttemberg sees itself as a competence and counseling center for film and cinema landscape .
Messina Film Commission
Messina Film Commission aims to promote the province of Messina as the ideal set for any audiovisual production.
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