Film Commissions

Film Commissions

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Turku Region Development Centre/West Finland Film Commission
WFFC offers film production companies a uniquely beautiful production environment close to the densest archipelago in the world, in a medieval city milieu.
Valencia Film Office
Turismo Valencia is a Foundation that was set up in 1991, which Valencia City Council, the Chamber of Commerce, Feria Valencia and the Valencia Business Confederation, along with most local businesses in the tourist sector, are all involved in.

Our goal is the strategic management and promotion of the city of Valencia within the tourist sector, which includes Valencia Film Office, a promotional tool with a wide spectrum.

VFO helps with the search for locations in the early stages, it helps establish contacts with professionals in the audiovisual sector and it also helps and guides you as your permits are processed. It also relies on numerous businesses that can provide you with accommodation, catering services, vehicle hire and more.
Valladolid Film Office
The Valladolid Film Office is a technical office integrated into the joint company for the Promotion of Tourism Valladolid and is responsible for assisting the producers of the audiovisual sector and to provide professional logistics information, artistic and necessary to shoot at any selected location within the province of Valladolid.
Vienna Film Commission
As a free of charge service by the city of Vienna the VIENNA FILM COMMISSION supports national and international film and TV productions that aim to shoot movies, documentaries, advertisements or student films in Vienna. The VIENNA FILM COMMISSION acts as an interface between the Vienna City Administration and the film industry, particularly for the granting of film permits. It supports production companies in looking for suitable locations and service partners within the industry in Vienna.
Please let me know what kind of cooperation you are looking for. Unfortunately the VIENNA FILM COMMISSION can't be of any financial assistance, but we are happy to help with shooting permits, finding the right service- or coproduction and so on.
Vilnius Film Office
Vilnius is a cost efficient location and a totally film friendly city. You can get back 20% of your lithuanian production budget through tax incentives that were introduced in 2014.
Wandsworth Film Office
We offer a one-stop service for all filming needs.
West London Office
Filming has indeed gone global finally!

What makes London stand out is quite frankly our talent, experience and as ever our British humour.

Ealing is synonymous with humour and the studios are famous the world over for their comedy productions of the 30's, 40's and 50's.

What relevance has this past for today?

We're relaxed, even confident.... in our ability to offer an experienced service which will directly pay off for your next production. Saving precious time and therefor money is a given, doing it without without cutting corners on creative standards is priceless.

Location finding; private residential properties, industrial / commercial to down right quirky, we will arrange your parking, advise on traffic control measures, arrange wet downs, Health & Safety and lock off more roads than central London. Just ask Jon.

Jon Cassar 24 Drone strike chase sequence with 4 street lock down with 5 days 2013
West Sweden Film Commission
Sweden has everything you're looking for and Film Väst/West Sweden Film Commission will help you.

Film Väst is one of Europe´s most successful co-producers and Scandinavia´s preeminent regional film fund. Each year millions of cinema goers all over the world see a production co-produced by Film Väst.

Over the years Film Väst co-productions have also been richly rewarded with nominations and awards at the world´s most prestigeous events including festivals such as Cannes, Berlin, Toronto and galas such as Golden Globes, the European Film Awards and the Oscars.

Film Väst is the most successful regional film fund in Scandinavia. Film Väst seeks projects that can compete in the most prestigious film festivals and/or be seen by a large international audience. Film Väst accepts applications for feature film co-productions throughout the year. All co-productions are required to bring elements of production or post-production to Region Västra Götaland, work with a Swedish production partner, and hire crew and workers from the region.
Western Norway Film Commission
Western Norway is regularly featured as the world's most spectacular and iconic landscape, and it is still fresh and new on the big screen. It is also a film-friendly region, where local communities roll out the red carpet for visiting film crews.

Norway is the land of the fjords, it is the birthplace of skiing, and the land of the midnight sun. Not only is the midnight sun a wonderful sight, it also gives you more hours to shoot and magical light.

Impressive waterfalls cascades down the mountainsides and rivers grow strong in green and fertile valleys. The biggest cities such as Bergen and Alesund, offer epic views from surrounding mountains.

Norway might be at its best when being itself, but easily doubles for Greenland, Alaska, even the Himalayas, Siberia and the Antarctic. Come May and June and you can still shoot snow scenes in the mountains, and colourful summer scenes an hour's drive down to the fjord.
Wroclaw Film Commission
Wroclaw Film Commission is a regional film commission supporting companies and individuals interested in making films and tv programs in Wroclaw and Lower Silesia region by: searching for attractive locations, assisting in obtaining shooting permits and contact with local offices and film industry. WFC operates in the structure of Odra-Film, a culture institution of Self-government of Lower Silesia.

As a region Lower Silesia can offer English speaking professionals, full production service and equipment and unique shooting locations like: mountains, waterfalls and forests ("The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian", 2008, by Andrew Adams, shot in Szklarska Poreba/Kamienczyk Waterfall and Kudowa Zdroj/Table Mountains or "Game Count", 2016, by Agnieszka Holland, shot in Klodzko Valley), historical cities with diverse architecture (Oscar Winner "Character", 1997, by Mike van Diem or "Bridge of Spies", 2015, by Steven Spielberg - both shot in Wroclaw), a lot of old castles and palaces ("The Valley of the Gods", 2016, by Lech Majewski, Ksiaz and Czocha Castles) and much more.
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