Film Commissions

Film Commissions

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Serbia Film Commission
Serbia Film Commission was established in July 2009 as the independent non-profit association of the Serbia film industry gathering 90 film professionals. Members include leading producers of feature films, television, tv commercials and animation. The principal aim of the Serbia Film Commission is to promote and develop Serbia as a cost-effective, high-quality, competitive destination for international filmmaking, and to provide information and support to international filmmakers considering using Serbia for their productions. The commission is therefore dedicated to expanding the film location and crew/business database, improving skills and services and generally fostering a film-friendly environment in the country.

The Film in Serbia website has been specifically created to house detailed information on production and post-production companies, studios, laboratories and equipment rental companies available in Serbia. The site also offers information on film locations, film crews and industry suppliers, facts about shooting in Serbia and updates about films made in Serbia.
Serbia Film Commission is the only film commission in the region of Southeast Europe, and is a member of the AFCI (Association of Film Commissioners International) where its executive director Ana Ilic is a member of the Board of Directors. SFC is also member of the European Association of Film Commissioners EUFCN.
Silesia Film Commission
Should you be making a film and searching for a location with a coal mine in the centre of a city, historical town houses, beautiful landscapes with mountains, lakes and a palace in the background, all situated not too far from one another, come to the Silesian Voivodeship and start cooperation with the only regional film commission in Poland - the Silesia Film Commission.
Slovenia Film Commission
Slovenia is a country of concentrated beauty. It is very safe. It offers all the infrastructure needed to support film production. Locations, services, film industry professionals and equipment.
South of France Film Commission - VAR
The South of France Film Commision - Var's goal is to facilitate the work of producers and their crew teams and to promote the Var area near the professionals of the film industry at a national and international level.
Southern Sweden Film Commission
Known as an innovative and exciting centre for the production of moving images, the region of Southern Sweden is emerging as the smart location choice for international film productions in Europe.
Spain Film Commission

Spain Film Commission is a non-profit association integrated by an extensive network of Film Commission / Film Offices spread over the Spanish territory. The Commission is a founding member of the European Film Commission Network (EUFCN) and works in collaboration with Spanish Audiovisual, Trade and Tourism Institutions.

SFC offers producers free services and assistance for shooting all kinds of audiovisual works in our territories, attending their requests in coordination with the network of offices.

It offers advise in financing, location scouting, and administrative services of all kind.

Tenerife Film Commission
The Tenerife Film Commission is a department of the SPET- Tenerife Tourism Corporation, created in the year 2000 to promote audiovisual productions on the island by producers from Tenerife and abroad.
The Film Office Ltd
The Film Office is a film liaison and management company professionally managing filming services on behalf of London Boroughs and private locations for over 20 years.
Ticino Film Commission
The Ticino Film Commission encourages and supports the making of all kinds of audio-visual production film, television and multimedia in its region, by international and international producers and production companies, promoting and incentivising the involvement of producers, professionals in the sector and local service/facilities companies.
Trentino Film Commission & Fund
Opened in 2010, the Trentino Film Commission promotes and supports film, television and documentary productions, both in Italy and abroad, that aim at increasing the value of and at disseminating the cultural, environmental and historical heritage of Trentino.
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