Film Commissions

Film Commissions

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Mid Nordic Film Commission
The Mid Nordic Film Commission covers the areas of Central Norway and Central Sweden. The Mid Nordic Film region stretches from the rugged Atlantic Sea, through breathtaking landscapes of fjords, forests and rivers, mountain ranges and coastlines. Get easy access to diverse locations, stunning lighting conditions, snowy mountains, International airports and service minded, friendly people in the Norwegian-Swedish area.
National Film Centre Of Latvia

The National Film Centre of Latvia (NFC) is a public institution under auspices of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia with responsibility for the implementation of state cultural policy in the field of film. The main functions of the NFC include the facilitation of Latvian film and film culture development,accessibility of Latvian film culture in Latvia, promotion of Latvian film abroad, participation at international film events, in international film funding bodies and policy organisations.
The NFC is funded by the State budget and reports to the Minister of Culture. The NFC grants public support to Latvian films and is keen on attracting film, television production to Latvia, stimulating inward investment and creating employment opportunities for creative staff, technicians and support service companies.

Nordmedia - Film Commission Niedersachsen / Bremen
Funding - networking - developing! These terms essentially sum up the core activities of nordmedia. nordmedia Film Commission offers you comprehensive service and provides advice to national and international producers who wish to shoot in the regions of Lower Saxony and Bremen. It bases its service mainly on a strong network of regional experts of the local government.

The nordmedia Film Commission supports filmmakers in finding suitable locations or equipment and personnel and helps with obtaining filming permits and many other organisational aspects. Free access is given to nordmedia's updated and eays-to-use service tools, i.e. the Location Guide and the mediahub. With these tools a quick online search is possible while preparing a production in Lower Saxony and Bremen.
Northern Ireland Screen
Northern Ireland Screen is the government-backed lead agency in Northern Ireland for the film, television and digital content industry, driving global growth through boosting our economy, celebrating our culture and enhancing our children's education.
Pyrenees Atlantiques Film Commission Office
Through its great variety of rural and urban landscapes, between ocean and mountains, Bearn and Basque Country offer exceptional filming locations.
Reunion Island Film Commission
The Regional Council and the French government have entrusted the Agence Film Reunion with the implementation of a dynamic policy to provide support to cinema, audio-visual projects and new media in order to promote diversity and emerging artists. This policy is committed to producing films from their creation all the way to their distribution to the general public.

The agency offers its services free of charge, including:

  • Informing you about shooting and post-production facilities in Reunion.
  • Accompanying you in requests for funding, from the moment your applications have been submitted to the committee.
  • Helping you in finding technicians, actors and extras.
  • Looking for decors and assisting location scouts.
  • Providing logistics support and ensuring the liaison with tourism professionals for accommodation, air transport, production offices, car rental etc.
  • Administrative procedures: Assistance in obtaining permits for filming, ATA Carnet, temporary work permits for international co-productions, etc.

The responsibilities of the Agence Film Reunion are the following: • Providing information to project leaders. • Providing a facility which hosts film productions in Reunion, centralizing information and updating databases: decor, local technicians, service providers, production companies and partner institutions. • Ensuring the island's promotion. • Promoting the professional sector at overseas trade fairs and festivals. • Showcasing Reunionese talents on a national level, across the Indian Ocean area and internationally. • Providing support and monitoring work for authors, professionals and companies within the sector. • Responding to all requests for information about filming in Reunion. • Assisting the completion of funding applications presented to the Regional support fund for cinema, audio-visual, multimedia and clips. • Contributing to the employability and professionalism of local technicians.

With more than fifty projects benefiting from funding each year, Reunion is a major European production centre in the Indian Ocean, in both volume and investment.


Rotterdam Film Commission
Rotterdam has a rich history as a location for film, television, commercials and documentaries.
Saarland Medien
Founded in 1999, Saarland Medien GmbH is the Society for the Promotion of the media industry and the film industry in the Saarland.
Santiago de Compostela Film Commission
Film Commission for the city of Santiago de Compostela, capital of Galicia, region in the North West of Spain. Santiago de Compostela Film Commission is a non-profit audiovisual promotion office created as a public service in 2002 by Santiago de Compostela City Council, on which it is dependent. Its main objective is promoting the city by stimulating the image culture, as well as boosting and consolidating the film and audiovisual industry and all of its related services.

Its basic functions are:

-facilitating relations between audiovisual production companies and the industry's services and facilities in the city, providing all kinds of advice and information in this regard
-processing permits
-filming assistance service
-location service
-permanent contact with the community, production companies and the government

In a highly diversified market, in terms of company size as well as in terms of traditional and innovative fields of activity (such as film, TV, gaming, transmedia, series, web series), not to mention expertise (such as production, post-production, virtual reality, funding, distribution, etc.), the Brussels-Capital Region has set up a coherent support structure tailored to all links in the value creation chain, namely producers, post-producers, distributors, screenwriters and more.

Since May 2016, the single brand has brought together all the regional support services for its audiovisual industry:

  • The funding of traditional or innovative audiovisual productions that incur all or part of their audiovisual expenditure in the Brussels region: fund,
  • Support for companies in their creation, growth and internationalisation cluster,
  • Logistics support for filming: obtaining permits, help with scouting for sets/locations, accommodations, etc. film commission,
  • The structural funding of growing Brussels audiovisual companies through traditional or convertible loans business.

Thanks to these four entities, each part of a distinct regional agency, strengthens an eco-system that helps create jobs and gives Brussels companies visibility on the international scene.

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