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Amarillo Film Commission
The Amarillo Film Office is committed to provide assistance to production companies that are interested or have chosen the city of Amarillo for a project.
Our services include: Assistance in finding location scouts and sites; Assistance in contacting local, state and federal agencies; Assistance in working with private entities; Assistance in obtaining any permits where needed; Assistance in finding special services and personnel; Limited location files
Austin Film Commission
Austin is a leading destination for independent and large budget films as well as television & commercial productions. Professional Crew: Austin's talented crew base will give you more production value per-dollar spent. Diverse Locations: Austin has hill country, lakes & farmland all within 30 minutes of downtown. mericana: Austin is surrounded by small towns time has forgotten, perfect for a period piece. Weather: Austin's mild climate provides over 300 days of sunshine a year. Permitting: Austin's local government supports filmmakers, providing free right-of-way permitting. Facilities & Vendors: Austin has the infrastructure for production, including studio space and equipment suppliers.
Dallas Film Commission
The commission is responsible for the promotion of Dallas and Greater Dallas Region to film, television and media professionals of all types as a destination/location, serving as a liaison between filmmakers and the community
El Paso Film Commission
Since 1974, our passion for film and the El Paso community has encouraged us to provide quality service and assistance to local and outside film production. We pride ourselves on our long-standing and knowledgeable staff, experienced local crew, and film-friendly community. El Paso offers gorgeous, natural scenery. From beautiful desert landscapes, to majestic mountain ranges or wide-open spaces; the versatility of the city's natural attributes coupled with our unique border-culture, truly sets El Paso apart and provides a place and experience like no other. We would love to assist you in finding the perfect location for your project and helping you feel like you're at home while you're here.
Houston Film Commission
The Houston Film Commission is ready to assist your film/video production in the greater Houston & Harris County area.
Northeast Texas Regional Film Commission
The Northeast Texas Regional Film Commission promotes 21 counties in the upper "Right Corner of Texas" to all facets of the film industry. Check out our photo library on website at We have much diversity in our 21 counties.
RGV Film Commission
Our mission at The RGV Film Commission is to create new jobs and increase the economic vitality of the region by developing a profitable film industry.

Opportunities to film not only throughout the Rio Grande Valley but also in towns across the border, such as Reynosa and Progreso.

The RGV film commission includes all of Hidalgo, Willacy, Starr and Cameron Counties to serve for your filming location.

Over 330 days of sunshine and warm temperatures year around make our area ideal for filming
The RGV has many of the amenities of a big city but with the charm of a small town.

Why film in the Rio Grande Valley?

The Rio Grande Valley is located in the southern most region of the state of Texas. Located on the U.S. - Mexico border, the Rio Grande Valley is a culturally rich area. Once an agricultural community, this area has evolved into a growing metropolitan region. According to the Forbes list of fasting growing cities in the United States, the Rio Grande valley is an ideal market for up and coming businesses and entrepreneurs.  With an array of scenic attractions, the Rio Grande Valley attracts tourists year round.

From the beaches of South Padre Island, to the historic birding center in Roma, the Rio Grande Valley is visually entertaining.  And, with a combination of the new and the old, and eleven different ecosystems, the Rio Grande Valley can substitute for many different regions. As an additional benefit, labor costs are very low.

There may be both state and local permits that need to be acquired when filming. The state permits required by the State of Texas can be found on Governor Rick Perry's website.  Also, each city in the Rio Grande Valley will vary in the permits one needs to obtain, but we will help you to obtain what you require for each step of your filming process.

South Padre Island CVB Film Commission
Beautiful beaches and water combine with tropical palms and a resort skyline to 
create a sun-soaked, waterfront and seaside setting that is compact, film-friendly
and a nature lover's paradise...

Our businesses and residents are friendly, hospitable and eager to help make productions
easy and successful.

We are 28 miles from the Mexican Border and the length of the Island is bordered
by the Gulf of Mexico on one side and the Laguna Madre (Bay) on the other.

The South Padre Island Film Commission is a division of the South Padre Island CVB
Texas Film Commission
The Texas Film Commission is your first stop for resources that serve the film, television, commercial, animation, visual effects and video game industries of Texas. Serving the public since 1971, the Texas Film Commission supports our state's global position as a premier production destination across all media industries. If you want to produce your next project in Texas, our industry-savvy staff is ready to connect you to Texas' diverse locations, experienced workforce, support services, industry organizations and competitive production incentive program.
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